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Published: Monday, Sept. 27 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

This is absolutely atrocious and hurts both schools. Hopefully someone will hear something and report it to the authorities to help catch these thugs. Four men attacking a 16 year old kid, give me a break! And hopefully all of the schools will beef up security at events, knowing that tensions and emotions can run high. Here's one fan who's hoping that we can all learn from this and move forward into a more positive athletic environment.

Hurricane, UTAH

That is a very sad situation. I hope all coaches give the kids a talk this week before all games around the state. I hope someone gets made a example because of this.

Football Fan NP
Salt Lake City, Utah

Unbelievable and devastating to this family with a young man cut short in his career because there are thugs looking for the thrill of assaulting a defenseless athlete. This article was so well written and researched that I alternated between rage and sorrow that no one witnessed the attack and could assist Falemaka. Certainly it is a wake up call for any sporting event where there are thousands of students and also roving gangs who could attack and injure anyone in their way. My deep condolences to his family and hopefully we fans can contribute to his medical expenses in some way. Great journalism by Mr. Phibbs in this excellent description of high school sports gone wrong. Hope for more reporting like this in the future.

LP Fan!
Alpine, UT

you think they would have cameras covering every inch of the school. I don't fell safe there now. That's scary and people shouldt be doing that because the score of the game. Cottonwood looks unreal this year and should go deep into the playoffs. Too bad they might be going there without a pretty key player. I hope you can find those kids and punish them. I don't care if they go to skyline or not. That makes them look really bad in my mind

Los Angeles, CA

There were heightened tensions on and off the field at Skyline during the Olympus game four weeks ago. It would be interesting to know if Skyline administration acted accordingly at the time and immediately increased their game security...unfortunately, based on this article, it doesn’t sound like that happened. And being "devastated" doesn't really help the victim much. The host school is responsible for making sure adequate security is in place, whether the attack was by current Skyline students or adult without ties to the school. Hopefully the Cottonwood player will have a speedy recovery.

Scottsdale, AZ

No cameras? Even in today's world? They definitely didn't have them when I was attending Olympus in the mid 80's but I thought they'd have them by now for sure.

Beverly Hills, CA

Kids brag about stupid acts like this. Offer a $ reward and they will get ratted out. I guarantee it. Then prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

Holladay, UT

DUBBLEDUB, I am on the Community Council at Cottonwood. We just last year budgeted for a better camera system. It is very expensive and most schools have either out of date security cameras or non at all.
Off topic...the day after we installed them, the girl's swim team had a bunch of stuff stolen. The cameras caught the thieves red handed. Worth the investment that day alone.
I hope they can find out who hurt this boy. No one should be jumped...ever!

Salt Lake, UT

What has happened to Skyline? This is terrible! After this and what happened against Oly - two incidents in one year?

A couple of questions...why not use the restroom in the locker room at halftime? Why wander away from your team? I understand that the visitors' locker area is in the small gym, but there are restrooms in there. This does not excuse those that attacked this kid, but had he gone with his team, this never would have happened.

Also, on KUTV, it showed that the assault took place on the visitors' side. It could have very well been someone not affiliated with Skyline.

Eggs were thrown on the Cottonwood patrons? Wow.

Bottom line...Skyline's administration needs to take action immediately. Taking a blind eye weeks ago to what happened with Oly and now coming out saying how they feel terrible. Someone, somewhere needs to teach this program how to lose with class, because they haven't figured it out. All of the good that has been done for the past twenty-five years will be overshadowed by the administration's lack of control.

Salt Lake City, UT

This behavior effects everyone but especially all those who are tied to this school. As an alumni of Skyline's second graduating class, this puts a black eye on my school's reputation. I wish Falemaka a speedy and full recovery. One day I hope he gets his pay back in a great game against my alma mater.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am aware of another assault later that weekend on a kid from Highland invlolving Skyline kids.

Not sure what is going on up there but the administartion at Skyline might want to pull their heads out of the sand and take some action to see that these things are avoided in the future.

South Jordan, UT

this is so sad, and then the kid from bingham holding kids at gunpoint, like what goes through there heads, this is so sad for this player who is there enjoying his life, and some people can make themselves hurt this innocent kid! and the bingham stud who pulled a gun, do you honestly think 4 kids wont notice a big Tongan like yourself pointing the gun at them? I am bingham fan, but the kid should be kicked off team peck! Baseball team kicked off Anderson last year just for drinking at a party! make the same choice as Coach Sato common peck! ITS A FELONY!

Duchesne Dan-O
Duchesne, UT

Tommy, Kipp: you guys hit this on the head. Accountability falls on the shoulders of this school's administration. For years Skyline has come across as the crown jewel of east side schools. Not anymore. Who feels safe at Skyline?

My heart goes out to this kid. Here he is representing his school at a sanctioned event, and he gets assaulted, seriously injuring his knee. Regardless if they catch the perps, accountability needs to be taken - it should be taken by the Skyline administration, they failed - and this isn't the first time this year.

I hope this kid has a strong recovery, and I hope there aren't any repercussions from this incident.

Sandy, UT

Why doesn't the paper offer some sort of description of the assialants from the victim? Any sort of details would help. These four kids/men had to leave the campus at some point. Maybe someone will recognize the description.

Salt Lake City, UT

" we don't really have that here" obviously you do have "that". It's unfortunate that this happened.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

How sad that stuff like this happens at a high school game. Players getting assaulted and eggs being thrown at fans? Really? Why is there so much hate in the world and why do fans have to act so immature? Its just a game.

Best to luck to this young man in his recovery. This injury is probably just as damaging psychologically as physically.

Florissant, MO

Not a Fair Alma Mater! I am ashamed that people from my former High School would do such things to give it a bad name. Back in my day, other schools would pick on people from Skyline at a game, but I guess kids act like hoods from all schools now. Maybe it is time to stop putting money into sports and put it into music, I don't think that the orchestra fans beat each other up.

Provo, UT

I say if they find who did this make an example of them by a more severe punishment than a slap on the hand!

Big Daddy Ute
Logan, UT

I am a Skyline grad. I will never tell anyone I went to Skyline. What has happened to the great school I went to many, many years ago. I am ashamed.

johnny pigskin
Sandy, UT

This is not the Skyline of old! The school has always been first class! Hopefully this is an isolated issue!

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