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Published: Friday, Sept. 24 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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HS Sport Dude
South Jordan, UT

hey Bingham....so if the Anderson kid from last year that was kicked off the baseball team for drinking a beer would have held people at gunpoint instead....he would have received a two games suspension.

He was booted off the team. Where is the consistency.

Chad S
Derby, KS

@ChrisB, would that be your opinion if he were a BYU recruit?

How is this kid not in jail? Bail?

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Ouch ! Copper Hills now here is a game in question with out Viliseni, not. The game that might have a spec of a chance is the Riverton game, not.

Really this news of a suspension has no significance to any Bingham out come. So why the hype of a non story?

I guess to demonstrate how ridged and hard the coach can be when critical games are on the line. Please, with this recruited all star team no body has a chance against there 2nd string let alone the starters.

"POLY" Cougar Nation

Houston, TX

I don't think the head coach acted in the best interest of the kid. When you make a mistake there are consequences, you don't sweep it under the rug. What does that teach the kid? Then you wonder why we have so many prima dona pro-athletes. When I was in high school, several of the football players were involved in a fight off campus. The ones most involved were immediately kicked off the team and THEY WERE ALL STARTERS! The ones that were minorly involved were suspended for at least 3 games. My coach made the right decision.

Info Man
South Jordan, UT

Maybe Peck should kick him off the team........and Utah should pass on him. Is that what is best for this kid...... and society? Maybe football is all this kid really has. Take it all away and then what? I don't know.
I do know one thing He's 17 and just starting his life. He better make smarter decisions in the future because life can be very long.
We can all make our comments and judgement of this situation from the comfort of our couches and the safety of being anonymous. This is not a black and white decision and we don't have all the facts.

Playa Hata
Bluffdale, UT

Being a football coach I find it laughable that BHS people think he has to play football to become a better person. Removing him from football would have been the right thing to do to help this kid. It would teach him much more and in no way would it jeopardize his future in football. It would certainly teach accountability and consequences.

Clear Thinker
Draper, UT

Chris B you can't be serious. If this were a kid playing at any other school you would be spouting off about how pathetic the school would be to take him. With that said this must speak volumes about the U. In the end, the kid needs to go through the process and perhaps get counseling. Football is secondary when it comes to these issues.

Proud to be American
West Jordan, UT

To those who defend Coach Peck's decision.... I don't like the double standard you are exhibiting. Let me explain. Many of you are saying that he should not be kicked off the team until it plays out in court. You are saying "let the judge decide if he is guilty". And when someone says that he should be kicked off the team, you come back with the "let's see if he is guilty first" argument.

So why is the kid suspended for two games then? By suspending him, the coach and principal are acknowledging that he is guilty, and they are slapping him on the hand with a 2 game suspension against two of the worst teams in Utah.

The kid committed a felony, and he should be in jail! I don't buy the whole argument "is this what is best for this kid"... he is a felon and should be punished accordingly. That choice was taken away when he held the gun and robbed kids at gunpoint.

"Maybe football is all this kid really has"... what a stupid argument. He is a FELON!

I'm a lover not a hater
South Jordan, Utah

@hs sports dude: different situation, with different coaches. Cocah Peck doesn't have anything to do with the baseball team, so that comment has no relevance.

South Weber, UT

Chris B | 10:19 p.m. Sept. 24, 2010
Salt Lake City, UT
Hey - if the kid can play, we welcome U!
Hey Chris B --don't speak 0n behalf of the Utah alum as a " we.. like in we welcome U ". Speak for yourself.
I think that you are a real poor example of a college football fan. You write some really senseless and ugly stuff Chris, not the image that the U wants.
" WE welcome U " ?
Nonsense.. The University of Utah has their rules and coach Kyle isn't afraid to dish out discipline to a student athlete that violates those rules. Every college team has them in order to maintain discipline and maturity.
Chris B is way off base .. It is a big deal..Chris B wasn't held at gunpoint by a 300 pound mad Polynesian.
Let the punishment fit the crime.

South Jordan, UT

I guess your guilty until proven innocent??? Forget about what this country stands for. All you people are right no one has ever been accused of a crime they didnt commit.

Rigby, ID

The social commentary fodder here is truly fascinating. Duckhunter's analysis of a "mistake" is important to keep in mind, whether you feel our 17 yr. old should be booted (to teach him the seriousness of his crime) or not (for his opp. to get more mentoring and help). There's clearly some sensible middle-ground where we can agree that criminal behavior is still "criminal," but not proverbially "throw away the key" on people. It is all too easy to err on one side or the other.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

The State Penitentiary at point of the mountain is full of "studs"

South Jordan, Utah

The Honor Code was breached - Coach Peck needs to stand by his own code without exceptions. This totally is an oxymoron.
What are all of you thinking, it is a privilege to play Football and other players have been suspended for less and didn't have to wait to see what a Judge said.

South Jordan, Utah

I find the fact that Seni is still a part of the Bingham football team totally appalling. To say the least walking around the halls of Bingham with my children is horrific.

Orem, UT

The coach say's this is a good kid, give me a break. Any one who robs someone at gunpoint isn't a good kid!! I don't know this young man, but a message needs to be sent to him and he should be suspended for the remainder of the season. For the school district, the high school and the coach not taking action tell it shows up in the media is terrible. A investigation should be conducted ASAP and action should be taken against all of the above.

Lehi, Utah

The coach and principal seem to have a 'win at all costs' attitude. Why wait until the story hits the media to suspend him. If they feel he did something worthy of suspension it should have been the first two games, if they feel he should not be suspended then don't suspend him after the story hits the media. Another issue is the judgment of the coach and principal, which one of them thought they should not suspend a kid with felony charges. As long as you win football games I guess, go Bingham!

johnny pigskin
Sandy, UT

Why has the other kid involved already pleaded guilty and been given 3 years probation? And this kid hasn't? Because he is a minor? I am just curious!

West Point, Utah

haha it's funny that you guys call this a mistake. Like he didn't mean to point the gun at the five other kids to rob them. imagine if one of those kids were yours. you all would want whoever was putting your childs life in danger like that to be put behind bars. mistake? hahahahaha good one i was a teenager before and made mistakes too. but not one time did my mistake involve a gun pointing it at five others robbing them. Syracuse had a problem with kids breaking into a golf store and they got a harsher punishment than this kid is getting.

Kaysville, utah

I don't know this kid and most of you don't either. How can you judge if he is “a good kid” or a “bad kid”. You don't know his moral character. At issue is his “mistake”, or whatever you want to term it — his actions at the party. The courts will decide his fate off the football field and yes he's innocent until proven guilty. That's why he is walking the halls of Bingham. However, “being innocent until proven guilty” in court is a different issue than the moral obligation that Bingham Coach and Principal have in molding the character of Seni. In this they failed miserably. What's wrong with sitting the kid down and asking him about his actions. What were the circumstances? If Coach Peck (not the court) determined he did as accused, he should be suspended for the season. This should have been done when Coach Peck knew about the incident -- well before the season started. Doing this wouldn't have destroyed Seni's football career — it might have saved it! Now, he is being taught that winning is everything, your actions do not bring consequences. Not good life lessons.

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