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Published: Monday, Sept. 27 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

Sorry Dick,

Your title sounds very negative. I've not heard one fan near me at the game criticize or scrutinize Heaps--only coaches and calls. Only media types are pushing or suggesting scrutinizing young Jake. All fans have been screaming for Jake to have the ball. Only the coaches--who are no longer green should be "scrutinized". And Anae's years of hiding behind Beck and Hall are over! Beck and Hall often audibled out of Anae's ridiculous play calling!

Please--get us a genious OC! ala "Edward's-esque"

Houston, TX

I watched Dalton against SMU. He was not that impressive. TCU is not as good this year.

BYU is fully capable of switching from a TE/Unga/Tonga offense to a WR offense if the WRs get it together.

BYU needs at least one TE to step up. They need Kariya to play as well as last year.

I would suggest that part of Heaps problem is getting hurried and sacked. That was especially true against FSU. Maybe he held the ball waiting for the WRs to get open?

He needs to emulate Rogers of Green Bay. He gets rid of the ball very quickly. That of course requires RBs and TEs who can get open in short yardage and catch the ball.

Heaps will get the blame, but how many TDs and INTs would Hall have at this point with the WRs, TEs, and RBs, that Heaps has?

BYU could spread the field and utilize the WRs and RBs more but that would require better pass protection and outlet receivers who could catch.

When the receiving core start running consistent routes Heaps accuracy will improve.

Heaps has a long way to go. But it is not all Heaps.

Jim Marshall
Clearfield, UT

Heaps has just not been very good and it is easy to see now why Bronco favored Riley Nelson.

13 points against the WAC 2nd place team, who happens to have a poor defense, is not going to cut it. I did not understand Jake's quote after the game that he "had his way" with Nevadas defense. Really?

Springville, UT

I hope BYU doesn't ruin this Freshman. After this season, he may be shell-shocked. Playing him from game 1 was the wrong decision, not allowing him to season and mature. In the time Bronco has been in charge, this is his biggest mistake and I hope it doesn't cost BYU big time.

sports fan
Provo, UT

"This is called scrutiny, Jake. It's an art the second-guessers associated with BYU football have made an art form."

one of the most poorly written, repetitive statements i have ever seen in the printed word.

Heaps will get better as the team matures, i never count BYU out, too good of coaches too good of players. they will be back, if not later this year than next year.

Go Utes.

Utesville, CA

"Having a good, experienced quarterback might be the single biggest factor in determining success of a program," ...

So why didn't Bronco realize that a few weeks back? If he did, he would know to go with Riley at starting QB.

Seems like he is still learning while on the job.

Provo, UT

The thing that makes me nervous about Heaps is that many of his mistakes in the last game were simply bad throws. I'd expect a true freshman to have problems reading coverages, adjusting to the speed of the defense, etc. but he totally blew several throws, especially of the deeper variety that I'm sure he's been making for years. Yes, there were too many fade routes, but maybe one of them would have worked if Heaps hadn't thrown them all out of bounds!
All that said, I do believe that the play calling and the receivers are a bigger problem, but I wasn't the only one there on Saturday getting a bit tired of missed throws.

Colorado Springs, CO

Jake's parents hired their own publicist, didn't they? What's their explanation?

Sorry, but the 'entitlement' factor that seems to be driving this team to satisfy Jake's (and unrealistic fans, parents) needs in order to keep him from taking that entitlement attitude (his or that ascribed to his 'camp') to another school is potentially a damning factor for this team. I am uncomfortable with unproven prospects and anticipation alone being able to wield so much influence.

I sympathize with Coach Mendenhall in trying to design an offensive scheme, and split time between two QBs' styles. Having not settled that Jake might should have spent the year reshirted now means a potentially dismal season, with the precedents it might set for future blue-chippers, and that everyone has to be patient with what comes with developing an untested QB, and a receiver corps who have difficulty separating themselves or catching the ball.

Oregon Ute
Hermiston, OR

I'm a Ute fan and I see the potential in Heaps. The Y will be just fine, give them some time. By the end of the season you will see a completely different team. What I am getting from the past few articles written by Harmon is that he is really doing the scrutinizing. I have never seen Harmon flip flop so fast in my life. He was all for the 2 QB system at first and wrote of how effective it will be an now he blasts the coaches for doing it. Harmon, you sound like a rainy day weather fan. Like them when they are good and bash them when they are bad. Get over it.

Alpine, UT

sports fan

Are you kidding? You called Dick out with this:

"one of the most poorly written, repetitive statements i have ever seen in the printed word."

and then followed it up with:

"i never count BYU out, too good of coaches too good of players. they will be back, if not later this year than next year."

Come on ... I know they teach better than that on the hill. I mean, that is really funny!

(I did appreciate your other points, however.)

West Jordan, UT

Jake will be fine. Some throws were bad but a lot of the play calls were even worse.

Chucking balls to a fading receiver is hard enough for a veteran QB. Calling that play 5-6 times in the last few minutes of the game last saturday was rediculous and Anae should be held accountable for that.

I remember last year when the Cougs played the utes, Jordan Wynn over-threw his receiver on at least 3-4 deep balls. I beleive its because when QB's are young they are very afraid of throwing a INT. Jake was the same way, he missed badly on some throws but I think it will only be a matter of time until he starts connecting on those on a regular basis.

Up until last week Jake was splitting time, splitting practice reps and splitting valuable experience with another QB. It has only been his 'baby' for one week. (not to mention the 4th hardest sked in the country up to this point) Give him some time and be patient, let him make mistakes and he will grow into a very good QB.

Go Cougs!!! Beat USU!!!

Layton, UT


Thanks. It is nice to have a Utah fan post positive comments. I wish you and your team well. go Cougars.

Crispy Lips
Fruit Heights, UT

Watching Jordan Wynn play as a true freshman last year really shows me that Jordan Wynn was head and shoulders better than Heaps. Jordan Wynn was so composed, accurate and a real leader. Heaps looks lost and in way over his head. I guess the key is less pickle juice, less time at Iggy's and more time practicing.

Salt Lake City, UT

In the future don't do the following:

1) Hire a publicist as a senior in HS.
2) Make your college selection at a sports bar.
3) State your intentions of not wanting to render volunteer service to your church.
4) Forcast ten wins instead of one.

Orem, UT

Any realist BYU fan could see that this was going to be a rebuilding year. Not only was BYU replacing the key starting QB, but the Cougars were also replacing almost all of their skill position offensive players and most of their front seven defensive players. Lots of young, inexperienced talent, with lots of potential, but needing time and game experience to develop.

Adding to that challenge was a very difficult opening schedule that would have tested even last year's senior laden team.

2-2 would have been a good start, but 1-3 is not the end of the world.

The schedule gets much easier except for TCU and Utah.

I understand Bronco wanting to preserve the culture of the BYU program by making players earn their starting positions, but when it became clear that Jake was the more talented QB, Heaps should have been named starter, with a wildcat option designed for Riley.

If Heaps had been named the starter during fall camp, The Cougars would have had 6-8 weeks to work out the timing issues that are now plaguing the passing game.

Have patience that this year we're laying the groundwork for future success.

Springville, UT

I understand that his passing yards of 229 are solid. but had his way with the defense? Good for him for not throwing an interception but he also had a goose egg in the TD column. I really do not care how many yards a QB throws for if he fails to throw a touchdown. Who cares about yards just get the ball in the end zone!!!

Alpine, UT

It is time for some of you to chill out.

Jake is a 19 years old freshman and has stepped in to QB a team that lost virtually every offensive contributor from last year. And you people are whining that he isn't an All American yet?

Jake has the equivalence of 2 1/2 games of playing time having shared the duties in the spring and fall camps, and playing the 4th toughest schedule in the nation. But he isn't in the top of the rankings yet? Shock, horror, dismay!

His parents hired a publicist! How can this be? He has spent his life being groomed to be a QB! How terrible! Let's criticize his family from our comfy anonymous couches. How brave you are!

Infidel06. Do you really contend that we are having a "dismal" start to the season because we DIDN'T redshirt Jake? Where would we be if he had redshirted? I attended many practices. In my not so humble opinion Jake was the only QB we had. Lark/Munns both back from missions were/are not ready. Biggest mistake, we misused an athletic Nelson.

The sky is not falling. Better days are ahead.

JJ Morales
Earlimart, CA

Come on- after one start? Scrutiny is something the media is driving. We all know that Jake will be great. Just give him a few starts. I predict by the end of the year he will be better than jordan wynn.

Saint George, UT

Exactly, he was solid between the 20's, but the passes he missed were in critical situations and cost the cougars points... But that's where this experience will help. Hopefully in the next couple games he can gain more confidence in himself and his receivers so they can find the end zone in tough games instead of losing with just field goals from our offense.

Houston, TX

It is time to move past Nelson. The coaches decided in the Spring to go with 2 QBs (Bronco Interview). Maybe for cultural reasons. They knew Nelson could not throw and this style did not fit and he would get injured.

They spent all summer preparing for 2 QBs (Bronco Interview). They put a few special plays in for Nelson. BUT they rotated QBs. I watched UAB run 2 QBs very effectively but their running QB came in for special situations and was a clear back up. Bronco/Doman rotated co QBs. Bad mistake in hindsight.

They got Heaps game experience with the 2 QB system or things would be a lot worse.

After the sacks of the FSU game Heaps has good reason to be jumpy. He is being very conservative with his throws. He has only one INT.

The pass percentage will go up as
1. the receivers run consistent routes.
2. He gets pass protection.
3. He gets confidence in key receiver's ability to make plays.

Look for Hoffman to get more throws. Heaps is learning Hoffman will go after what ever comes his way.

He needs a TE and the FB for short yards.

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