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Published: Thursday, Sept. 2 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Cal Coug

Doug, Doug, Doug...Weren't you the one who predicted BYU would get blown out by OU last year? And didn't you make a big deal about how stupid BYU was to even schedule that game? And THEN, weren't you the one with egg all over your face when BYU beat OU? And then had to write an entire column on how stupid you were to say such things?

Just wondering how the ol' memory is working...



WU 34
BYU 17

Too much Jake Locker and too little BYU offense.

chuck b

Put in Heaps and leave him in for a few years. He'll learn the system and eat up the opposition next year, but maybe not this year.


I gotta say, I loved the iceberg analogy - I actually started laughing out loud when I read that. I hope that BYU can quickly figure out who the one true QB should be as early as possible. I can't imagine a full season of the 2-QB system.

Fully Invited

I have too agree with Doug on this one- but not because I'm a Utah fan. When it comes to your QB, you have to name a starter- ONE. The kid needs that starting role, he needs that feeling of confidence knowing that the coaches have the most confidence in him and that's why he is playing and not the other guy. When it comes to QB you either have it, or you don't. Either you are going to be better at leading your team to the W, or your not. Not saying one of the QBs are bad, just that one of them has GOT to be better than the other. Hopefully Bronco will name a starter after the UW game. Good luck Cougs!


Gee old Dougy we haven't even started the season and your already ripping the decision? You know nothing about how much each QB will play or how they will be used. How do you even know if this will be a two-QB system for a just a few games or the whole season? Why not give Bronco the benefit of the doubt? Afterall he does see these two every day in practice. I for one am gonna give a coach who has had a alot of success as a football coach the benefit of the doubt on this. At least see the result on the field before you bash the decision.

The way I look at this is Bronco doesn't want to force Heaps into action right away. Instead he wants to work the true freshman in gradually and I really cant blame him. If you start the true freshman in a big game in front of 65k fans and things dont go well, you risk him losing his confidence and then perhaps he never regains it. Everyone knows Heaps will be the long-term starter, just have to work him into the starting role gradually.


It gives Heaps a couple of games without the pressure of being a starter, especially against his home state team in the opener.

If Nelson isn't fantastic, Heaps starts in a month, and Nelson runs the Wildcat.


There are a number of top schools using 2 QBs this year.

Go write for the SLT. You will fit right in.

Cougar Claws

The BYU 2 Quarterback system is a two-headed monster. . .

For opposing defenses! Go COUGARS! BYU 31, Washington 24.


Spot on.

And I am an avid BYU fan. Some lessons just have to be learned first hand, to bad coach Edwards can't talk some sense into Bronco.

DEW Cougars

leave out BP - dumb one.

Ty Detmer very first nightmare at Laramie.

We should be fine either way win or lose. Hopefully coaches will be really focus who should run the show. As for Nelson - good luck again. For Jake Heap, relax and have fun.

Go Cougars!

Old Scarecrow

I'll be there to tomorrow, and the answer will probably be clear at the end of the game. If Nelson can take the team to a couple of early scores and not make mistakes, he'll continue to get the starts. If Heaps comes in and leads a great comeback, then it will be hard to keep him off the field. If both make key mistakes, then the coaches will be right to continue the time-share.

Give Me A Break

In BYU's case, due to the different styles and abilities of each unique quarterbacks, two quarterbacks will double the ability of the team to move the ball down-field, not diminish it. They are not choosing between two average guys or two decent players. These are both excellent players who double the abilities of the team when playing together. They will be a tough tandem to stop.


Love the sarcasm,, until you got to the Pinto... I loved my Pinto, may it flaming death be not forgotten!


Doug: Hedging your bets so you can say "I told you so?"

Those aren't very well thought out reasons the 2-QB system won't work.

Slow day in the cerebral section for a column topic?

Give it a chance. Seems you're calling the BYU coaches less than truthful when you continue saying they are "excited" about the system.

Maybe the issue is YOU aren't excited about it.


A 2 QB system doesn't work - never has, never will (for all the valid reason listed in the article). BYU has two good QB's and needs to make a decision on who to run with. If BYU waits too long, it could cost wins and simply create more problems within the team. But, as a fan, I've got to trust Bronco that he knows what he is doing.

Idaho Coug

This rticle is right on as far the QB situation has been described - that we have 2 starters. How can any intelligent fan say with a straight face that 2 starters presumably with equal time is preferable?

In reality I think most of us assume and hope this will eventually become a system like Florida had where one played the majority of the snaps and the other had some designed packages highlighting his skill set. But would ANY of us honestly hope that this season is an equal back and forth between 2 starters for the entire season? I know I don't.


I think Robinson has oversimplified the situation at BYU. I thought by now Mendenhall had earned some respect and credit from past decisions (changed defense alignment, double digit win seasons again and again...winningest new head coach the last six years, turned a Crowton mistake prone team to one with huge national respect). I think when you have the number 1 recruit qb in the land on your team, and the rest of the qb stable is loaded with talent, you've got to do this. Either Heaps proves himself or the coaches are able to point out by his performance why he needs a little more time before he starts.

I think Bronco is willing to risk a few games to do this because the returns for the future are going to be huge!


Robinson you went for the easy trash talking route. Do you really think Bronco doesn't know the dangers of a two qb system?

I have a suggestion for you to contemplate. I think Bronco is willing to risk a non-conference game to learn more about his qb's. Also when was the last time the Cougars had a recruit like Heaps, you know, number 1 in the land.

I know you had fun taking cheap shots, but you sorely missed the gravity of the situation. I think I'll trust Mendenhall on this one. My expectations won't be for a new NCAA changing system but rather a clear and rational decision. The future is blindingly bright!


Pete Carroll, USC, Matt Barkley Top QB pick of 2009. Best thing that they could have done.

Heaps coould do it! With True Freshman starting at schools even bigger than the Y; I think Heaps has what it takes to step right in, skills, FB smarts and leadership. Stop treating him like a little kid. That said, I also think that BM feels obligated to Nelson.

A 2 QB system means that there isn't a clear starter, OR, BM is giving Nelson that small chance to prove himself.

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