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Published: Friday, Sept. 3 2010 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Pretty bleak 2011 home schedule, but hopefully just takes time to get the bigger matchups.

Playing in Orlando is fun and great to see the flexibility the national schedule helps provide


Central Florida?! Are you kidding me? This is part of the amazing schedule that's supposed to come from being independant? These guys are a step below the WAC. Shouldn't this be 2 at home and one away for BYU scheduling a team this lowly? Is it supposed to be the recovery game for after Texas? What gives?


Good Times!!


Wow. This scheduling thing IS proving to be very difficult.

Go Cougs!!! Beat UW!!!


And this establishes your reputation as a national powerhouse how?

Chris B

Two big games and 10 high school teams - that's how the cewgies will be from here on out


Now that BYU is independent, they can get tough opponents like the, the, ...what are the central floridians? the chippewahs or something?

Just razzin all you blue faced cougars. Good luck to the cougars when they play central florida.


What a bunch of losers you all are. They scheduled Notre Dame and Texas. You guys are pathetic.


Now Central Florida will really raise the level of play. That will sell some season tickets. If BYU wants to make independance count and be considered as a BCS player they need have their schedule resemble a BCS conference schedule. That means 8-9 BCS teams. Only 4 need to be top 25 but 9 need to be in BCS leagues. How in the world does scheduling another non-BCS team help other than to fill the schedule. I know 2011 will be difficult to fill but come on, UCF has to count as one of your 3 walk-over games. Independance will not bring anything better than the MWC in moving the national meter if you don't schedule games that can do it. Drop all the WAC and MWC games and get to it. Its only been a week. This still sounds like a desperate program to me. Take a little time and do it right. Don't panic.


IN 2009 UCF played three teams ranked in the top 25 at game time, losing to Miami 27-7 and Texas 35-3 while beating Houston 37-32 near the end of the season.

They were second in their division of Conference USA, and tied for second among all schools in Conference USA.


Chris B, which of those 10 high school teams are you the water boy for, or are you and "alumni" water boy?

Whoa Nellie

Once again the morons are out in force to comment on anything BYU. Chrissy, kidicky, and duggity you may now go back to your Wii and wee, wee, wee all the way home.

Scheduling Central Florida is much better than scheduling a team like, say. . . a Southwest Baptist Bible College. They're good enough for bowl games so they're good enough for me.

Kid from Oregon

Seems Boston College, Kansas State, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Connecticut, and Texas have no problem playing University of Central Florida. Check the schedules. Looks like the Cougs are in good company.

Kid from Oregon

UCF future schedule includes Boston College, Kansas State, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Connecticut, and Texas. Looks like BYU is in good company.


Of course the Cougs will schedule some schools like UCF. Hopefully we can even do a home and home with Army or Navy and other schools as well as the storied programs like ND and Texas. My only problem is that both of the dates that were released are Fridays. I am excited about the ESPN deal but I really hope we don't be playing on all different days of the week. College football is meant for Saturday with maybe one game a year on a Thursday. I've never been a fan of the Friday night games.


Hey CRB,

Care to explain to me why Notre Dame is playing Western Michigan, Utah and Tulsa this year then?

All you people are acting like we have to play a top 25 team every week. Just get over it. This will be a good game and I'm quite excited for it. Besides, it's not like we scheduled Florida International.


2011 Schedule so far:


New Mexico State
San Jose State
Utah State

BCS Teams:


If they get 2-3 more BCS schools they might be able to match thier MWC SOS. I am not sure if MWC teams will play them anytime soon so looke for more CUSA teams.

BYU 26 Utah 23

Gotta laugh at the usual hypocrisy of the Utah trolls.

Utah schedules San Jose State (2-10, 0-4 versus ranked) and Iowa State (7-6, 0-2 versus ranked) OOC, and then the Utah trolls whine about BYU scheduling Central Florida (8-5, 1-2 versus ranked).

All things considered, I'm pretty sure most BYU fans would much rather be playing in Orlando, rather than Laramie or Pullman.


The schedule could be considerd equal or improved to what they were playing in the Mountain West. The WAC-Pack doesn't help the SOS. But considering this whole process basically destroyed their conference we owe it to those teams to keep playing them as long as they would like.
Oregon St., Notre Dame, Utah, Texas, UCF and TBD are the non- WAC
USU, NMSU, SJSU, Hawaii, Idaho, L-Tech.

The only opponent not confirmed is ND, but they do have a schedule hole in 2011 and it's highly likely.

Rumored 12th opp. is KAnsas State or Arkansas or both because the Hawaii rule lets them add a 13th game.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers

When the Utes join the PAC 12, watch them schedule a bunch of OOC cupcakes and then use the convenient excuse that their conference schedule is already too tough, even though they already have two cupcakes, Washington State and Colorado, built into their schedule.

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