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Published: Saturday, Sept. 11 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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I would like to see Professor George debate Glenn Beck on the issue of traditional marriage. Beck, using strict libertarian logic, avoids condemning homosexual marriage. Professor George is a staunch supporter of traditional marriage.

I would like to see them debate the work of two prior academics on the subject:

British social anthropologist Joseph Daniel Unwin argued that any society that has loosened sexual morality outside of man-woman marriage has not survived.

Harvard sociologist Pitirim Sorokin believed that all political revolutions that brought about societal collapse were preceded by a sexual revolution in which marriage and family were devalued by the culture’s acceptance of homosexuality.

silas brill

"... George explained that sex is a reproductive principle that, unlike digestion or walking, is only fulfilled between a man and a woman becoming one-flesh in 'organic unity.' Such unity is not achieved by two men or two women in a "love-makes-a-family" type arrangement, he argues."

Yes, reproduction can be achieved with help. Just because homosexuals need outside help for procreation doesn't mean they cannot have a perfectly functioning family. Love can certainly make a family.

"Abandoning traditional marriage also opens the door for acceptance of polyamory, or non-monogamous relationships, as a 'legitimate marital option,' George said."

No, same gender marriage doesn't. Besides, no one said anything about abandoning traditional marriage.

It is comforting to hear a Christian actually say something nice about reason for a change. I've heard sermons and debates where reason is opening rejected for faith. Faith derails reason, however. They are not mutually compatible.

heidi ho

Good move on the part of Deseret News. We all need to stand together in this country to speak out for marriage, family and truth. It's refreshing to work with other faiths in a common cause!


Good, the cross pollenation of religious thought may support the social maturing for Mormon readers: although change and growth is slow.

Kaye Possa

Great choice! Welcome, Dr. George!


skeptic--might it also support the social maturing for non-mormon readers? Of course, as you say, change and growth is slow.

fair park

And this is news why? As if anything other than "...influential Christian Conservative" would be touted by the DNews..


I have a question for the "Board."

As you continue to publish a hard copy of the D-News, will it remain the "Deseret News" or will it become "KSL"? Or maybe "Deseret News/KSL"?

Just curious, "KSL" just seems like a funny name for a newspaper.


I am thrilled to have his input here. He is articulate and chooses not to offend. The fact that some choose to be offended is not because they disagree, but because they choose to not listen to and understand a different viewpoint. All civil discussion and debate require allowing for honest disagreement. Understanding those who agree with you is sometimes difficult. Truly understanding those who disagree is critical.


LVIS-I hope so; that would be a good thing too. Perhaps it would be best to just take religion out of the equation and seek a common neutral vantage point where we can all see a little more clearly.

Jimmy James

I've only read an article or two by Robert P George, but I liked what I read and think he's a great addition. This is a huge pickup for the Deseret News.


Truly under represented previously, the white, religious, conservative, freedom means what I say it does crowd will finally have a voice on the board.


One of my favorite conservative Catholics is Pat Buchanan because he smiles, has a sense of humor, and was opposed to the Iraq war from day one. I applaud the D-news for innovation because there are a lot of things churches do not (and should not) have an opinion on: such as health care, immigration, and the most sticky of all: white collar vs. blue collar. The tea party does not like elitist people who have 3 or 4 college degrees and think that that therefore makes them a pharisee or sadducee and that their opinion therefore is better than that of a farmer, carpenter, tent maker, or poet or writer or nurse or kindergarten teacher. I doubt this Princeton professor thinks he is any better than coal miners in West Virginia: but he did leave that culture to go to Harvard to work in white collar jobs; there is nothing wrong with that, but the divide between the educated and non educated in our country is real and God knows it as well as anyone, and loves people in spite of their education.


I can deal with conservatives (as long as I ignore their position on birth control---and this because my church teaches me to avoid extremes.)


I love this man's scholarship and writings! Reason and faith are COMPLETELY compatible.


"... George began distancing himself from the Democrat Party ..."

To Ms. Israelsen-Hartley and any D-News editor who may remain, it's "Democratic Party" not "Democrat Party". I expect such "mistakes" from right-wing-nuts and Faux News - I expect more from anyone considering themselves a legitimate news organization.


"Abandoning traditional marriage also opens the door for acceptance of polyamory, or non-monogamous relationships, as a 'legitimate marital option,' George said."

Legalizing gay marriage is not the same as "abandoning traditional marriage". Mr. George's argument is a non sequitur. I'd expect more from the "most influential conservative Christian thinker" but I've learned not to expect too much in the way of logic from religious "thinkers".


@jackhp, it's Fox News and right wing. I'd expect more from anyone who was not a left wing nut. But alas it's just perfect that a left wing nut responds with ad hominem


@ Humm?? 4:22

Fair enough, I stand corrected. I will abide my own advice, even though I'm clearly NOT touting myself as a legitimate news organization.

Are you willing to call out the reporters and editors of this paper for their use of "Democrat Party"?

BTW, wasn't it you calling someone a "Bigot" (why capitalize it?) up thread? That seems like a bit of a leap to make based on one simple comment questioning the level of thinking that Christians do on some subjects. Are you guilty of a wee bit of hypocrisy yourself?


Legitimate journalists shouldn't write hagiographies.

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