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Published: Monday, Sept. 27 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Yes Big Daddy, Skyline was so much better in the olden days.....I was in Skyline's Parking lot with 3 of my friends after a Night Football Game back in the 70's....we were surrounded by 25-30 Skyline hoods that were all 20-25 yrs old....they proceeded to pound the crap out of us and tore the side of the truck bed completely off its frame.....one of the kids ended up with a plate in his head....No press back then...its was standard behavior! In the 60 's the whole group of SLC high schools banded together to go up to Ogden to get revenge for a bunch of Ogden hoods who beat up some west high cheerleaders......ah yes the good old days...when all Night games were suspended because of fighting in the parking lots!

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

As a member of two families with a long football tradition at Skyline, as someone who donates every year to the program, never misses a game and currently has a son playing on the sophomore team I can say with all certainty I am ashamed to consider myself an Eagle today.

This act of cowardness goes beyond the Football field and even the school walls. It's waves ripple throughout the community itself. Today all Eagles must bare the burden of shame thanks to the actions of Cowards!

If any of the perpetrators have any integrity you will turn yourselves in immediately and agree to pay your debt the fullest extent of the law. You will then apologize to the victim, his family, the school and the thousands of alumni to whom you have brought shame upon with your brazen act of idiocy.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and his family and I hope he will be back on the playing field as soon as possible. I am deeply sorry and ashamed your family is suffering at the hands of someone who is associated with Skyline.

May you have Godspeed and the best of luck!

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

Come on "Truth". Your story sounds a bit like a tall tail to me.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm a fan and have been attending Cottonwood games for 4 years now... I've only seen 4 incidents... In a game in Davis County, there were eggs thrown... Last years homecoming game at Cwood, Skyline students launched water balloons from an apartment complex east of the field... one young lady was hit and knocked down as she was performing.. she still has a scar... this last Friday, the above incident and the visiting crowd being egged from the parking lot. Of any school I'm concerned about attending games at with my daughter? Skyline... Very sad for me as I'm an alum of Skyline...

Salt Lake City, UT

These rivalries are getting embarrassing. This goes for high school and college football. Sure, a little back and forth banter is fun, but people in this state have taken it way, WAY too far.

I wish a very speedy recovery to this young man, and that the violent young men who did this will be caught and punished.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chances are the people who did this weren't even from Skyline. The whole egging thing is unfortunate, but lets be real Skyline isn't the only place that happens.
I feel bad for the kid and his family and I wish him a speedy recovery, but I think Skyline is catching way to much flak for this one. This could happen in any bathroom at any school.
And to the guy who wouldn't stop talking about how well written this article was I thought it was a terribly written piece. Like I said earlier the writer contradicted himself about when it happened, and I'm pretty sure there wasn't a single quote from anyone at Skyline other than the administration releasing an apology

Sandy, UT

@Bulldog8: The article never said that it was anyone affiliated with Skyline that did this, only that it happened on their property. Also, read the article again - the writer never contradicted himself. The differences coming up about when it happened are coming up from a quote. The writer did a good job of reporting the quote accurately and as far as no quote from anyone at Skyline is concerned, the article clearly states that Skyline declined to comment, meaning they were given the opportunity to do so. The article was well researched and well written and I applaud both the author and The Deseret News for keeping the public informed.

Jim from OK
Harrah, OK

At first I was questioning the facilities, because I played at a fairly small school (graduating class of 62 students), and still never ran into a facility so poor that a player would have to interact with fans to use the restroom at halftime....

That said, this ends up being one extremely poor piece of journalism. While it gives an accounting of the attack, it does not give an accounting of what this victim was wearing. While usually this is an irrelevant detail, if you are going to report the fact that the victim was a football player for the away school, it is a very important detail.

Jim from OK
Harrah, OK


If he was in uniform, this is a VERY big deal.... and the school should not be able to host another game until the opposing team has a safe place to go during halftime. (Multiple meanings of "go" relevant -- both "gather" and "relieve ones self" are applicable.) If not in uniform, while still a horrible situation, no real action should be taken against the host school other than maybe requiring that they up security a bit....

Some may ask, "WHY this distinction?" It really does have a simple answer. While a host school has the fundamental ability (and duty) to control (and therefore restrict) the interactions of players and fans with "authorized only" areas, it does not have the ability to control all fan interactions. While, yes, the victim may have been a member of the opposing team -- but unless he was there in uniform, he was there as a fan.

Salt Lake City, UT

West Granger oooooooh scarry. Why did they care then that the boy played for cwood if the perps were not affiliated with skyline? It seems unlikely that someone would care who it was or where he played if it was random. This was targeted and I doubt someone would miss their own hs football team play to travel to the saftey of " we don't really have that here" stadium to beat up a sophomore. Get real it is an issue. Hunter and granger played last week too. No eggs, no fights, just fun.

Fball fan
Salt Lake City, UT

First off, I agree with everyone who says this is a poorly written article.

#1 The incident did not happen at half time, but was before half time, so he could not use the locker room bathroom. Unfortuneately, when you have to go you have to go.

#2 He was fully dressed in the CWOOD uniform. Shoulder pads and all.

#3 What needs to be addressed is, as stated earlier from people, is the fact that Olympus was also vandalized and mistreated when they were the opposing team there a month ago. Two incidents within a month of each other at the same place, needs to be addressed by the administration. Skyline kids may not be the ones doing this, but it is on Skyline property and they are ultimately responsible for this poor behavior.

Sandy, UT

At Skyline, they are saying the kid blew out his knee during the JV game the day before, I wonder if this is true at all?

sandy, ut

It is a bit strange that the player didn't even actually find a restroom...since the area north of the field, where there is a gully(not school property), quite obviously couldn't contain a restroom. Why not stay in designated areas and make the job of protecting you easier by going to a bathroom a couple minutes later at halftime?

Brigham City, UT

I guess differing opinions don't get posted! Thanks for your efforts.

Salt Lake City, UT

What happened to Lo is unacceptable. As terrible as this incident is, there are some baseless statements made about Skyline. For example, Kipp wrote "someone, somewhere, needs to teach this program how to lose with class, because they haven't figured it out". Kipp, you could not be more wrong. Head coach Roger Dupaix is a class act whether his team is winning or losing. His coaching intelligence is obvious by Skyline’s success, but his character and the character he instills in his players stays with them for life. The hundreds of young men who played for Dupaix at Skyline, like Cottonwood head coach Josh Lyman, can attest to the model program he runs. He bans swearing, tells his players to be on time to class, be good citizens, don't trash talk, and stay away from alcohol and drugs. Although the state requires a 2.0 to be eligible for athletics, Skyline has a team goal for a 3.2 GPA. So don’t rush to judge the longstanding reputation of a first class program based on one isolated event.

Murray, UT

Skyline has had a great program for along time. But i think there is time for a change and that time was 5 years ago.The option is out the spred should be in .It seems like they are stuck in a time warp and cant get out.Let's try this out how about putting the BEST 11 player's on the field. Just thinking outloud! As for this cottonwood /skyline situation if it is true then it's pathetic if not then lets just move forward.

Salt Lake City, UT

Its funny that mbsky thinks Skyline should have scrapped the option 5 years ago in favor of the trendy spread offense. In fact, Dupaix won his 8th state championship at Skyline 5 years ago in 2005 with a team ranked 4th in their region entering the playoffs. And last year, Skyline finished 2nd in offensive production behind Bingham in all of 5A. Maybe you should rethink your theory. With the right athletes (especially QB), execution, and QB reads, the option is very difficult to stop. The downfall of the option is the turnover, which had a lot to do with Skyline's 17-14 loss to Hurricane (3 fumbles, 2 INT), 31-24 loss to Olympus (2 fumbles, 2 INT), and 24-17 loss to Cottonwood (fumble returned for TD). Air Force seems to do just fine with the option as indicated by their recent drubbing of BYU.

Murray, UT

I still stand by what i said.You do have an excellent point though.then why dont they get someone better to run the option.i find it hard to believe that they are so depleted on talent that is all they have.I would have made changes after the oly game. im just curios what are the stat's for the games they won.It seems to me with all the speed they have the spred could be more effective.And without a strong back to plow up the middle maybe find someone to take it to the air which i have not seen this year.Granted i have only been to the Homecoming game which was a complete joke and i try to follow as much as i can through the paper.I just want my eagle's to return to the glory days of winning and not the butt of jokes as it seem like they are today.

Salt Lake City, UT

Anybody who wants to read a good piece of journalism about this whole incident should go read the article that ran in the sports section of the Trib today. I usually prefer the DN coverage of prep sports over the Trib but this article was just ridiculous. Go read the article in the trib where the writer actually reports the facts objectively and without an apparent bias.
I don't know where the writer (DN) got the idea that this happened at halftime! Everyone needs to stop saying that Skyline isn't safe and needs better facilities for visiting teams because I know exactly where opposing teams go at Skyline during halftime and there ARE bathrooms there. Poor decision by any HS player to leave the sidelines during a game I would never do that in my playing days.
Sad embarrassing situation but like I said before Skyline is taking way to much heat for this, probably just because of the OLY incident earlier in the season.

Salt Lake, UT

Dear Eagle Parent,

You stand firm in your belief that Skyline is a class act. You brought up your coach's excellent record both on the field and off. This was the past. Maybe this is just an off year, but he and the administration have lost control.

In a previous post, you brought up the loss to Oly. I'd like to remind you about a couple of points to that game. Did you forget what happened at the end of the game? Did you forget their starting tail back ripping off the Oly player's helmet? Did you forget about Skyline, being led by an assistant coach, rushing Oly's sideline? Did you forget about the thousands of dollars of vandalism to Oly's facilities? What happened to the Eagle players caught for the vandalism? Slap on the wrist? Does not sound much like class or integrity.

I respect Skyline. I always have. But the above coupled with the latest incident with Cottonwood has given them a black eye that will take some time to remedy.

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