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Published: Monday, Sept. 27 2010 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

A dirty play that changed the course of the game. The refs should be relieved from duty...oh wait, they'll remain in the MWC and BYU won't have to deal with them after this season!

Layton, UT

Chop blocks should just be made illegal. There is no valid reason for them in the game and they should go. Airforce might lose every game without being able to use them but it would sure save a bunch of knees.

Centerville, UT

Die hard ute fan. That was a garbage play. I apologize for Otis Spurlock, he is an embarassment to ute fans. Cheap shot through and through. I hope the Wolfpack loses him for as long as BYU loses fuga. ridiculous.

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT


You are about as big of a UTE fan as I am a fan of byu. Almost all of your posts are anti-UTE. All I said was there are experts out there that feel this block was legitimate and not illegal. I agree with this assessment. Strength training is the key here. With more strength training (and less pickle juice) these types of injuries would be less frequent.

Orem, UT

If the refs on the field are charged with making calls and miss an obvious call,

Then the ref in the box is equally responsible, if not more so, and should have the authority to make that call off a replay.

It is inexcusable that this shot was not penalized!

If I was a ref, I'd lose sleep over this one.

Cedar Hills, UT

Cheap block for sure. Did not need to happen. AFA does this all the time too. Most teams that focus on the run will use it to their advantage.

Get well Fuga!

Syracuse, UT

I agree with carman. There needs to be some kind of consequence. Like happens in the NBA, there should be a review after the game if a ref misses a call to determine if punishment should be given out. The guy should be suspended for at least a couple games.

Provo, UT

Hey otis just so you know no amount of strength training will help your knees like that. There are no muscles in your knee. and secondly the mountain does not have experts that work for it. That was a dirty shot and I want blood!!

Layton, UT

You know less about the knee joint then about what happened on the play. This has nothing to do with strength training. The ligiments will tear on anyone that is struck from the side or rear and is fixed to the ground.

No even a Utes' knee could have withstood that blow.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

It was a legal block

Magna, UT

One game suspension? It's football people get hurt if you play ball long enough you will be hurt. It's a fight out there if you don't keep your head on a swivel then you are going to take hits like this. But byu fans demanding a suspension.... get real

Rob of NV
Las Vegas, NV

The illegal block was obvious. What is interesting is the same NV player, #62, who injured Fuga got flagged for a tripping personal foul later in the game. This player resorts to dirty tactics when he cannot do his job. Coach Ault should suspend this player for the rest of the season, unless this sort of activity is condoned by the UNR Coach and his staff.

Maverick/Goose Blue
Orem, UT

I feel really bad for Fuga. Not only for the physical pain but losing his season. If it wasn't such a punk play it wouldn't be so hard to swallow. Injuries happen in football but not like this.

Almost as bad is sharing this State and comment board with those who are so blind by hate that they can't even admit when something bad has happened to a Cougar.

Go Cougars! Even if we are 1-11.

Sandy, Utah

BYU fans wonder why everyone is against them. Go back and reread “mtseatss”, he is spot on. I agree the Fuga hit was uncalled for, nobody wants a player hurt, I hope Fuga returns. Y fans should be enraged with the independent decision. I don’t think Holmoe thought it through. I hope you didn’t break your contract with the MTW which does not represent well our teachings. If BYU has a couple of mediocre season your programs down the tank. What can you offer top recruits? Zero Championship conference titles, zero automatic Bowl bids, (Notre Dame has to place in the top 8 to receive a BCS invitation) The Y has no agreement in regard to that with the BCS. The only thing you have is an ESPN TV agreement which may not last long if the games aren’t exciting. Coach Edwards built a great program, I hope its not ruined by a stupid decision. Your work is cut out for you, you have a target on your back this year and I hope my Ute’s and the Coug’s play straight up clean and hard this year. Good Luck Fuga.

South Jordan, UT

I am no referee, but those of you claiming it was a legal block are up in the night. You cannot hit a guy below the waist from behind. You can hit them in the back in the box. You can go low from the front, or chop block, but not while the player is engagged with another blocker. Bottom line is that it was a clip, low from behind, and not a legal block.

At least I believe I am 95% correct.

Murray, UT

In highschool football you cant block below the belt outside the box,in college you can.That being said was the defender close to the ball carrier?I dont know,I didnt see the play.I see Air Force cut block down field, all the time.It's to bad this kid got hurt.

Provo, UT

It was not a dirty block or illegal. And Otis is right.

Midland, MI

To BleedRed:

Thanks for going way off topic after your Fuga comments. Response to your off-topic, bubble-headed points:

With respect to loss of the automatic bowl game, are you referring to the BYU bowl in Vegas? Not much to give up, is it? And no conference championships!? This is the only slight downside to leaving the MWC. And it is only slight. An MWC championship gives a team something to play for when the early season, non-conference games go poorly. But the MWC isn't well respected anyway and the TV contract with the mtn is more than onerous. There are positives and negatives to leaving.

As for the contract thing, your morality tilt is funny. BYU will meet its obligations to the MWC, you don't have to worry about that.

Holladay, UT

Fuga was clipped outside "the box". It was therefore an illegal block, not because it was in the knee. The refs just missed it, amazingly.

However, why won't the NCAA change the rule regarding blocking below the waist? It seems insane to me. How would it hurt the college game to simply change the rule and make it the same as high school? I am suprised there isn't more push for that.

Saint George, UT

Does anyone know which knee he blew out? He got hit on the left side but when you watch him walk off the field, he is favoring his right knee. Watch it back, you'll see it.

Conspiracy theory: BYU saw the season collapsing after the AFA game so they staged a shoulder injury to Nelson and a knee injury to Fuga so they could have a scapegoat. Neither of them are actually hurt, it's just an excuse for a poor season.

Ok, that was a joke so don't get all uppity on me BYU fans. Whether it was from the side or behind, it was a cheap shot and the player should be suspended for at least a game.

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