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Published: Thursday, Sept. 16 2010 8:00 a.m. MDT

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The number of times the media gets things wrong, or distorts what is going on is amazing. By eliminating or limiting comments, you miss hearing/reading the other side of the story.

It used to be you would get both sides of the story from the media. That doesn't seem to be working.

I don't mind getting rid of the name calling trash, but the number of times comments that don't match the version the News is trying create get deleted is too high.

Reasonable Person

The reason the ksl.com forums have been so uncivil, is BECAUSE of the voting system!

You've put a system in place that allows people to create multiple (several a DAY!) user IDs to disturb the serious comments and to game your voting system.

If you disallow comments from free email accounts (OR require that they be validated from a true ISP), you'll eliminate 95% of your problems by identifying the miscreants.

KSL created a system that was too complicated and invited gaming of the system.


Good for KSL. While I appreciate thoughtful comments, many comments at the Trib, KSL and elsewhere are horrible. Unlike a letter to the editor, people hide behind a screen name and they spew invective, conspiracy theories and rumors.

I am glad to know that less than 1% of users make comments. Maybe we can realize that most of our friends and neighbors don’t think they way the worst commenters do, even if our neighbor’s politics, religion or whatever is different from ours


It's a little disturbing to read between the lines and suspect that the Deseret News gatekeepers may become even more restrictive about what they allow to be posted in the comment forum when some editors are already capricious to the extreme.

I've seen comments posted to the forum that were wholly inappropriate in their personal attacks and name-calling, while thoughtful remarks on the same thread were barred because they had the audacity to critique the Deseret News or the LDS Church.

My greatest concern is that Deseret News editors, in their attempts to create a more "civil" atmosphere in the forum, will dumb-down the level of interaction by only allowing viewpoints that agree with their own. Anyone with an opposing opinion or a viewpoint that conservative LDS readers find "offensive" will get the Daily Universe treatment -- they'll simply be banned. Why would a thoughtful, intelligent reader who thinks for himself continue to visit such a Web site?

Please consider this before you make excessively draconian changes. I'm Des News and BYU through and through; I'd hate to have to switch to The Salt Lake Tribune and begin rooting for the Yewts.


Its simple:

Allow comments to be immediately visible. That helps the flow of conversation. Use moderators to scan and remove comments that are irrelevant/spam/personal attacks/offensive. If moderators miss something, have an "ignore user" feature. That way, trolls are quickly taken care of. They will lose interest if no one is responding to them. Those who contribute will be able to have dialogue with those who all wish to contribute. Those who are respectful, no matter what their perspective is, will be allowed to enjoy the boards and the efficiency of the board will be increased.

Too many times, I have had posts not put up for absolutely no reason. Its frustating. I think the Dnews really can improve in this area by following my suggestions.

Speaking Up

I agree with arc. The Des News never publishes comments that reflect poorly on them or their reporters. Be willing to take criticism and improve upon that -- that is the whole point of comments from your readers.

ex missionary

I'm in favor of the idea of creating a more respectful atmosphere. Hate-filled responses should be deleted.

I am concerned about this:

"Moderators also will remove comments that are irrelevant to the chosen story."

There is already far too much censorship on the boards and I believe it is most likely the "off-topic" policy that is abused to remove responses that moderators don't like for religious reasons.


I have to agree with arc. multiple times I posted a comment on stories about the changes at the paper. I disagreed with the comments made by authorities at the paper and my comments were not posted. The DesNews moderators need to improve by allowing different points of view to be posted. Especially those who are respectful.


If the poll system worked I would have voted.

Since that is not the case.....

How often do you visit or post on the deseretnews.com comment boards?
Multiple times a day.

How often do the deseretnews.com comment boards provide additional information that you find to be beneficial?
All of the time.

The deseretnews.com comment boards are:
Helpful and informative.

I have found information on the boards I normally would not have thought to research.
I find the open discussion of information helpful and informative.

The only thing I would add is that many get away with terrible name-calling and violent and sickening comparisons on this board everyday.

Frank Dux

They say that less than 1% of visitors read the message boards. But notice SLTrib.com has been crashing all morning due to all the traffic that KSL sent their way with this decision.

I would say the KSL "Reporters" give at best 40% of the information necessary to figure out what their article is actually about. If you don't go into the comments the story rarely tells you Who, What, When, Where, Why and especially How.

Solomon the Wise

A filter to ignore selected bloggers would be nice.

Frank Dux

Apparently they are blocking comments in here now as well.

Closing KSL's comments sent so much traffic t SLTrib tha tthe site crashed this morning. The article states 1% of users view comments but how could that be true? KSL's stories don't offer the Who, What, When, Where, Why or How on their stories so if you aren't reading comments you aren't getting a story.


I'm to the point where I might stop reading Des News because my comments are blocked for no good reason. Sounds like ksl is following the same path of extreme censorship.


"Don't listen to the drive-by media. Only me!"
Conservative guru and talk-radio host to millions, Rush Limbaugh.


as a frequent reader of these boards (desnews, ksl, and sltrib), and commenter about my specific keen interests, my opinion is the desnews comments are the most civil, ksl comments the least civil (and I'm being civil). desnews comments are the meekest, sltrib robust, challenging. just my opinion. and of course I've never been the problem, I always tell me kids, my grandkids, and my wife laughs.


I agree with removing unnecessary hateful or racist comments. It does not help at all. It looks to me that since the board comments were launched, hate and rivalry are at their peaks. I don't see any good on reading comments from people attacking illegals and the LDS church is such a way that it's hard to call it civil. If people don't agree with the comments or the article, that's just fine. But people attacking, that's just destructive.

By the way, when writing on newspaper, the article should just present the facts, not opinions which are reserved for some other section of the newspaper. Therefore, being against or pro some article shouldn't happen.


I love to read post to some of these comments!
Im going to miss the jingle :)

mean while Im searching for a Full time Job.
(maybe will be back soon)

Captain L

I agree with Big_Ben's comments on having the comments immediately visible and the ignore feature. Having the comments immediately available would greatly increase the ability to discuss subjects of interest.
I am all for eliminating the hateful comments, so many of the comments posted are for the purpose of criticising, finding fault or demeaning. I don't have a problem with criticism that is associated with the article, if it is relevant, but too much of the times (at least on the sites I frequent, sports articles)the comments are just hateful because they hate BYU or the Church.


After an hour of waiting, my first comment has never shown up. I guess that means that I can no longer post comments on KSL AND Deseret News. Hello Salt Lake Trib.


Agree with removing abusive, offensive comments, but censorship should be kept to a minimum.

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