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Published: Monday, Sept. 27 2010 8:00 a.m. MDT

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PAC Member, are U?
Kaysville, UT

It was a cheap, unsportsman like hit. Nevada should come out with a level of discipline that fits the act. A message needs to be sent to play the game right!

Big J
Bountiful, UT

It was a very sad and unnecessary play. It, however, was not a "clip". A clip is a block from behind and below the waist (Back of the legs). This was a low block from the side. In High School or Federation rules this is an illegal block below the waist. The college rules are a little different and this may be a legal block, but still very dangerous.

A comment on why no official saw the play… Each official has his area of coverage. Those areas’s shift and change as the play develops. Uncovered area’s open and close as the play moves. In addition, the officials are on the field and are looking through and around players. There are blind spots. We, as officials, try very hard to get the call’s right.

I whish Rommey all the best and a speedy recovery.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Otis anf the rest of you true haters.

The block was below the waist outside the tackle box and was in the back. If you know anything about football then you know it was illegal on both counts. Take off the crimson colored glasses!

No one can justify this block. And we have further proof of the ineptitude of mwc refs!!!

That said, it did not cause BYU to lose the game and it would not have been appropriate for Y players to try to injure the clown responsible for this act, but it sure should have fired them up! Not much life shown in Provo this season from the head down!

The Beagle
Ogden, UT

Grow up people. It was not a dirty play. It happened in the field of play during a play. It did not happen out of bounds or after a whistle. I am sure the Nevada lineman feels bad about it and would take it back if he could. Football players do not want to see other football players injured regardless of which side they are on. Injuries are an unfortunate part of the game.

Arm of Orion
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I've watched the play several times. It was legal to do what he did, just like it is legal for AF, it was however extremely cheap and dirty. If I was in that position I would never have done it, besides Fuga was long since out of the play. I feel bad for the man. Knee injuries are terrible trust me I know.

Take the Marble, Grasshopper
Lindon, UT

As much as it pains me, Otis Spurlock is correct. This was not an illegal block. I think it was a cheap and unnecessary block, but definitely not illegal. Good call, Otis.

Santaquin, UT

"It was a clip. There's no question about it. It was a reaction to a screen pass and it should have been called."

Quiz for the day. Who said it? Was it Bronco Mendenhall. Was it some unknown mtn commentator? Was it Barack Obama? Or was it the coach of the Nevada football team?

If you want the answer then you will have to go back and READ THE ARTICLE. Then come back here and offer a fresh new brainless comment.

Lindon, UT

There are two different videos on YouTube and the 2nd one shows a better angle. It was VERY obvious in person that the guy was behind Fuga and just taking a cheap shot to keep Fuga from getting the runner. If you were watching the play at all, you couldn't miss it-- right next to the carrier.

A penalty on that play would have most likely stopped a drive that ended in a TD. Beside the score, it's dangerous and the Nevada coach admitted to it being a clip. Hopefully that means he will take the disciplinary action the ref's didn't.

Oakley, UT

As a former athlete who's career was ended by a knee injury I truly feel for Fuga, and wish him a full recoverey.

But as far as dirty or not dirty, the ball was behind the block in question. Dirty? Yes! Illeagal? No. In fact, I couldn't find video of it, but a couple years ago Nai Fotu of the Utes was injured on a much dirtier play than that.... on a dirty block well away from and after a play by a BYU OL. When Utes fans called it dirty, we were told we were whiners and he was just "playing to the whistle". Now Fotu is out for another season (reinjured the same knee). And it's time for you to catch the same name calling and critisism..... Isn't kharma cruel?

Springville, UT

I didn't see the play so I will not comment on if it was dirty or not but something that bothers me is that I do not hear anything about BYU players getting angry about it and doing anything about it. I do not condone dirty play but but I do love when Derek Fisher thinks someone took a cheap shot at a teammate and he will commit a hard fould and get a tech foul or when a pitcher throws the ball at a player who he feels took a cheap shot at a team mate. I do not like cheap shots but I do feel that a roughing the passer penalty would have been appropriate if it was a cheap shot. Again I did not see it but I have heard it was cheap. I just wonder why if it was that no BYU player hit the NEV QB after a pass.And please don't give me the bigger man speak and don't give me all that. I just know that if it was my teammate I would have laid a hard hit on someone.

Sandy, UT

Watched the youtube video again. Frame at second 05 of the video clearly shows the Nevada player a step behind Fuga and Fuga running away from him when he launches himself at the knee. Clearly illegal.

Springville, UT

It is pretty classy that the Nevada coach commented as he did.

My guess is that Mr Romney will be a far better athlete for this. A great deal of athletics is your mind and with injuries athletes focus more on skills, etc. I'm thinking Ituli Mili who insisted that his knee injury made him a better tight end and helped him stick with the Seattle Seahawks.

Layton, UT

Take the Marble, Grasshopper | 10:10 p.m. Sept. 27, 2010

Are you such a hater that you can't even read Nevada's coach's comments. He stated that a flag should have been thrown on HIS OWN PLAYER.

I feel for both players. Errors are made in sports. I hope that Romney fully recovers. I also wish the NV player and team well. They should give Boise a good game.

West Jordan, UT

CALM DOWN Cougars. I just watched the video and it was definitely an illegal block, but it wasn't dirty. The ball carrier was nearby and the guy was doing whatever he could to block Fuga. Dirty? That denotes it was intentional. I don't believe it was. Illegal? Yes, definitely. It is unfortunate for sure.

Ann Arbor, MI

Take the Marble grasshopper,

Spent time reviewing the youtube clip; Not sure if it was or was not illegal but it truly doesn’t appear to have been intentional. I think BYU fans are making a bigger deal out of an unfortunate event.

Move on. No ones out to get you.

Sandy, UT

Otis Spurlock-First off, none of the commentators said it was a clean hit. Second off, if you get hit like that, you can have the strongest knees in the world, and it would still screw it up.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

It is classy that the WP coach Ault issued a statement and truthfully calling it a clip, however, he could not be more wrong about the intent. The player #62 after the play had been replayed a couple of times on the jumbo screen, and the fans began to boo he raised his arms and taunted the crowd while nodding his head in the affirmative.

Actions do speak much louder then weak attempts at apologizing, ask Fuga.

The universe always has a way of repairing wrongs against it.

"POLY" Cougar Nation.

Holladay, UT

One doesn't seem to find a key stat on the Web, and certainly won't find it on the Wolf Pack site: JOHN BENDER (#62) led Nevada with two (not one) FLAGRENT FOULS! There was the one he was called for, the "TRIPPING" foul in the second half. Of course the guys in prison garb impersonating officials missed the premeditated WILLFUL KNEE JOB on Fuga. Once one might think unintended, twice is PREMEDITATED!!!

LV Aggie
Las Vegas, NV

I thinking this will be a good game between to in state teams that just are not very good, the y becuase they are young and the Aggies because they have lost 11 starter and a coach that is on the IR!

Mr. Schneebly
Syracuse, UT

The comment regarding ligamentous knee injuries from illegal hits being preventable by improved training is simply not true.

Ligaments, tendons and bones are unable to withstand the force that comes from a flying 250+ lb. linebacker hitting an unsuspecting player from behind, no matter how much training and strengthening you do. Muscles are strengthened by training, and even then, knees are unable to handle that amount of force. Period. This is why those types of "cut" or "chop" blocks are not allowed.

I agree with the posts stating that these kinds of season- or career-ending blocks should be prevented by assesssing severe penalties on those performing illegal blocks.

If the refs don't call it in the game, and the conference has to review it later, there should be more than just viewing the tape involved. The extent of the injury to the victim of the hit AND the time lost from play should be considered when deciding on the length and severity of the penalty.

The fact that the conference officials chose to look the other way after knowing that Fuga's season is over means this kind of illegal blocking will continue...

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