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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 15 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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This is a decent signing for the Jazz, somebody has to be the 13th man, but the less he plays the better off the Jazz will be. Fesenko right now is still by far the best option for the Jazz to back up Okur and Jefferson.


You can't stop Francisco Elson, you can only hope to contain him.


Can you say Championship Baby!


How about something like the last five years?


I am not sure fesenko wants to come back, unless he has no bettter option.

fesenko certianly is not getting the coaching and development he needs,

the sloan has NEVER developled a single big men (or any player for that matter) to even competent levels,

did ostertagg get better?
did boozer?
Has fesenko or koufos?
Has AK, cj miles, or okur?

is really fair to count lottery picks who are EXPECTED to be good?

sloan has driven off more people, by his treatment and his system, than anyone.

This year will be just more of he same as the last five.


the jazz for once have a true center in fes and they better not let him go

Silly Rabbit

Gee wiz Jazz Smack its not the coaches job to make a player better, its the players job to get better. Its a coaches job to teach the game and coach. Its like a teacher that teaches math its the student that either gets it or not.


Signing of the year...way to go Jazz. Now sign Iverson and we'll be set!


What is with this obsession with Fes the guy has not shown anything and you blinded fans think if he gets more minutes he is going to be a 20/10 guy. I just don't get your logic.


There are a lot of things the Jazz do that make no sense at all.

This is a money move. 1/2 of his Vet salary will be paid by the league. He is no better than Fes or Koof. Except they could rebound. He is not noted for defense.

This looks like another Collins move. Yes I realize he is the 13th man and hopefully he does not play much.

Fes is likely to play for his qualifying offer this year and then go some place he can develop.

I am completely unimpressed with the way the Jazz do not develop their young bigs. They are horrible in drafting bigs and worse at developing them.

They could have had Amundson, Mahinmi, or even Earl Barron. But they sign Elson.

I hope I am surprised by his contribution. At 34 why would he improve dramatically? Assuming Fes signs for the qualifying offer why do they need Elson?

LA got Blake and Barnes. They are a lot better.

Utah will be lucky to get a 4th seed.


Got a lot of honerey people out there tonight. It's a good thing we have you instead of the experts who are on the payroll..

Captain L

billypenn: It a matter of seeing his potential, Fes has the size, & athleticism to be a 10 / 10 player and be the defensive presence we need in the middle.
If you can't see it, I guess you can't see potential.
Fes didn't have a great summer with his NT but it was OK, he had a few good games towards the end of the summer and hopefully he can build on those.
I would love for the Jazz to sign him for at least 2 yrs but I think they are going to hold out to the qualifying offer and wait and see how he performs.


Yeah like this is going to help the jazz, Does ot matter.. Go Lakers.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

Well we needed another big man even if Fes does stay here so I think its a good signing.

They already got Al Jefferson. What do you want them to do? I hope he can contribute consistently at least until Okur comes back. It looks like Jefferson is going to be playing a lot of C for at least the first half of the season.

Lucky to get a 4 seed Bugoff??? Who else is better besides LA?? Maybe OKC but I see us being better than Denver, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Dallas. I can't wait to see Jefferson play in a Jazz uniform.


Re Billypen:

I've never read anything from any fan who thinks Fess can be a 20 10 guy. Many Fans, myself included, think that fess can give 15 minutes of solid defense and be an inside presence that the Jazz desperately need.

If you can name 1 player on the market that the Jazz can afford that is a better shot blocking center and that has as much potential as Fess I'd love to hear it.


Kyle I wish you were right. You might eventually be right before the end of the season. I hope so.

It will take until Christmas for Jefferson to actually make the adjustments that he needs to make on both offense and defense. That is assuming he actually makes those adjustments and also assumes he does not get hurt.

AK always gets injured. It remains to be seen if the Jazz have enough outside shooting to open up the inside and keep it open.

OKC is better. HOU is nearly as good as LA until Ming gets hurt. POR is better than the Jazz unless they get a major injury. DEN is better but who knows how they will play. DAL is better but Cuban keeps messing with them so they can not jell. SA could be better but they did not have the right chemistry last year. NO will be better than last year. PHO will play better than you think.

After LA, there is going to be very little difference in the records of the next 8 or 9 teams.

Utah is not going to get a fast start but they may be very good late.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

I'm just optimistic. Boozer leaving and somehow getting Jefferson is awesome. I think Millsap and Kirilenko will both have great years. Neither is good enough to be THE guy in the post but both are great energy and movement off the ball players. The question is if we have the interior defense and rebounding, but we can't be worse than last year in that department. Don't underestimate how much Bell's leadership will help.

SA- Duncan and Ginobili just get older and more injury prone.

Hou- Yao Ming's career is almost over (I predict 30 games before he goes down). They are well coached but don't have the talent(Brad Miller and Kevin Martin aren't that good).

Dallas- Kidd and Nowitzki are just getting older.

Phoenix- Turkeyglue is a bonehead and Childress and Frye aren't that great. No D or rebounding from the Suns big men. Nash will help them win quite a few but they aren't better than the Jazz.

NO- DWill owns NO. No way they are better than Jazz.

Denver- Carmelo is a huge distraction and that team will self destruct.

Portland- Injury prone and not that good.

Dave S

Decent pick up by the Jazz. For the life of me I don't understand the obsession some Jazz fans have with Fesenko. He has shown little to no improvement over the past three seasons and I personally don't think he has the heart of a champion either. I couldn't care less if he is re-signed or not.


Elson is just insurance for now to see what happens with Fes and Memo. He will be another Collins type player.


Holy delusional. Some saying that Fes is becoming a true center? People saying Elson is a decent pick...any why? Because he is tall? The Jazz did nothing but pick up another below average player who will not help put the Jazz over the top. I agree with Jazzsmack and I will go even farther, I think the Jazz struggle to have a winning season. This in no way helps the Jazz improve.


We swap:
AJ for Boozer
Bell for Mathews
Hayward for Korver
Elson for Kofous

I'm no expert but it looks to me like we got longer, more athletic, or more experienced with each swap. Looks pretty darn good to me!


I think Utah will rebound better than last year. Mainly because Millsap will get more minutes.

When Memo gets back I expect him to play better inside. He modified his inside game to help Boozer. Once in a while you would see an aggressive inside game from Memo. Hopefully he has it by the playoffs.

Jefferson rebounds well. I am more worried about defense and passing etc.

Fes can be very useful on defense. Especially if he understands and learns the defense. His offensive game and FT shooting needs a lot of work.

I think Fes would like to stay but his agent is making things hard.

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