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Published: Monday, Sept. 27 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

"The Utah County Attorney's Office became aware of "Sister Wives" after receiving several phone calls Monday"

Really? After months of publicity in local and national media?

I don't care if these people live together, AS LONG AS they don't hurt the children, they don't take government money due to the size of the household, and as long as there's only one legal marriage.

What I don't like about these people, is they're members of the Allred clan (AUB), a group which still believes that "blacks" shouldn't hold the LDS priesthood. Nor women, of course.

Ogden, UT

I always hear Utahn's make the point that illegal immigrants should be prosecuted, but rarely do you hear the same people pushing for polygamists to be prosecuted. Both are crimes! Isn't this a double standard? I'm glad to see Lehi doing something about polygamists.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm still saying that anything illegal should be prosecuted and being married to more than one person has been illegal in the U.S. for a very long time. I think it's disappointing that a tv show would be made to flaunt a family breaking the law.

Sandy, UT

I'm sure he isn't legally married to more that one wife as that requires a marriage license. Nor is he able to claim more that one wife on his taxes, etc. So how is it illegal to be "spiritually" married to more than one woman if they are all over the legal age of consent?
It seems we sure make a bigger deal out of this living arrangement than we do a lot of other equally bizarre "families" in the world today.

Provo, UT

I, personally, have NO SYMPATHY for these people. They're living a lifestyle that is dishonest, immoral, illegal and damaging to their children. They are also giving their children a distorted understanding of relationships between men and women and teaching them to lie in order to cover up.

I hope the State finds a way to prosecute them and they get NO benefit from this sick TV show.

For some reason these guys always have these egos that are out of control. They think they are these alpha males that are entitled to have a lot of women. I hope this guy is prosecuted to the fullest extend possible under the law.

Kearns, UT

The laws on polygamy are outdated and no longer apply to the new non christian society. If some think that homosexuals and same sex marriages are okay and the law acknowledges them, then polygamy is no longer a crime. Polygamy laws have no basis or justification if you legalize other forms of illegal non religious marriages. Polygamy is a religious concept that is no longer valid in the legal system.

The laws of the country have all but stricken down marriages as subjective acts of companionship. We have turned our backs on the sanctity of marriage and legalized polygamy, adultery, unfettered premarital cohabitation and even children outside of marriages. Family is no longer a sanctified or a recognized institution of trust, the laws make it illegal to keep secrets and trust in a family.

What these changes have done is made marriages a thing of the past and meaningless in scope and legal status. Marriage is no longer recognized as a religious ritual, its a documented tax law benefit.

Buena Vista, VA

Here's what I don't understand; can someone please explain it for me? (Same sort of question as jcmom had above). The guy admits he is only legally married to the first wife. He has not deceived any of the others into thinking their marriages are legal. He just lives with them. Today, lots of people shack up and live together and have kids together without being married. He just happens to be living with several. So what exactly is illegal here? (Plus, none of them are underage). Don't get me wrong; I believe he is living in sin, but I'm talking about legalities here.

Omaha, NE

I am glad that all the violent crime has been solved in Lehi so the police have time on their hands to investigate.

Murray, UT

I've never really understood Polygamy. After 27 years of marriage, more often than not, one wife is one too many.

Mchenry, IL

He isn't staying with them more than a couple nights a week. He did not divorce one to continue having marital relationship with the divorced spouse which I would consider fraud. He is in contact with all children. He is legally married to one.

bye bye butterfly
Murray, UT

Americans have a constitutional right to worship as they please, but also have to abide by laws we have to maintain justice and order.

The Lehi police should indeed investigate this, though I doubt any charges will be filed.

I feel for women who practice polygamy, though. Throughout Biblical history it was practiced. Every single time there were conflicts between the husband, wives, and their children. God created Adam & Eve, not Adam, Eve, Megan, and Allison.

Powell, OH

They break the law, prosecute them to he maximum allowed. Respect for the law demands it. Either make it legal or prosecute those who are practicing this stuff.

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

One of the great ironies of the prosecution of this type of polygamy is that a man who produces offspring with several women to whom he makes no claims of marriage is NOT prosecuted for doing so, but a man who claims that they are his "wives" IS prosecuted. Same number of kids - same burden on society.

A review of the compelling government interest needs to be performed, and if there is still a compelling governmental interest then men in BOTH types of plural arrangement (with or without "marriage") should be equally prosecuted. Otherwise their affirmative defense is unequal protection (or prosecution) under the law.

And similarly, if the compelling governmental interest is found, then couples living together without marriage should ALSO be prosecuted. (Although Lawrence vs. Texas would seem to preclude this.)

Salt Lake City, UT

As I understand it, he is breaking the bigamy law. though only "spiritually" married to the other women, having intercourse with the others and having children while in wedlock is what is illegal. All of that should be easy to prove, I am just sorry the AG does not care enough to prosecute it.

Lindon, UT

Where is the sanctity of marriage in this kind of arrangement? My2cents has it exactly right.
"The laws of the country have all but stricken down marriages as subjective acts of companionship. We have turned our backs on the sanctity of marriage and legalized polygamy, adultery, unfettered premarital cohabitation and even children outside of marriages. Family is no longer a sanctified or a recognized institution of trust, the laws make it illegal to keep secrets and trust in a family."

The Family Proclamation to the World is for everyone. As soon as they "get" it, the better. We are about to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Why are there no groups opposing the stand against polygamy and or any to make it legal?

Miami Area, Fl

"having intercourse with the others and having children while in wedlock is what is illegal."

Ghostwriter - can you cite the law that makes that illegal?

Provo, UT

bye bye butterfly: God created everyone.

Ghostwriter: It is not illegal for a man to have intercourse and children with more than one woman. If it were there would be an awful lot of men in prison.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I'm certainly not in favor of their actions, but as a neighbor I can say that these people are good to their children. From our vantage there is nothing that shows abuse. If the AG office decides there is merit in pursuing a case then we would support that, but until the law is involved we get nowhere pitting us against them. We're all benefited by strong families, even in unagreeable circumstances.

Murray, UT

Reasonable Person: I have to confess that up until a friend of mine facebooked that she had watched the first episode, I wasn't aware that they were even making the show. It is not unreasonable to assume that not everyone is aware of evey new show coming out on TV.

JCmom & RG: my guess is the reason the AG's office has taken a wait and see approach is that they are not going to prosecute the polygamy charges. They will only prosecute if there are other charges that come of the investigation.

While I don't agree with the lifestyle, for cultural, and religious reasons. If they had kept they relationship(s) behind closed doors, then it's none of my business. They make it my business when they put it on TV.

I think that you have to be monumentally stupid to go on TV talking about your illegal activity/lifestyle and not expect to get a visit from your friendly local law enforcement officials. Even TLC knew that. Even TLC saw this coming. Why else would they contact the AG's office if they didn't anticipate an investigation because of the show?

bye bye butterfly
Murray, UT

@ Snowman.

Of course God created everyone. Then men had this "bright idea" to take on other wives. Sarah even had this "bright idea" to give her maid to Abraham to bear them a child because she didn't want to be patient and wait for God to keep His promise to her to bear a child despite her old age.

What happened? Sarah's maid, Hagar, did have a son, Ishmael. Hagar got a snotty attitude towards Sarah, Sarah beat her and Hagar ran away. God spoke to Hagar and told her to go back. Hagar reluctantly did.

Sarah finally had a son, Isaac. She then insisted Abraham cast out Hagar and Ishmael. He did, the little wimp, and Ishmael's and Isaac's children have hated each other ever since. One small example of what can happen when a man tries to have more than one wife.

I agree with Ethel. The sanctity of marriage, the trust, and the faithfulness to one's spouse is corrupted by polygamy.

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