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Published: Friday, Sept. 24 2010 11:30 a.m. MDT

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Colfax, CA

thank you for the article and information

Brigham City, UT

So, where does one find the actual reviews provided by this service? Not just a few examples. If the DNews is embracing the service, where is it located? Nothing in their list of movie reviews....

Provo, UT

Very interesting article.

Roy, UT

If the Deseret News Embraces this service, why don't they list it weekly for "New Releases" in Theaters in Utah? If you embrace it, USE IT! I would like to see it!!!

To say it is nice isn't good enough, stand by them, and not only commend them and plug them, but rather USE THEM! What good is it to know they do a good job if you won't even put it in the entertainment section under movie reviews other than the standard ones you already print?

If you don't use it, I think it's a cop out. I think it is a waste of space to even inform us about it. Now if you were going to add it as part of the paper on a weekly piece of reviews of them, it would be WELL WORTH IT!

Just my two cents. You praise family oriented and such, good morals, back it up by printing their reviews.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

Absurd. Your reviews keep a star rating from a secular writer and your headlines say talk about 'the message'. The moment a film says Joseph Smith saw God and his Son it will disagree with Catholic theology and will earn a O.

I have no interest in having somebody be my moral compass and your reviews always told me exactly what content was in a film, probably way beyond what was needed.

Even with your big database of reviews from Chris Hicks and Vice I will sadly turn elsewhere for my movie info.

Million Dollar Baby a O? It asks hard questions that all of society is wrestling with. Very pertinent, very good and not for kids, which I already knew. Absurd.

Saratoga Springs, UT

If you look at the new reviews posted in todays edition you will notice that they are from the Catholic News Service. They still have a Star rating, but the CNS rating score is listed at the bottom of the review. "Legend of the Guardians" and "You Again" are both reviews from CNS.

Boise, ID

Rudy is easily the greatest "Catholic" film of all-time. It made this devout Mormon and BYU alum, a loyal fan of Notre Dame.

Spanish Fork, UT

Getting information from one source stilts the mind. Great to have the CNS ratings as an option. They are giving their opinion and I appreciate that. I'll then do what I wish, and that's how it should be.

It would be good if more religions took firm stands on what they believe instead of being blown about by every fad wind and doctrine.

Max Walker
Sandy, UT

I applaud the Deseret News for the story on the Catholic News Service (CNS) movie ratings and reviews. I also applaud DN for its intentions to include CNS perspectives in its movie reviews. Thank you.

The Authority
Richfield, UT

Wow. I'm sorry, but this is the stupidest thing I've seen yet.

If you're too dumb to realize that the rated R American Pie 9 or whatever isn't appropriate for children, you are not intelligent enough to have children. Or watch movies.

Movie reviews based entirely on moral conduct? Really? Who cares if it's entertaining, only if it support the Catholic agenda.

This is just treating people like they are idiots. Jeff Vice always included the summary of the bad stuff in his reviews, and if people didn't want it, they didn't need to see it. He also gave honest opinions based on a film's entertainment value.

This is just a way for the Des News to NOT have a local voice.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

It was seen with the attempt to rate "Saints and Soldiers" R that the MPAA really is out of touch in its giving out ratings.

MPAA ratings are available everywhere. Having access to an alternative rating system that builds in general on Christian values is a plus.

It is true that in theory there are some differences between Latter-day Saint and Catholic views. However Latter-day Saints would if anything see "The Invention of Lieing" as a more offensive film than it would be percieved as from a Catholic perspective.

I applaud this step in the right direction.

Miami Area, Fl

John Pack

I recently say "The Invention of Lying"

Hard not to consider is depiction of Religion as one of the possibilities.

Man has always used religion for some sort of gain whether it be power or money.

Show me a major religion that just doesn't happen to be rolling in dough.

Coincidence I am sure.

holladay, ut

Great idea. So when will you start using the CNS rating system? I hope you will show A-I, A-II, etc. for each film you review.

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