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Published: Monday, Sept. 20 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

Porn breaks up mariages? The number 1 (or 2) killer of marriages depending on the survey is money issues, or sexual frustration. Typically a wife loses interest and the husband either has to put up with it, or make use of porn to help bridge the gap, or the husband will find someone outside the marriage to fill the gap.

Assuming this is true, it must also be true that porn helps save some marriages, by providing a coping mechanism for frustrated husbands.

Perhaps this line of logic is incorrect, but it merits study.

Powell, OH

You folks - always looking for a boogie man to blame for being human. Richard Nixon tried to destroy the Presidents Commission report on Obscenity when it showed no harm from the stuff.
If it isn't pornography(which is legal) then it will be fluride in the water or "Idle Time" to try and scare and control people.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

My 2 cents: Look at the best selling books. They are mostly "women's porn". I feel sorry for today's young man. If you aren't a rich pervert (shades of grey) or a Vampire you fall below the ideal man as envisioned by young (and old) women. How does a guy have a chance these days?


Some pornography can also be like alcohol when used wisely and in moderation. Not everybody who drinks becomes an alcoholic or kills themselves or somebody else while driving.

On the other hand the reasonable and moderate use of even legitimate pornography drives the creation of real and tragic victims: children and adults forced or sold or kidnapped into coercive pornography.

Joan Watson

In my sphere of knowing individuals and families, I do not know of one family whose porn addicted husband, father, has not caused major loss of respect and happiness within his own family. Are we to take heed with such articles as this, or do we choose to beleive that pornography will not impact and degrade our lives? Surely one must desire better of the sacred union between husband and wife.


All this talk about objectifying women, what about men? Some woman who watch porn think all men are supposed to be exceptionally endowed and most porn sites make their money advertising enhancement and size increase pills and devices. It goes both ways. Modern porn is often free, relying on advertising for revenue. The advertising almost exclusively plays on men's insecurities while watching above average porn stars do their thing.

Maple Valley, WA

There are so many unfair generalizations about men who turn to pornography. Many turn to it to meet a need that they cannot meet on their own and to fill a void. These voids and lack of needs being met is created by not being able to form a relationship or have access to a relationship or any intimacy, so they are missing that bond that is necessary to good psychological health. Another cause is men being in relationships with women who withhold their love, affection and intimacy from them thus making them feel isolated, so they turn to pornography as a substitute for all that, though a poor substitute. Women should look in the mirror and examine why they are driving their men to porn.

Salt Lake City, UT

Learning to control your desires is all part of the plan.

Short term vs. long term goals. Plenty of people throw it all away for the briefest seconds of satisfaction.

Take control of your life!

Maple Valley, WA

The comments seem pretty one sided against men.

Santa Monica, CA

The large amount of responses questioning the validity, or value of this article bring a smile to my face and I have to credit the Des News staff for allowing them to stand and be seen by all. The large # of Likes underneath those posts, lead me to believe that my home state is getting a little tired of being preached to about sexual habits and appetites. Sex isn't going away any time soon, folks. Embrace it, give people their privacy and yes, even celebrate one of the greatest gifts we have been given, (if you so choose--or personally shun it, if that's what works for you). As long as laws aren't being broken--your home is your castle. I would think that I'm preaching to the choir now, though. Utah is #1 in porn consumption per capita.

Wally West

Can I just say the article title is innuendo rich. Think about it...

per Abe Sarvis 9:43 a.m. Sept. 21, 2010

Isn't said advocacy group called the Tea Party? Oh wait...

per Jiggle 10:59 a.m. Sept. 21, 2010

"I love how Deseret News once again only presents the negative side of pornography…"

The Fox news approach is alive & well in UT? There's a shock!

Seriously, what about the fact that the region of the brain that controls addiction can't differentiate between what the "controlling item" is?

Drugs, religion, porn, Dr Pepper, S Asian cuisine, etc... How many times have you seen a "troubled soul" find Jesus? That being said, I'll know when C. Sheen becomes born again the apocalypse is upon us.

Norco, CA

Smut is smut no matter how you wrap it and call it. It is a plague and all of us should stay away form it life a communicable disease. People's faces show where they have been just like a smokers breath tells one a cigarette was smoked by the individual. America the beautiful is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Lets encourage all of us to be more beautifully free by NOT LOOKING at this smut and more brave to stand up for something this harmful to our citizenry. LOVE is NOT LUST.

Salt Lake City, UT

Porn is addictive to those who are susceptible to addiction. Of course, those who are susceptible are going to be susceptible to addiction to all kinds of things... reality TV, gardening, 3-cheese pizza's or who knows what. People need to know their own limitations and protect themselves accordingly.

Salt Lake City, UT

There are people commenting here that seem to think that pornography destroys marriages. My wife of 18 yrs and I would like to disagree with that opinion. We have found that pornography, used in moderation, enhances our sex life. It provides a nice variety and spark.

provo, Utah

Women engage in pornography as well with the same curiosity as men yet they are not often comming forward.

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

Pornography gives an unreal image of what sexual activity is about.

The problem is that many people learn about sex from pornography.Why is Utah #1 in accessing on line Porn perhaps it is because of a lack of sex education in the schools.

What the writer fails to mention is the effect on women of consuming soft porn. What I consider soft porn are many Romance Novels also the Hallmark channel.

The male heros of some of these so called novels create an unreal immage of what females can expect from males.

Many males also can not compete with the unreal immage of spouses in some of their "LDS Romance Novels"

The spouses in these novels are generally professional people Doctors or Lawyers who have all the time to devote themselves to their spouses and generally are completely satisfied with holding their spouses and talking to them rather than any other physical activity.

The novels satisfy the fantasy of the 38 year old divorce with three children who meets the never been married physician who loves her and her three children.

Real life they marry some one younger with no children. Just a different view point.

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