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Published: Friday, Sept. 24 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Older Reader
Tooele, UT

He's only a minority kid and he did not shoot anyone. Football is obviously more important than a felony charge. Watch them plead this down to a misdemeanor and probation when he should be learning a lesson in the slammer!

Big B
Bluffdale, UT

Kind of hard to figure the reasoning. He shouldn't be suspended until the process plays out, unless it shows up in the paper, then he's guilty enough for a two game suspension, but we'll see after that.

I hope Peck can use football to help this guy sort his life out. That can happen sometimes but you have to carefully balance proper accountability with opportunity.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

All high school kids make mistakes. No big deal here.

Layton, UT

Wow! A whole two games for a robbery at gunpoint. If he shot someone, would he get a 4 game suspension? Wow Coach, great message to send those kids, I applaud you! And the whole "he's using football as a way to turn his life around" is just plain stupid, oh and why wasn't he suspended for the Alta game hmmmm?

Lehi, Utah

So what he did was not worthy of a suspension until the judicial process played out. The story makes the paper and then the Coach and Principal decide it is worthy of a suspension. I question the leadership, if you made a good decision stick by it. Don't waffle just because the story was made public.

South Jordan, UT

I'm with you Chris B, everybody makes mistakes, I agree that there should be no big deal here.

South Jordan, UT

Chris B: would say, robbery w/ a gun (even if just a pellet gun) is a little more than "kids just being kids."

With that said, don't have an opinion on the suspension and do wish the kid the best and that he's able to stay on the right track.

timpview football
Orem, UT

jna, trust me if u had someone like seni playing for u, u would also want him to recieve the less possible punishment he can get because he is a STUD. i also know him vey well and he is a very good person, he just sometimes makes foolish decisions. oh and sorry jna, even if seni was out of the alta game, it would have been the SAME RESULT.

Hurricane, UT

What is wrong with these kids? Yea he is a stud but I guess he needs a adult around at all times. Go take out whatever is going on in your life on the field. Don't be stupid and throw it all away.

Uncle Sam
West Jordan, UT

No big deal? Are you people serious? He held people up at gunpoint, a FELONY, and you say it is no big deal?

Bingham responds with a two game suspension. Wow. That is a complete joke!

Orem, UT

I am appalled. While I am a huge believer in 2nd chances, there is an obvious double-standard here, and Chris B. you are leading the way.

No big deal? Are you kidding me? Robbery at gunpoint is a huge deal. What causes me to question the suspension the most is the two games are not enforced until after the story hits the paper. Then suddenly its the media's fault?

The media is suppose to report crimes and when it involves a high school football player, I don't want it to be covered up.

Shame on you, Chris B.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Hey - if the kid can play, we welcome U!

west jordan, ut

@Chris B and....."All high school kids make mistakes. No big deal here" Oh, he's a U of U recruit so, it makes it OK right Chris?? He's accused of holding five teens at gunpoint and stealing two wallets at a party in a garage of a West Jordan home. Yeah, all high school kids make this mistake all the time right? He needs to be suspended for the season. No excuses but because he has talent, his coach will do anything to keep him on the team. If this were a kid who was not popular, athletic or rich, he would be doing his time already. I am a Bingham graduate, and what a black eye for our school.

Salt Lake City, UT

I agree. This is not only inadequate punishment, but it is a terrible message to send to the boy, his family, younger siblings, fellow athletes, and the entire student body. Shame on the coach, the principal, and the boy's mom for not stepping up and doing what is right. I hope the School District or Utah Education Association gets involved.

yankee doodle
Layton, UT

that is really sad news, Seni is a good kid but sometimes teenagers make stupid mistakes. Any of you commenting over the age of 17? If so try to tell us you've never made some stupid mistakes when you were a kid, remember what peer pressure was all about? I'm not saying robbery is no big deal but I also don't agree with just giving up on someone cuz they make a mistake. Bingham has enough big time DLine players that he wasn't overlooking the law just to have him play. And yes Alta would have still lost

UT Sports
South Jordan, UT

I am all for giving people another chance when they make mistakes, but this isn't just any mistake. It is one thing to have stolen a candy bar from a gas station, but it is completely different when you hold five teenagers at gun point. For as long as i have been hearing about coach Peck i have had the utmost respect for him but because of this lack of disciplinary action on this i have lost some of that for him. Seni may have been under peer pressure when he did that but nevertheless he still made the mistake and he hasn't been disciplined or learned his lesson at all. I think he should have been suspended for the season, been to court and learned his lesson the hard way. This two game suspension will teach him nothing other than that if you have power or talent that you always end up with less punishment than the normal person.. I hope that he gets things figured out, its sad that his situation puts a black eye on the whole Bingham community....

South Jordan, utah

I'm reading your comments on a situation, that not one of you have a clue about. Seni made a mistake and is going to pay for it, for a long time. The suspension of the 2 games, have nothing to do with what he is facing in court. So don't throw Seni under the bus and if you knew the Coaching staff at Bingham, you would love to play there or have your boy play in that program. The Coaches can not accuse Seni of something that has not been proven. That would be slander and a huge law suit and all hear say at this point. I know Coach Peck and if the Judge finds Seni guilty, he will then take action of this issue. I hope you would not throw stones and say you have never made a mistake. Give the kid a chance and pray for him and hope that things work out. Were all innocent, until proven guilty. We do not know the facts, all we know is what was in the paper and hear say. Keep an open mind and wish Seni the best.

South Jordan, utah

Hey Duh, I'm glad your not a Coach! Coaches should be all about football and nothing about life, right? Kick every kid off your team that makes a mistake and put them on the street. You have to treat players with respect and teach them respect, help them along the way. Seni made a mistake and it will be taken care of, by a Judge. Your not a judge and I'm embarrassed to say I am a Bingham graduate, if you are. Glad your perfect.

West Jordan, UT

Bingham beating or not beating Alta isn't the issue here. The bigger issue is that Coach Peck is trying to help Seni get his life straightened out. None of you know the whole story but that's not stopping you from passing judgement is it?
I don't know the whole story either but it seems Seni messed up in a huge way. I know it sounds trite but from what I see, it looks like he's trying to get on the right track and Bingham football is a major part of that.
If he's found guilty, which hasn't happened yet, the court can decide what his punishment should be. The rest of us can have opinions but none of you nor I are qualified to judge Seni Fauonuku.
Those of you who want to do so can sit on your high horses. I'll back Coach Peck in trying to keep a young man's life from going down the drain. 100%.

Playa Hata
Bluffdale, UT

Its a good thing they have Copper Hills and West Jordan coming up. We wouldn't want him to miss any important games. Boy does this look bad for BHS coaches. It wouldn't have made sense to suspend him prior to this coming out would it? If you need an example of how to handle player issues see Urban Meyer and Marty Johnson.

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