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Published: Thursday, Sept. 2 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Great article on Jake. I wish his family well If BYU is going to compete on the highest level as an independent, and have a shot at a BCS bowl it will ride on Jake Heaps, and his broad shoulders. Now give him the ball and let Magic Happen.


All I can say is this, "Go Jake!!!" My screen name will tell which one that was for, although I think Locker will be a good NFL Quarterback, by the time he is done, he is a great competitor and a great leader!


Reading between the lines, it is obvious that there is still a lot of anti-Mormon sentiment in Seattle. I used to live there and it seems that things haven't changed much. Hopefully, if Heaps is successful, it will have a positive effect in his home state.

Big Hapa

Sucessfull for who ? The only up side I keep hearing about is how this helps Jake and his footbal future.

This game is about team not the individual. It goes without question that Jake is a terrific qb and has all the skill that BYU could want. However, This 2010 team is young and will need to have a leader that can move and read and have more in his early game then hail marry long balls and pressing it into double cover.

The speed of a real D1 game is fast, light years ahead of what a true freshman qb has seen in highschool. The pressure of the D1 game will expose the weak spots of any qb including Heaps. The test that Bronco has presented is the correct one the challege is now infront of Riley to step up and take the starting job, he has beengiven the starting job so it is his to win.

Remeber the OU prediction this same reporter made last year. Yeah right he was dead wrong.

"POLY" Cougar Nation


Will Heaps continue the tradition of crying BYU QBs?


I wonder how successful heaps will be from the bench? I hope he gets in and backs some of the hype he's given himself.

ET Bass

It's going to be fun! Go Cats...beat the dogs!

Whoa Nellie

Yo Johnboy,
Name two QBs that have ever cried at BYU. Since you have no affiliation with a winning program you have no concept of the meaning of tradition.

BYU Aggie

Hey-JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt-Why don't you take your sorry and sad act to the Tribune. We are tired of you bagging on anything BYU. Your Utes beat a highly over-rated team last night. A top 15 team that was given 3+turnovers and still couldn't beat them. Why aren't you thumping your chest about that?


@JJJHS: It all depends on how the Utes and their fans are. I guess I could pour some beer on your family and tout them with all kinds of verbal abuse and then see what you would write about in your next post and then call you a crying, whiney Ute fan! The real question is "Will JJJHS make excuse's for the Utes when they don't make it to the rose bowl in the first 10 years of being in the Pac-whatever?"


"Will Heaps continue the tradition of crying BYU QBs?"

BYU has their tradition of QB's. What kind of tradition does the U have? Mock our tradition, but at least we have one.

By the way, those "Muss" shirts your teams have... "Envy the Past, Fear the Future" are laughable. Envy the past 6 years? Cause really there is nothing to envy before Urban Meyer. Nothing, no tradition, no list of outstanding QB's etc...

This is coming from someone who is a student at the U


Shouldn't it be Nelson and Locker square off?

Oh yeah, this is bronco's ploy to keep the pressure off the youngster. Good luck with that.

I hope byu wins, but I highly doubt it.


"Envy the Past, Fear the Future"

Really, those shirts say that? That IS funny! Breaking into the most corrupt sports organization ever to hit this planet must be something to brag about up on the little hill. I know, 6 years of some good football somehow seems to trump over two decades straight of championships and trophies. Fear the future is right on because beating out 11 other teams is what it will take to get a championship, instead of 8. That would cause me to fear too.

Loved the history of the Jakes. That was fun to read. What an extra fun game for Washington fans. One drive your cheering, the next drive you don't know whether to cheer for Heaps or cheer against. Talk about an emotional game!

DR Hall

Two quarterbacks at the same time is no good. It sounds like politics is in full play here and in Utah that is a guarateed failure; they can never get any thing done except squable. Unless the less senior quaterback is super more qualified than the senior quarterback, then use the senior quarterback. Now if the problem lies in the coaching staff then the head coach had better be the quality he is supposed to be or get another. Any game sport needs to have one qualified captain that the team members will support. Two people do not have the same personalities, even with identical twins. Made a good decision and get on with it.


Douglas and Striker,

The envy is coming out in both of you. All those "championships" and it all comes down to how many times has byu gone undefeated in the last 10 years? 0. This is what the envy the past is about, and the future is the AQ bid in 2011.

Envy the past, fear the future is spot on because every byu fan is just sick that Utah has taken their future in football.

Tom in CA

@utahcountyute & JJJHS, etal:

It's guys like you that make me want to take shots at anything to do with Utah football. But I'm sure you will continue to stir the pot.

Constructive criticism is expected, but everyone knows when it goes over the line.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers


It all comes down to being a PERENNIAL Top 25 team, not merely having two great teams in your entire history.

Since the AP poll (the oldest poll) was first published in 1939:

BYU: FOUR Top 25 finishes in the last FOUR years (SEVENTEEN overall)

Utah: FIVE Top 25 finishes in SEVENTY years

IF Utah manages to finish in the Top 25 this year, it will be the first time Utah has ever had more than 2 straight Top 25 finishes.

BYU has already done that three times.

Kyle has never won back-to-back conference championships.

Bronco won back-to-back championships in his 2nd and 3rd seasons.

Get back to us when Utah manages to put together a string of success, rather than being a one-hit wonder.


Fear and envy, is that really what you want to hang your hat on?

Envy = a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another's advantages, success, possessions, etc. (ie. National Championship, Heisman trophy, etc, etc,)

Fear = a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. (ie. impending conference irrevelance).

And the Utes bag on "Quest for Perfection?" At least BYU set their sights on something positive and inspiring.

This Ute slogan invokes images on the utes curled up in the fetal position wishing to be left alone and hoping that it will all go away!!!


"Envy the Past, Fear the Future"

LOL!!!!... Really? Was the whole muse drunk when they came up with this?

People don't envy their own past and only you can fear your own future. The only way thins makes sense is if you envy your biggest rivals past and fear for your own future.

Any you uties thought the Quest was a bad slogan. At least with the quest you had to intentionally misunderstand it to mock it. With yours you have to intentionally misunderstand it for it to make sense.

Way to go.


@utahcountyute: Really???? As a Cougar fan I don't envy your past at all. BYU has a MUCH richer past than Utah, so..... are you kidding me?

And as a BYU fan the only thing that makes me sick is from laughing at your comment.

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