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Published: Thursday, Sept. 2 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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It's very unlikely that Pitt will finish as Big East champs this year. While the victory was significant, the shine will dim if Pitt doesn't play any better in their conference.


Disagree, wer. Pitt is still a very talented team that will only get better as their quarterback gets more experience.

I was very impressed with Sunseri's poise in the second half. Apart from the interception in OT, he showed a lot of improvement as the game progressed.

As far Lewis, he's still one of the top backs in the country. Utah simply came prepared and executed their schemes beautifully. Period.

Pitt's going to be a very tough out for everyone on their schedule.


Why would you say that it is unlikely that they'll win the Big East? Sure it was an ugly game with all the penalties and each team struggling at times but that often happens in the first game of the year. Why not give the Utes credit for not only stopping a very talented running back, but stopping a talented defensive line? Uconn may beat them out for the Big East but Pitt will be right there with them assuming they stay healthy.


Wow wer how can you look at a game like this and already know that Pitt won't win the big east. They are still the favorites and the most talented team in that conference.


I wouldn't want to meet Pitt at the end of the season. They are only going to get better. I don't know who Pitt plays next but they had better come prepared.


No. The only team that Utah has to worry about is UNLV.

Declaring national championships, Heisman, and airport celebration for a 1-0 team is what the team down south does.

We have work to do. Our offense moved the ball but choked in the red zone. Shaky needs to be a little less shaky with his hands next week.

Utah's line looked awesome, I don't recall really any significant pressure on Wynn. Not a bad game 6 for him. Our defense has the chance of being the best in the league.

Go Utes!!


Utah should have joined the Big East.
They probably will dominate.

Perhaps, BYU should join Big East...


BYU gets beat Saturday...we shall see!


I think BYU wins on Saturday, it just depends on how Bronco decides to use his QB shuffle. Go Utes

ET Bass

Good win Utes. Now BYu eats dawg on Saturday! Lets both be undefeated when we meet in November.


From Yahoo!Sports:
"...During the offseason, Boise State dominated talk as a potential BCS-buster, with the Broncos even being considered a dark-horse contender for a shot at the national championship.
TCU, which made its first BCS appearance last season, also was mentioned.
Well, it may be time to put Utah in the conversation - again..."

I may be to optimistic here, but if Utah manage to remain unbeaten, the sky is the limit --> BCS will have a hard time not to grant Utah that bowl game in second week of Jan 2011.

Utah now has 3 tough games remaining: Iowa St, TCU and Notre Dame...

Just "wynn" 11 more games this year, Utes!!!
Take us there...to the top!!!
It's soooooooooo gooooooood to be Utes fan!!!


Too bad Utah didn't get invited to the Big East. We could go to a BCS game every single year.


Good win for the Utes. Nice way to start the season!
Loving the smell of FOOTBALL in the air.
Go Cougars!


Did you all read uteologys post?

We see the same things in this article. It made me cringe a little when the Siliga mentioned the PAC 10. The focus has to be on the next game and winning the MWC.

The author thinks of this as a pac-10 warm-up? are you kidding me? this is a very talented team that could do great things, but there has to be focus and the team cant expect to win against teams if they continue to make mistakes and end up with turnovers and penalties on the field.

Talent wise, the utes should be top 15, but execution wise, the teams not yet in the top 25. (I do have to give props to the Utah D though. They did execute and only had a couple breakdowns. The special teams and offense need to eliminate the mistakes.)

Go Utes!


Great Game! This game had everything you see in a opening game with mistakes and turnovers, but in the end it was two good teams with the Utes finding a way to come out on top.

Credit should be given to the MUSS and the North End Zone fans. The Crowd was a huge factor and this was one of the top 10 games I have been to at RES.

Great start to the season and what could be a great run for the Utes.

Games are won on the Offensive and Defensvie lines. What I learned last night is that Utes are very good on both sides.


Guys don't forget Utah had 9 new Starters. The nerves were going and it showed a little last night. In the coming weeks this will show how good we are. Utah can't have any let downs and just play one game at a time. Good Luck BYU...... Sarkisian you better go out and take that picture tomorrow with the other Qb's from BYU don't forget where you came from.....

anti BCS

"Big East comes up short when facing Utes on gridiron..."

One of the consequences of Utah and BYU leaving the MWC is that they can concentrate solely on themselves without any regard for how their wins/losses will reflect on the MWC.

Darth Vader

Utes are simply awesome.

Keep on getting better! See you next Saturday.


Excited to see how whitt incorporates the great talent into the weak teams coming up in Sep.

Like to see Joe Kruger, Ransom, Star, Black ect get some real playing time a build the depth for next year.


The Utes will need that great talent to beat UNLV.


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