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Phillips drills the game-winning FG in OT to lift the Utes over Pitt

Published: Thursday, Sept. 2 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Brigham's Brother

FINALLY....the start of college football. BRING IT!!!


Pitt up 7 -0 on Utahs lazy fumbles!

Chris B

Might as well go home now pitt. Utes by 24!


Just a few more Yards to to Goooooo


"Might as well go home now pitt. Utes by 24! "


Kyle called one time out too many. Utes should have won this game already. Instead, they are going to overtime. Utes have been pretty good over the years in overtime situations (other than a certain game last season), so have to be confident they can pull it out. Maybe.


Y fan here. Way to pull it out Utes. Congrats. Last year we heard how over rated Oklahoma was. Surely the Utes will agree that Pitt is no 15 starting this year.

AGAIN though, Congrats. Way to gut it out in spite of normal 1st game gaffes.


Nice job Utes. Should have had it in the bag a long time ago, but you managed to win it in overtime. In the end, the win is the only thing that matters. And hopefully Shaky won't drop so many balls going forward...at least until that game at the end of November.


From a life-long BYU fan ... CONGRATULATIONS Utah. I'm happy you won. Keep it up. I hope two excellent teams can meet for one final late-November game. I've always preferred BYU to beat an 10-0 rather than an 3-8 Utah Team. Keep it up.

BTW, Please put a good old-fashioned butt-kicking on TCU. I'm really sick of their whining and arrogance. Go Cougs!


it was a close game but they win in the end 27-24


Have I spoke to soon,Congradulation Utah Utes!!!!!!


Huge BYU fan here, giving kudos to the Utes. Nice job! I was actually going for PITT, since I hate the PAC 10 and Utah is by all rights now a PAC team, but ya did good! Way to go. Hope ya have a great season, until the end! Again, nice win!

Alpine Coug

Way to go Utes!! A great win over a BCS team. Great way to start your final year in the MWC. We are proud of you and hope you run the table until BYU comes to town in November. Kudos to Utah.

Captain L

Congrats to the Utes, good win, especially overcoming the turnovers and mistakes. Good first game with though.
I hope the Utes are undefeated when they play the Cougars.

Utah Valley Guy

Nice game, Utah! Way to uphold the state's good name!

- A Cougar Fan


Wow....Talk about a SHAKY start for the YEWTS Football season!

Reminds me of when TCU mopped Utah up and down the field in 2008 only to lose in the 4th Qtr....Now Utah knows how TCU felt!

Utah outplayed Pitt the whole game.....this should have never been this close...Wynn is no winner, and would be lucky to get any reps at BYU!

Yewts are Rice Bowling this year!


Great interception on a poorly executed throw. A win is a win. Congrats FUN for tying BYU on home victory. Sloppy game on both sides. Lots of work for practice.

Dig Dug

Man! Talk about almost blowing it. Oh well, beating a ranked team to start off the year can't be a bad thing! (At least we're grumbling about a win instead of a loss).

Overall, the offense looked like it could be very explosive, but they had a ton of mistakes. 3 TO's is too many, especially when 2 of them basically cost us a 14 point turn around. This game should have been wrapped up by early 4th. Again though, I am hopeful for this team as Pitt certainly looked like they had some good talent on that team. I'm surprised we held them up on O as much as we did, nice job defense!

I'd like to see more explosive action from the run game. Wynn will calm down too. We have to remember he is just a sophomore; kid's looking pretty good and I think he's got a good head overall. Nice throws tonight too.

GO UTES! I'm glad we stuck it to the Big Easy again. Pitt = 0-2 against the UTES!


Good job Utes! Kind of scary to let them back in it late, but for the first game against a highly ranked opponent you can't ask for any more. The great thing about a Whittingham coached team is that they'll learn from the mistakes made tonight.

Can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings!

Fully Invited

Wow! What a game! But I'm not happy WHY it was a close game- Shaky fumbling twice is unacceptable. And Wynn overthrew his receivers Waaaay too much. Oh well, though- I'll take it! Go Utes!!!


As a BYU fan, my hat goes off to the Utes. You guys know how to win at home and keep it exciting. You'll have a great season this year. Beat TCU.

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