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Published: Monday, Sept. 20 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Mom of 8
Hyrum, UT

Some comments on the articles related to this argued that nothing is really wrong with porn. It seems obvious those commenters are in denial, as 'William' in this article was. I hope he can heal, as well as his wife.

And in the comments of those defending porn, there is a heavy darkness that accompanies their words. It's tragic they are beyond recognizing that destructive power.

Littleton, CO

I commend the Deseret News for running this series to educate us on the destructive effects that pornography can have on us all — especially our children. With the information provided and the statistics sited, it's very scary, to say the least. While more and more people are learning the truth, there’s still so much of the population that is totally “in the dark”.
I am convinced that education is the best deterrent and weapon that we can use to combat the evils of pornography. So I have a suggestion for the Deseret News. Can you consolidate the information from this series, and “periodically” publish it here; or perhaps, have a standing link that people can go to? With your expertise it wouldn’t take up much space, and it would most definitely benefit all who read it.
Thanks again!

Abe Sarvis
Cedar City, UT

Money in politics is a far more addictive drug than porn is - and far more destructive to American society. Where's the advocacy group for that?

Salt Lake City, UT

Why stop at pronography? Why not make any sexual acts, without the intent of children, against the law?

This is the eventual path this type of logic leads to. Not trying to undermine the problems of the family, but it's just that...

the problems of the family.

Porn is the tool, not the cause.

Utah has a very active 'anti-smut' campaign.

Well done.

Now, since Americans are not free to buy adult material except in Evanston, it could be argued that the result was...

‘Utah No. 1 in online porn subscriptions, report says’ — By Elaine Jarvik — 03/03/09 — DSNews

‘That's the conclusion of a Harvard economics professor who tracked subscriptions to online porn sites. Utah ranks No. 1 in subscriptions, according to Benjamin Edelman, who reported his findings in the article "Red Light States: Who Buys Online Adult Entertainment?," published in the most recent edition of the Journal of Economic Perspectives.’

Clearfield, UT

I love how Deseret News once again only presents the negative side of pornography that can occur and doesn't bother to address the positive side or the studies done over the years that refute the negative studies.

Daniel Linz, a psychologist at the University of California at Santa Barbara who studies communication, law and society with an emphasis on sexuality, says "We tend to call things addictions that have unfavorable connotations or behaviors that some in society regard as being unacceptable. We do not talk about Sunday afternoon football addiction, money addiction, or a workaholic as people who need treatment like a cocaine addict. We tolerate a certain level of obsessiveness. But this is not the case with more deviant activities. We do not approve of constant viewing of sex. So we pathologize it."

Destructive sexual expression due to pornography certainly does exist and people do suffer as a result, but that doesn't mean EVERYBODY becomes obsessive about it. Sexual compulsives may have some other underlying problem, like obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression or bipolar disorder. Porn could be a symptom of a deeper problem in the relationship rather than porn being the actual problem or cause.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

this article couldn't be more insightful. THANK YOU!

Bluffdale, UT

it is interesting that most of the people taht are in the article are ultraconservative. if you had a more moderate info source you would find that anythig is addictive to certain personality types. most drug addiction can be linked to certain family traits. or more gentic. many people view porn with their spouse and enjoy it and complement their own fun together. in america we have a high level of sex crimes. a lot of that come from supresion of natural feelings. countries that are more open tend to have far fewer sex crimes.

Beaverton, OR

Those that advocate pornography as a way to have better sexual relations, feel better about themselves and have "closer intimacy" are in denial. It is an obsession. An obsession is an addiction - to have it, see it, taste it time and again. People involved in such behavior are not able to put it away for long periods of time, and are very grumpy when interrupted in their obsession haze. They are the ones that end up cheating on their spouses, and breaking the familial ties.

We, as a society, have yet to understand the moral implications of such behavior on all levels.

Youngstown, OH

Back when columnist Ann Landers once did a study on women's interest in sex. She was shocked to find 40% of women in general had little or NO INTEREST IN SEX OR ANY TYPE OF INTIMACY WHATSOEVER! Yet they all want to marry, have families, etc. So we have the whole gamut in society, ie., men/women super intimacy motivated down to the uninterested! Porn is geared to meet the needs of those with insatiable appetites. If there was no demand/money involved it would not flourish. I don't support the 'overboard' attempt by the porn industry to satiate society with sex but, at the same time the movement to squelch the powerful sexual drives of the 60% is doomed to failure! People in general need an outlet for sexual expression/energy and, my guess allot of monogamous marriages sadly fall way short of meeting this basic need.

Fry, AZ

Your articles, while good for bringing attention to the issue, do nothing more than place all of the blame on the male, and give the woman the mantle of the victim. Just look at your outinthelight site. It is an emotional plea to women to stand up against pornography, which on the surface is commendable, but it only serves as a vehicle to further shame males who are burdened with the problem. Shame is what drives the problem in the first place. Why not offer a parallel site targeted at males who really want to stop this? When I see sites like this, it transmits that idea that I'm a piece of junk, women will be totally shocked if I confess this, and that might Church will immediately hold a "Court of Love." If I had a site showing support from fellow men who care, and offered hope through the GRACE of Christ, maybe I might want to change. These series only make me have more shame and more hurt.

Littleton, CO

We can always count on you Pagan, to attempt to divert attention away from the core issue being discussed. You say it's "the problems of the family" and that "Porn is the tool, not the cause". If you had read this entire series, there's absolutely no way you would have drawn this conclusion. And while it's sad indeed, whether Utah has the highest rate of porn viewing or not, has absolutely nothing to do with the overall issue of pornography’s destructive influence. From what I’ve observed, it appears that your sole objective in making the comments you do, is not to contribute to an intelligent discussion; but, to disparage the Church and its members.

Jiggle, on one hand, you discount the fact that pornography can become an addiction; and, on the other hand, you say that it’s a “destructive sexual expression” and that “people do suffer as a result”. Then you speculate on possible causes. So, if 95% of those exposed to pornography, can be seriously damaged, that’s an acceptable sacrifice, because the other 5% don’t have a problem? Sorry but, your logic and rationalization don't hold water.

Beverly Hills, CA

LOL, there are no positives to porn. What are you going to tell me next, that there are no health risks to smoking?

Cedar Hills, UT

We live in a world of immediate data retrieval .. of any kind.. and in the privacy of your home pc. We also live in a world where 95% of movie directors ,writers , producers have no moral compass at all. Anything goes for them - the raunchier the better. Magazines in your local Super Wallmart have half nude women on the covers for all to view. Music is polluted more than ever with the worst debuauchery imaginable. So admist this sea of dirt what can a boy or a man do? There is no filter that will block all wanted content but there is a moral armor that can only be achieved spiritually - by turning to the Savior. This armor is the ultimate filter that no one can hack.

Phoenix, AZ

I am totally amazed at the naivety of the so-called professionals who study the porn 'problem.'

Simply put, the human male urge (placed there by Mother Nature) from puberty til almost death is to engage in sex. If it were not so, the human race would have disappeared eons ago.

When not married (youth), sexual release could involve porn and/or self gratification. After marriage the release is with the spouse. But, where the spouse is unwilling, the male often turns to porn... In many cases divorce results.

And, as reported in an above post, an alarming percentage of females have no interest in sex, whatever.

Why is there so much guilt associated with what is a natural urge? Perhaps because religion has decided that porn (and, yes, much of sexual conduct) is sinful. The vast majority of males viewing porn have taken this teaching to heart yet are ridden with endless guilt because of inability to abandon/control the urge.

There is an answer that some have found... celibacy. Which is very, very difficult as many in a dominant church (as reported by the DNews) has found.

DNews monitor: My most sincere effort. Please ponder carefully before discarding

Gilbert, AZ

I think that much of the immodesty, sexual inuendo and off color jokes that are not considered porn on TV and in magazines of today, and immodest clothing have the same affect.

Eugene, OR

I don't know what this series is intended to be, but it clearly hasn't been journalism; all I've seen are biased assumptions, shaky statistics, and outright fearmongering. Are you guys in the business of reporting news or spreading propaganda?

Keith43: 95% of the people who view porn can be damaged? Oh, you aren't jumping to conclusions at all. Yes, there is the potential for abuse in porn, but there's the potential for that in anything. Based on your logic, Prohibition should have been a huge success; all we had to do was ban the sale of alcohol and tell people it was bad, right?

Look, sex is a part of life. We can choose to talk about it in a mature and open manner or we can rely on guilt, paranoia, and shame. Too bad so many here seem to prefer the latter.

slc, ut

I would agree that porn can be harmful, however I would agree with wpwitt that a lot of porn use comes from individuals that are in relationships and are not having the basic needs of a human met. Woman hold the power that they have over men like a meat cleaver. If the relationship is not going so great they withhold all intimacy and physical contact and then wonder why nothing ever improves. It takes two to tango and both individuals need to be on the same page at the same time. loosen up

Sylmar, CA

the problem isn't porn. the problem is a lack of moderation and self-control. same with drugs or anything esle. moderation is the key.

you all just like to blame the product instead of the person. and that's so typical of you.

Salt Lake City, UT

'So, if 95% of those exposed to pornography, can be seriously damaged, that’s an acceptable sacrifice, because the other 5% don’t have a problem? Sorry but, your logic and rationalization don't hold water.' - Keith43 | 1:18 p.m.

Keith, we can always count on you to present...


No studies cited, no sources presented. I guess we can just make up things now, correct?

I presented date, author, source, title, and quote.

And for the record, I didn't bring up any church. I said 'Utah'.

'Utah has a very active 'anti-smut' campaign.' - Pagan | 10:49 a.m. Sept. 21, 2010

You brought up church.

'...to disparage the Church and its members.' - Keith43 | 1:18 p.m. Sept. 21, 2010

Do not project falings to others...

the failings you have yourself.

Clearfield, UT


Sorry...but your logic and rationalization don't hold water! Pulling percentages out of the air is laughable! Do you have reliable sources for your percentages claim?

Experts don't even agree that it's an addiction so for ME to claim it is an addiction instead of just possibly being a compulsive disorder or some other behavior or relationship problem would be giving it a label that may not be true. Saying that pornography is the ONLY cause or the main cause for the stress in a relationship ignores other possible underlying causes in the relationship that may be actually causing the stress. The guys aren't all to blame for turning to porn if their wife isn't interested in sex, are they? Is porn the REAL problem or is it other factors in the relationship the real problem?

Communication is the key to keeping the habit within normal bounds. Occasional use of pornography is now deemed as normal by most experts. Unfortunately, some individuals find it easier to retreat into their porno-world rather than deal with normal relationships, which are always going to be complex with ups and downs.

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