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Published: Thursday, Sept. 23 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Houston, TX

It took time for Pitta and George time to develop. It took time for Hall to develop (even then he still forced a lot of TOs. Beck and even Young got off to a slow start.

Unga and Collie were faster developers but still it took time for them to bloom. Tonga was pretty much unsung but he was a lot better than most realized.

It looks a bit bleak right now. Mostly because the offense is not working. At least one TE will emerge pretty soon. Kariya should begin playing much better.

I expect the timing to improve a lot. I think that Nelson's tendency to run instead of stay with the play altered the timing and intensity of the RBs and WRs on pass plays. Nobody knew what was likely to happen on any given play and had to switch from the pass route to run blocking in mid play.

Heaps should be learning how to avoid sacks and the OL will have a decent feel for where Heaps is. With Nelson they never knew for sure what to do once the play started.

If the offense rights it's self, the defense will pick up.

South Jordan, UT

Even when experiencing up Max Hall, BYU still managed a conference championship.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Brad, I am not feeling blue about my cougars not going right. I knew along this will be a rebuilding year. If we win this Sat. then that is good for me. If we lose then will try again next week Friday. Bronco is doing fine.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Most pushing the "panic button" are over jealous Anti-BYU fans rejoicing. It is a rebuilding year and one that most of the games have yet to be played.

BYU is still going to win most of its remaining games this season. TCU is the only game I expect BYU to not compete in. They should be fine in all the rest. WCS is 8-4 and losing to Utah.

Lehi, UT

I'm confident Bronco is just fine. He has been around the block several times before now. I believe his biggest challenge is how to be politically correct in telling the world, media, and fans that the program is on a firm foundation and that he really doesn't care what they think.

For whatever reason it is a difficult stretch for most to realize that football is still number four or five on the priority list at BYU. There is a lot more at play than a brown ball with white stripes on either end.

Get over it and enjoy the entertainment. If you can't get over yourselves, go be a fan of another sport or program. There are plenty of empty seats and season tickets available everywhere else in the Mountain West.

Win or loose the game Saturday will be a fun one to enjoy. I'm sure there will be real fans that attend from both teams that understand the entertainment value and will enjoy the experience.

I'm sure Bronco wishes he could be Jim McMahon right now. He could, but won't because of what he has become.


Uteville, CA

Is it fair to criticize Bronco Mendenhall?

1) Yes for trying to re-invent the wheel with the 2-QB experiment --it has not worked in football college so it would not work in Provo

2) No if you (like me) did not believe all the hypes before the season --things like Nissan 300ZX speed receivers, etc

3) No if you are happy with 50-17 (no BCS) and don't compare it with 51-17 (+ 1 BCS win)

4) No if you're content with being mid-major football team

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Everyone keeps talking about the offense. I think the offense will improve now that we have a main QB. But it is the defense that has me worried.

Boise, ID

I'm not worried. This season may continue to be difficult but I see enough in my Cougs to believe things will be just fine. Bronco is a great coach for BYU. Heaps will develop and the rest of the offense will follow. The defense will get a break and will be fine. BYU has a tough schedule to start and will be tough to finish. I have hope for this year and even more for next.

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU has a ton of inexperienced players, at nearly every position. Who is responsible for that, if not the coaches?

They control substitutions and they are responsible for seeing younger players get some reps, especially in blowouts. The only positions where this is problematic are offensive lineman and QB

They recruit and they are responsible for how many scholarships are given out and when. If they have a huge abundance of inexperienced freshman, it is no one's fault but the coaching staff.

Inexperience can be filled in with JC talent, as LaVell did many times, and as Utah has done with their left tackle. Sarkisian comes to mind, Jason Buck -- two All Americans, one an Outland Trophy winner. Hold a few scholarships open from time to time.

Draper, UT

I think assessing Bronco's coaching abilities or effectiveness has nothing to do with being a BYU or Utah fan. Or a Yankees or Dodgers fan for that matter. What Mendenhall has done with the QB situtation is nothing new in the ranks of college or professional football. It's commonly reffered to as indicision.

Many coaches have gone back and forth between one player or another waiting to see if either player will take away any ambiguities about who should start. Again, making a coach's decision.

What fans, arch rivals, or casual observers may notice about Mendenhall are certain abilities or lack thereof. Maybe Bronco isn't skilled or experienced at building a team. Maybe his skills lay in operations where a team is up and running. All of the players are already in place. Different skill sets, talents, and leadership styles and skills vary from coach to coach. Bronco is a good coach. It may be that his talents are not matched with where the Y is heading. Perhaps a change at the Y's helm would benefit Bronco and the team. It is easier to fire a coach than muddle through a season of indecision.

Cedar Hills, UT

I think BYU fans will get a reality check this saturday after they play lowely Nevada...a team that has never been in the top 50 before let alone the top 20. Follow that with USU at Logan and then let's talk. I fully expect the Y to lose to both Nevada and Utah State and then you will get the real gut check. Y fans have watched the U become a nationally recognzied football power and graduate to the Pac10 while the Y was left out in the cold. Form year to year the U simply gets better athletes than the Y - no question. The U defense is good every single year and has players in the NFL to prove it. The Y defense is one of the worst in the conference and that is consistant. Bronco doesn't get the kind of athletes that Kyle gets on defense ..not even close. Is that Bronco's fault? Yes but I think his hands are tied somewhat with who he is allowed to recruit. Offensively BYU reloads ... but it will take maybe 2 - 3 more years to see another top 20 offense in Provo. Reality check!!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

How much more time does he need? He's had a few 10-win seasons. He already has it figured out.
Their problem is that when he had 10 win seasons he had the benefit of their best WR, RB and TE in history, along with one of the best LB in their history.
In terms of talent, they're back to the more typical byu type of player. Does anyone really think Chambers is anywhere near Collie or the Hauge is anywhere near Unga?
It remains to be seen if talent will improve.

Springville, UT

Bronco has had and will continue to have the complete and undivided support of this unquenchable BYU fan!

He's had a great run, thus far, with the Cougars and will continue to perform excellently, of that I have no doubt. It is simply not fair to expect a team to win every game, every season -- Especially one that has the ebbs and tides of missionaries like BYU does.

You're doing great Bronco!

Gooooo Cougars!!

Cedar Hills, UT

oh and by the way there is no way the Y is going 8-4 this year. I think perhaps reversing that to 4-8 is more realistic. This may be the worst offense BYU has had in 35 years.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think Bronco has been successful enough that Cougar fans will in fact give him more time and space to figure things out. Unless of course he loses to Utah State on Conference Weekend; in that case there will be riots in the streets of Provo.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Bronco has had five years to develop players, he should have had some players ready to step in and play this year. Good programs don't rebuild they reload. You don't see TCU in rebuilding mode. Every year, BYU claims to have one of the best recruiting classes, so where are the recruits from those past classes? Even with missions, there should be players ready to come in step up and play. Should Bronco be criticized? YES!

Houston, TX

There is one fundamental problem that is philosophical and it does not solve easily.

Riley Nelson is a "fierce competitor". The coaches recite that mantra over and over. They over weighed that variable, knowing Nelson was (and probably would remain) deficient in throwing. They knew Riley could not and should not be the primary QB because he was the wrong style of QB but insisted on giving him equal time because it fit their biases and their desired culture.

If BYU is EVER going to become elite it has to recruit and develop enough talent. It can't rely on a few great players and competition among average players. That has worked to produce good regular seasons but not elite results.

BYU had a great recruiting season. That is why so many freshman are playing.

There has to be adjustment in the culture for the development of talent and recruiting more talent.

This year is part of that transition. The development of talent has to get more weight.

You can be a "great competitor" but if you don't have enough talent to execute the position properly you should not be the starter.

Broaden the recruiting beyond Utah.

saratoga springs, ut

Stop getting carried away, everyone. Remember 2002-2004? We couldn't even muster a winning season. How about Bronco's first year and John beck's Junior year? 6 - 6. Sure Max hall's Sophmore year we had 10 wins and won a conference championship, but we had more than just Max Hall that year. Remember 4th and 18? Who caught that pass? Austin Collie. Two years later he is catching passes from Peyton Manning.

I think we are going to go 8-4 or 7-5, but even if we only went 6-6, things could be a lot worse. Bronco has done and is doing an amazing job. We will be better next year and even better the next.

Oh, and think about this: Lavell had a losing season his second year at BYU, and it took him 8 years to win 10 games. He never won ten games 4 years in a row, and even though he won 10 conference championships in a row, his teams won the conference 4 times with at least 2 losses.

Every coach has their ups and downs, and every team needs to rebuild. Don't worry, BYU will be back.

Ann Arbor, MI

When you have lesser talent and lose bad — it’s all on the coach.

I agree that after a few “10 win season” a head coach should have it “figured out”.

The reality is that the wheels or irrelevance have been in motion for several years. Typical BYU recruits ( non athletic, one dimensional) are performing … well… typical.

The difference is with the coach. Can he make average players better? Do the players believe in Bronko as a leader?

Should anyone have expected anything different from a 3rd choice head coach?

Arizona Coug
Queen Creek, Arizona

Although I have taken a lot of grief for it in my house, I have always had a difficult time with Bronco. I have had a few chances to listen to him speak and meet him in person and as crazy as it sounds, I walked away each time feeling like this guy is not totally dedicated to football. He always seems to focus on how many other important things there are than football (which of course there are), but he is a football coach! He is paid a million dollars a year to win football games. If the goal is to provide the church exposure, you can't do that when you are not even ranked!

BYU fans are just tired of being on the outside looking in. I am tired of protests about the BCS and independence and then immediately get destroyed in the next game. It is embarassing. Just win. That is what the fans want. As great as firesides and "quests" are, just win. And by win, I mean win the big ones. Independence will be interesting. BYU will go to the next level or will fall deep into mediocrity. Just win baby!

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