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Published: Monday, Sept. 27 2010 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Lincoln City, OR

@Otis Spurlock and Hedgehog...

You guys are pathetic... And, you make utah fans look pathetic.... Personally, having been a former athlete at BYU myself, I have come to expect this kind of sportsmanship or lack thereof from Ute fans....

Strength Training as "prevention" of injury for that kind of hit? That's just sadly laughable.... Maybe if you guys had a little strength training in your brain you guys might not talk like you do...

For sometime now, Utah fans have made me vigorously cheer for whatever team Utah is playing.... Max Hall has become an icon in my mind simply because he actually said what so many of us feel.

As badly as I dislike you guys though, I don't think that I could or would react the way that y'all have if one of your guys went down for the season (and maybe more, who knows)as a result of an illegal block that many think could be considered "cheap".

Ann Arbor, MI


The league has ruled that the infact the hit was NOT illegal and no further recourse is needed. I’m so sorry you “hate” Utah fans for commenting that it was an unfortunate event and that we feel bad about the set back — but to “hate: ute fans because they made the correct call on the play is…. desperate and self centered.

90% of what Utah fans comment happens to be the truth. If you can’t accept it then you should go to KSL or the Cougar Board and get what you need to hear.

BYU, Now Serving Humble Pie
Sandy, UT

The MWC has officially looked into this block and they have just ruled that it was not an illegal block. Sorry byu fans, but Otis was right all along.

BYU, Now Serving Humble Pie
Sandy, UT

From ESPN today:

"The WAC and Mountain West reviewed a low block Nevada offensive lineman John Bender delivered to BYU defensive tackle Romney Fuga in last weekend's game. Both conferences ruled the hit didn't violate NCAA football rules so no further action is required. BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall complained about the hit, saying it wasn't a "positive football play."

Otis and Hedge are pretty smart and accurate. Disagree with them at your own peril.

Palo Alto, CA

Utah, with hedgehog's, Otis's, and Sandy's support, will soon be sending out a press release supporting the decision along with an instructive video to teach future opponents the correct technique for delivering this type of block to Utah players.


Obviously the play was controverial. Most pro-BYU posters feel strongly that it was illegal, and the Nevada head coach agreed with them. But it wasn't called on the field, and officials from 2 conferences reviewed it and "ruled the hit didn't violate NCAA football rules."

The Nevada player's helmet and shoulder pads were in front of Fuga's knee, and the points of contact were the Nevada player's upper back and the side of Fuga's knee. It may have met criteria for being legal, but the play just doesn't look right.

I feel bad for Fuga, and hope he has a successfull recovery from a significant injury.

I don't feel qualified to determine the intent of the Nevada player's actions during the play in question.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU takes out OU's Qback, its "good clean fun".

Nevada takes out BYU's Dback, its "an illegal play and a travesty against the spirit of football".


BYU Safety nearly snaps a Florida State Receivers neck and nothing was called... What goes around comes around I guess!!

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