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Published: Monday, Sept. 6 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Brother Chuck Schroeder

Why do they call today "LABOR DAY"?.

The following road closures are also currently in effect:

 Forest Road 124 at the Poison Creek gate (just north of Big Johns)

 Forest Road 119 (Indian Creek Road) at Pole Creek Junction (Forest Road 589)

 Forest Road 583 at Shingle Creek Road (Forest Road 114)

 Forest Road 113 (Mill Creek Road) at Mud Flat Road (Forest Road 116)

 Forest Road 113 (Mill Creek/Beaver Creek Road) at the Forest Boundary on the east side

 Forest Road 475 (Dry Creek Trail) at the northern terminus

 Forest Road 476 at Sevier County Road 4

 Forest Road 474 (Deer Creek Road) at the eastern forest boundary

Krasko said the crews are currently focusing on the east and west sides of the fire and will make future decisions regarding closures as necessary.


A day to remember,A monday the ending of Summer..
LaborDay a meaning to save your labor day $$$


"Controlled Burn" equals "out of control"

As I recall, this started out as a managed fire to improve habitat etc,etc,etc.

What it has done is burn out of control, filling the skies with dense smoke and ash! I am not happy that a holiday weekend was basically ruined because of the smoke that made breathing very difficult anywhere east or northeast of the fire.

Where is the EPA, and Utah Dept of Health, Dept of Enviromental Quality, etc? The expect the citizens to keep the air so very clean by regulating every little source of pollution, but when it is the government causing the pollution, "no problem"!

They could have put out this fire a long time ago, but then the "managers" wouldn't have had anything to do.

Would be interesting to know what the total cost of this "managed burn" is going to be? Probably millions of your hard earned tax dollars.

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