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Published: Thursday, Sept. 23 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Don't show any mercy this saturday colin. We will be there cheering for you. He is going to have a heisman like day against this high school defense. Should be two lopsided games saturday with both outcomes making utes happy. Nevava 44 byu 17. Those who read these boards know both my predictions for the past two weeks have been quite accurate.

Dayton, NV

The Wolf Pack has converted first downs on 25-of-37 third-down plays, a rate of 67.6 percent.

Ann Arbor, MI

Actually I think the tds will put up an effort this Saturday — in a “Custer’s Last Stand” sort of way. In the end BYU will simply be outcoached and overmatched — again.

Nevada 27
BYU 24

The tds will take a home loss to a WAC team as a moral victory and predict winning the remaining 9 games on the schedule.

Salt Lake City, UT

I graduated from High School with Colin's parents in NEW LONDON WI so I've been watching Colin. Rick and Teresa will be at the game in Provo to watch Colin give BYU all they can handle and then some. It ought to be very exciting game. I'll a BYU fan next week!!! GO WOLFPACK!!!

yankee doodle
Layton, UT

This is a must win game for the Cougars, I hope Heaps lights up the Nevada D. Hey Chris B the self proclaimed Wizard of predictions ooooooooo ahhhhhhh and hedgie(both once again commenting on EVERY BYU story)
How about them Pitt-iful Panthers. 7 cupcaked games until a real test. Put an asterisk by the Utesies ranking, no more talk about them until they play a real opponent and lose 3 straight then let's see how many comments you will be making.

Orem, UT

I only watched part of the Nevada-Cal game, but I was very impressed with Colin. He's very deceptive with his fake handoffs, he runs well, and he can pass effectively. He's better than Locker or Ponder. BYU's defense will have all they can handle and then some. They'd better tackle better than they did against Florida State or the score could get ugly.

On the bright side, Nevada's defense isn't very good. Cal shot themselves in the foot many times or the Bears would have been able to hang with the Wolfpack to the end.

The spotlight is on Jake and a struggling, but talented, offense. Monday morning we could be talking about Jake's coming out party, or we could be commiserating about another beatdown at home.

Time to strut your stuff Jake!


yankee doodle
Layton, UT

Yeah and how good are Eastern Washington and Colorado State and Cal? They most likely won't have 6 wins between them. And also Nevada's D ranks #88 in total defense, not that scary. So I think this is a perfect opportunity for Jake Heaps to show how he will outshine and eclipse little Wynnie up on the hill for the next four years, Heaps now with the starting role will light them up even without Chambers.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

I'm actually starting to feel bad for tds. Might even root for them so that are not so ticked off when they play my Aggies next Friday.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nevad's D is soft. BYU is going to get there first 300 passing yard game of the season on saturday

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Hey Yankee Doodle, how about we put a huge asterisk while we're at by BYU's 1984 supposed NC. How can a team that didn't beat a single final ranking top 25 team be the NC? Let alone barely beat a 6-6 Michigan team in their lower tier bowl game. Wow, that is the accomplishment of a lifetime. Utah's 04 team would have rolled BYU 84 by two touchdowns or more and you and all the Y fans know it. Heck the 08 Utah team was better than that 84 Y team. So if you are going to live by putting asterisks by your rival’s stats so to must you reap that rewards of that choice for your own team.

Omaha, NE

BYU's in huge trouble. Nevada has a terrible history vs. the PAC, yet they destroyed Cal at home. The only advantage BYU has in this game is being at home and Nevada's defense. BYU has to own the clock or they are going to get a FSU type of licking like last year. I cheer for BYU as much as anyone, but realistically this game will put Nevada in the top 25 for their first time.

By the way, I love all the "Nevada" fans and continued unsportsmanship (hatred) from utes. Some things never change...thanks to all of you for continued classlessness. You demonstrate what your program is all about.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Yankee Doodle,

You're right. utah hasn't played anyone yet. But the thing about being a Utah fan is we know when the big games come - we'll handle our business. Utah actually gets up for and nearly always wins the big games remember? We don't run into a corner and hide while the game speeds by.

And you're right, I am the master of predictions:

Nevada 44
byu 17

Mark it down! Hope to see you at the game cougars - I'll be there too!

Roy, UT

Well, I am terrified that BYU is about to lose #3 to Nevada! The defense better wake up, and the Offense needs a Jolt of something? The best way to beat Nevada is to have long sustaining drives which chew up the clock, and keep the Nevada Offense OFF the field! We can do this, I know we can, but I am really nervous about it! This could be a great day for Heaps, and he knows it. JUST PLAY BYU FOOTBALL! Defense, hit people, knock some teeth loose! Make them think about it every time they are going to catch a ball! Believe me, this is how to beat them! Now let's go out there and do it!!! I still have hopes of 9-3! Show me Saturday it CAN BE DONE!

Washington, UT


Defense not very good? I'm not so sure about that. Cal's running back had a big day, but if I'm not mistaken Nevada had three picks and two or three sacks in the game. That doesn't bode well for BYU which does not have a comparable running game and will rely on a freshman's arm to win or at least stay in the game. Dontay Moch, Nevada's stud D end, is reported by USA Today to have run times of 4.08, 4.19 and 4.2 in the 40 on three consecutive tries at a pro combine recently. Me thinks BYU will have its hands full with this defense.

Cedar Hills, UT

re BIG Blue

Your time may be better spent feeling sorry for "Big Blue".

Personally, I am fine with the rebuilding year. Especially when our rebuilding year is much better than your average Aggie year.

Chris B,

TCU 44
Utah 17

Notre Dame 44
Utah 17

Air Force 44
Utah 17

Mark it down!

Springville, UT

Go Cougs!

After a week of solid preparation, being a home game, it'll make all the difference! Especially with only 1 QB taking the reps and Coach Bronco will get that D stoked and ready to rock the house!

Goooo Cougs!

Salt Lake City, UT


Need I remind you my predictions for the past two weeks?

Air Force 34
byu 17

florida state 48
byu 10

Cougar fans - I've already declared the winner to be Nevada. No need to even go to the game Saturday. Of course, I'll be there loving every minute of it!

Can't wait to see what Colin can do against this high school defense!

chris b's uncle
Cedar Hills, UT

Chris mark down a "W" for BYU.

Mark it down!

See you at the game!

Mcallen, TX

Cris B! What's this WE business? Are you out there making tackles or running the ball? Have you discussed with the coaches when the big games are coming? You're a fan--not a player. Your insecurity is showing. We?? Ha!

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Uncle,

I'll be the one in the wolfpack section wearing red. Come say hi before you leave at halftime, it'll be 28-6 at that point.

Go Wolfpack!

top 10



Wow its good to be a ute

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