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Published: Monday, Sept. 27 2010 8:00 a.m. MDT

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y be good when U CAN BE GREAT!
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sorry byu fans, it sucks to lose a player for the season, but if you pause the play you see Fuga's left leg hit the back of #62, it wasn't from behind, and it was from the side, which is legal because he wasn’t engaged.

Now, you need to protect these guys’ knees, but as the rule stats today it was a clean block, just like AFA does, you may not like it, but it is clean!

Regarding how the refs “zebras” missed it, well it was either a clean play or....it was the same way your safety rips a FSU player’s helmet off by the facemask 10 feet in front of the official and there was a no call!

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK


All teams in the top 14 can be considered for BCS bowl games. BYU and teams in the MWC will have the same opportunity for a BCS Bowl invite.

You are confusing the goals of the Utah Athletic Department with those of BYU. At no point has any representative from BYU announced that they are leaving the MWC to increase the liklihood of a BCS invite. BYU's repeated goal is to increase visibility and exposure.

BYU's move to independence is about leaving the mtn. TV network. The MWC was a good conference for BYU. It remained their best option, except for the TV deal.

BYU is very fortunate that their worst recent season falls in 2010. They were able to negotiate a TV contract based on the previous five years, and they should be going strong again their first year in independence.

BYU (like Utah) will fulfill all obligations to the MWC and the mtn. Network. Please do not insinuate otherwise.

Sensitive Steve
West Jordan, Utah

All BYU fans want to do is make excuses for how poorly the team is performing.

Injuries are not going to serve as a cover for the losing efforts. People are always going to look for a scapegoat in these situations, and the scapegoat here so happens to be the Nevada player that was trying to contribute to the game.

Please do not make this out to be some "unfortunate problem."

Let's be honest about this: BYU's team is not what it was cracked up to be before the year started, and even after the Washington game.

They didn't deserve their preseason rankings, and they are not strong mentally to deal with the intensity of the competition they are facing.

They may have a tough schedule, but no one seems to be making excuses about it. That is commendable.

But otherwise, I think BYU needs to just stop pretending to talk about being something they're not.

And I think the fans need to wise up to the reality of this team's inexperience and lack of depth.

The more the injuries pile up, the more BYU's bowl chances will be threatened.

Accept it.

Sandy, UT

That's because his name is "Romney". All Romney's are out of it.

Holladay, UT

It is too bad Fuga got injured, but I do not see anything in the rule book that says the play is illegal.

What rule did this violate?

It definetely does not violate chop block, because only 1 guy was blocking Fuga.

It also does not violate clipping:
ARTICLE 1. a. Clipping is a block against an opponent occurring when
the force of the initial contact is from behind and at or below the waist
(Exception: Against the ball carrier) (Rule 9-1-2-d).

The block was NOT from behind (if you think so please watch it again).

Please someone look up the official rule book (as I have) and find where it violates any rule.

Sorry Fuga got hurt, but from what I saw this was perfectly legal.

mr. j
Cottonwood Hts., Ut

The injury was unfortunate but i don't believe there was bad intent. Fuga had a beat on the ball carrier and the lineman had only one way to block him. To avoid getting a clip he tried to dive in front. Bad luck that the guy was a 325 pound o-linemen who was too tubby to get out if front of Fuga's knees instead of to the side of them. If he was more athletic he would have gotten out in front and tripped Fuga sparing his knees. Legal. Dirty? You be the judge. I say he was being stupid but he was just trying to play football.

Lehi, UT

@SensitiveSteve - What are you talking about? Give me an example of excuses that we are making. This is a re-building year year for BYU and we have a lot of inexperienced players...no excuse, just fact. Show me one post where we are blaming our poor start on injuries or on the Nevada "scapegoat"
You go on to say "I think BYU needs to just stop pretending to talk about being something they're not." Just what are we talking about being?
"And I think the fans need to wise up to the reality of this team's inexperience and lack of depth." We have been aware of this reality for quite some time now and the majority of us have accepted this fact. Glad you are now just coming around to the reality of what BYU fans have known for awhile now. Now try to post something relevant and something we don't know already.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

what was even more disgusting than the dirty play that took Fuga out was that no BYU player was man enough to take one of Nevada's players out.

BYU's defense should've drilled Nevada's QB until until he left the field on a stretcher. Way to stand up for your teammate boys...

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Speaking from the point of having suffered a carrier ending clip that blew out three of the four major ligaments ACL,PCL & MCL it does not change the out come of the injury whether it was intentional or not the damage is irreversible and the life long problems are now in motion.

Wrong place wrong time, need to be quicker on your feet, um whatever you non sufferers try to come up with it does not change the fact that Fuga has suffered a life altering injury and his knee will never be the same.

When he is in his 40's he will be getting a Total Knee Replacement. Well that is if the Government health care plan allows him to.

"POLY" Cougar Nation

Spanish Fork, UT

@Otis Spurlock | 10:47 a.m. Sept. 27, 2010

Strength training? Are you kidding me? You think that would have made the difference in Fuga avoiding injury due to an illegal chop block from behind. That kind of block will blow out a knee every time. I don't care how much strength training you do. The second I saw the block I knew his knee was blown. Heck, by the way the entire BYU side line reacted, they knew.

Midvale, UT

@Sensitive Steve

No one is making excuses for the team's performance. Fans are mad that not one single ref saw what happened to Fuga and that he's now out with a season-ending injury with no action taken against the player who caused it. There is a BIG difference. This has nothing to do with how the team is performing. We know the team is not that great this year, so that isn't the argument.

Kaysville, UT

RE: Carman

I think you missed the point as what red was saying was that yes BYU will meet its obligation but not without having a target on their back, not without having to lose a guy or two or three to cheap shots because teams are "aiming" for you.

But enjoy the ESPN contract.

Kaysville, UT

And to reiterate I do not at all agree with that "aiming" being good sportsmanship but I do expect it will happen. Technically Nevada had no bone to pick with BYU and they took a cheap shot, I think Red is pointing out you can expect more of the same from the teams who do have "a bone to pick."

SD State
New Mexico

Teams that have nothing to lose because they know they probably won't win the game anyway.

Fair? No way but I think it will happen too Carman.

JJ Morales
Earlimart, CA

It was clearly a dirty, classless play. How could the refs miss it? Then again, the refs did miss a few calls in Saturday's game. The WAC should suspend the Nevada player for 3-4 games to send a message.

Spanish Fork, UT

@byu_num_1 | 3:32 p.m. Sept. 27, 2010

To be a block from behind does not mean you have to be directly behind the player. In this case the hit was made from the side but he was clearly a step behind as Fuga was already past him when the block was thrown.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Very sorry to hear about Romney. Best wishes on a speedy recovery.

Provo, UT

All the Utah fan's that think it was a legal hit stop it!!! even Nevada's coach said it was a clip.

Sensitive Steve
West Jordan, Utah

I will take the high road and ignore all of the bitterness coming from so-called fans.

It is normal to be in denial, I suppose. Perhaps those fans will need it when Utah annihilates them in November.

Mount Olympus
Holladay, UT

@ Hunt

Look up Fuga BYU on youtube.

You will see that the guy is in FRONT of Fuga the whole time. How is it a block in the back when he is in FRONT of the guy?

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Mt. Olympus

I checked it out. You do realize the camera was a side view don't you? The guy being on the left of Fuga was behind him.

It was an illegal play. The guy blocked from behind Fuga causing his injury.

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