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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 15 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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It is always good to see a Walk On have success. Does Not mean that you cannot become a Top Player.

The Hair should Not be an Issue at least at a State Tun School. Hair freedom needs to be a basic freedom.

Helps the side story and Broadcaster need side storys.

At least he is playing for the Utes where he can lead a Normal Life if he wants to.


What a great position for the Utes to be in. Especially as there were questinos about the Utah D coming into the season. The leading tackler in all of FBS? Wow!


"Walker says he wanted to grow his hair out as soon as he came to Utah, but the other safeties were getting buzz haircuts. However, after moving over to linebacker in 2008, he felt he could grow his hair out and hasn't cut it in two years." -- Ahhhhh...I remember when I had hair and when that was a priority...if you've got it, grow it! Good luck this year.


Great article! Hair freedon is always a bonus at the U.

One of the Ute articles from March was something like "Utes must tackle hole at middle linebacker".
Once again, it is a non-issue.

Will be fun to watch this new crew of backers push each other to be the best they can be while smacking opponents in the teeth.

Chris B

It's a good time to be a UTE. Of course, it always a good time to be a Ute. Great job Chaz


Great to see a local kid do great things. It is only two games into the season, but hopefully it will build momentum.


Where would Utah's program be without all these BYU products? Whit, Sitake, Roderick all played at the Y, along with the fathers of JJ Williams, Chaz Walker, and the Kruger boys.


I love how the Utes can develop great players from walk ons or by changing their position. Great job!


He's an amazing story and one of my favorite new players on the D side. I wish he would cut his hair but I wouldn't say so to his face.


Great story, especially given that in a 4-3 scheme the D-line usually get the most tackles.


@Balto, yes, it's nice that so many have seen the light and Chosen The Red. Or wait, were you trying to credit the Cougars with the rise of the Utes, somehow? That's a stretch.

y be good when U CAN BE GREAT!
Cottonwood Heights, UT

What Balto is saying is that once they are done being a cougar they see the error in their ways and go on to choose the right school for themselves or for their kids and watch as they go onto GREATNESS! Why else would Whit turn down such a "wonderful" institution like tds and continue to make it a priority to beat them? Balto also knows it would be very foolish to bring up how cougar grads make a team because he knows that the only really good years tds has had is from UTAH grads!

10 wins seasons are good, but undefeated seasons are great! Here is to another this year with the hard work of Chaz and the rest of the boys!


Burley, ID

"It's nice to have, but it's not what I'm after. I'm just doing my job."- Chaz Walker

Wow, talk about having the right mindset!

It's pretty apparent why the Utes, under Whittingham, are having such great success.

Kyle has learned his lessons well. I only wish his Dad was here to see it. He would swell with pride at the job his boy is doing.

Ogden, UT

Good Job Chaz !
Coach Kyle should be able to help guide these student athlete linebackers having had both his father and himself play the position. It was pointed out that the defensive line cleared out the isle ways for him.I am sure happy --oh sooo happy that we have the coaching staff that we do. John Peace as the positions coach on the line? Take a moment and read his credentials. It will astound you the talent and experience that this coach brings.
When Coach Kyle coaches he is ALL coach !
Does anyone really think that what's his name in Provo would have changed both the quarterback and offensive coach in the booth, in the same game at halftime ? That incident in Wyoming took a lot of courage , but Coach Whitt made the adjustments and the University of Utah hasn't looked.
It took a coach that could have enough backbone to COMMITT to his team the oppertunity tpo win anf improve

Ogden, UT


Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Down with the Davis walk on connection, terrific family and his little bro is the varsity center for the Darts. You know if the "Y" had more honesty in its recruiting local boy's you would see more of them going to the school down south, oh well, Bubble along with the 2 qb puppet master show...Selling out your local boy for the Wasshington boy wonder.

Go Utes from a "y" fan...

Strong work Chaz.

For ever a Davis Dart Fan...

"POLY" Cougar Nation

South Jordan, UT

I listened to an interview with Chaz earlier today on 1280. He didn't care in the least bit that he was leading the nation in tackles and gave the majority of the credit to the D line for keeping O lineman from the second level to allow him to make plays.

It is this type of player and mentality that continue to make the Utah program great.

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