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Published: Thursday, Sept. 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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BYU 2011 sched:
Texas, Oregon St., Utah, Utah St. Idaho, New Mexico st., La. Tech, Hawaii, San Jose St., Army, Navy,
12th game not yet determined. True ESPN payout $2-3 mil.
Utah 2011 sched:
Pitt, Boise St., Iowa St., Oregon, USC, Oregon St., ASU, Arizona, Stanford, CAL, Washington, UCLA. True payout from new PAC 12 tv deal: $16-18 mil.


Of course ESPN has nice things to say....when sugar daddy finds himself a new date, does he say nasty things about her? Of course not! ESPN, aka sugar daddy, just found themselves someone who was willing to play on Wednesdays and Thursdays! The question that remains unanswered among all the glee of Ybuers over a previously done two for one Texas deal and a six game Notre Dame deal which is at best is home/home 3 times, is who will schedule the Zoobies in October and November? Oh...Utah State and the rest of the runts of the WAC litter! I'd say the folks in Provo have just the kind of schedule they deserve! Good bye BCS!!

One Angry Salebarn Worker

True Football Reality:

$2m per home game televised. Pac 12 deal, $10m per school.

BYU 3 of the last 4 over UU.
27 of the last 40 over UU.
Recognized national program (could UU have commanded a similar deal with televisions sports leader)?
National Championships: BYU-1, UU-0
Oh, and Ave. ACT score of entering freshman:
BYU: 28
UU: 22

Nationally ranked academic programs: BYU-6, UU-0
BYU=The University of Utah


So what are you saying Jimmything? I give this two to three years and BYU will be making more money and have greater exposure than many expected. This is the real deal with many, many extra's. The schedule will be semi-weak at first, but don't think for a moment that BYU and ESPN haven't been doing some talking to the storied programs of the country.

Meanwhile look for more sanctions coming from the PAC-whatever. USC was hit hard and I think that there are others in future. While BYU will be playing in college football prime-time (Saturday afternoons and evenings) the PAC-? will be trying to compete and will be viewed by the west coast only.

Max for President


BYU 2011 win-loss record:

Utah (W)
Your Mamma (W)

Uncle Rico

So UTAH football did nothing to help launch ESPN?
Apparently not.

True payout? too funny.


@jimmything, there are a few problems with your calculations.
1. How does BYU play Utah but Utah does not play BYU?
2. BYU will get much more than 2-3 million from the ESPN contract. BYU also has the ability to market the games which ESPN does not televise locally, however it is projected that ESPN will televise all of BYU homegames on one of their stations. BYU will also generate additional revenue for their other sports.
3. Actual estimates of the PAC 12 tv deal is 14.5 million per member school. This figure is for all sports.
4. Utah will not get 14.5 in 2011. Per their agreement with the PAC 12, they are on a graduated revenue plan which will not pay full revenue until the 5th year.
5. BYU has a larger average game attendance than Utah and that does not appear to be changing any time soon.
If you take the time to calculate all of the numbers (which you haven't and I won't) I'm sure you will find that BYU's total football revenue exceed Utah's for the foreseeable future.


Many kudos to Tom Holmoe, LaVell Edwards, the Church Executives(who approved such a move). They did it the right way, with class! We would have no room on our schedule for the community college from SLC. I fully support BYU and have been a proponent for this change and a change in schedules. Not because of the athletes, but because of the administrations of a schools.


Oh you got us, Jimmything. 1:51am and your up trolling for BYU articles. The Utes are so great and powerful, we bow in your presence.

As a BYU fan, I am happy for the Utes. They truly deserve to be in the PAC 10 and will do well. Apparently, though, there are some Ute fans out there that just want BYU to implode. Get over it - your little brother attitude does not help the Utes' cause, rather pathetic. BYU is a national brand and has a national following - just the way it is. Even if it is only 2-3 million, it's 2 million more than BYU currently gets in the MWC.

Steven S Jarvis


That isn't the true schedule because Notre Dame is likely on BYU's schedule for 2011 but not 2012. That isn't Utah's real schedule either. They won't be playing all the PAC schools each year, just the ones in their division and three cross over games once CO joins. I am guessing the split/partner alignments will happen meaning that the Utes will either play UCLA or USC on any given year. As far as the money goes Utah is going to get 12-14 million once they are a full member of the PAC in a couple of years.

BYU will play 6 WAC schools with only Hawaii being an exciting matchup. They will play Notre Dame, Texas, Utah and Oregon St. They hopefully will have two more exciting games like Navy, Clemson or Texas Tech. The payout is going to be something like 5mil from TV, and 1 mil from a bowl. However, they will make considerably more revenue from rebroadcasting games. BYU is an international brand, and the most recognized US brand in Latin America. The exposure is going to be well worth what less the cougs make than Utah.


Jimmything, Utah won't be getting the full $16-18 mil for several years, 2014 I think. BYU's payday is probably a bit larger than $2-3 mil, but even if it isn't, it is substantially more than they get from the MWC now, with much more exposure and accessability to the fans. I for one am looking forward to it here in Indiana.


@Jimmy.. true, but it takes time to load the schedule. Had Utah not jumped to the PAC 10, what would there schedule be? Give it a few years, for both schools.

Y Grad / Y Dad

Kids, no matter how you slice or dice it (or slam it), this is heady stuff.

Critics chanted "over-rated," but ESPN didn't think so.

Critics were sure it all would fall flat, leaving BYU the humiliated, whipped puppy dog. It's only the first hurdle, but so far, so good.

Oh, and for good measure, did you catch the reference to Max Hall and in who's company he was placed?

Jimmything and others, continue to deflate one and over-inflate the other, but BYU just did something incredibly significant, and it is staring you in the face.

Brave new world, here we come!



Look, wake up...

BYU, just as they revolutionized College Football, with taking the forward pass to a new dynamic, are about to create a brand new paradigm in College Football.

That is, Teams with more "Casche" will be getting their just dues.

Capitalism will prevail over a "weird & twisted soicialistic/capitalistic/collusional-hybrid" which is now in place.

Uties, listen up.

You are not getting 18-20 million in the pending new Fox TV deal!

First of all...those contracts have not even been drawn up yet.

You will be getting Washington St. shares, not USC, Oregon, or UCLA money.

Texas and Oklahoma just established the pattern that the "Big Dogs" of Conferences will not be sharing, equally, TV revenues.

And, BYU has just added to the new Paradigm.

Teams with clout, (We know, save your breath, BYU is not Notre dame).

However, they are also not Wyoming, Baylor, Vanderbilt, Rutgers, Wash. St., Iowa St, Utah etc...

None of these schools could have cut the deal BYU just did. BYU's total package ESPN, BYU-TV (monetized), Local broadcast rights etc...

Right now...is worth 10-15 million annually.

BYU-rests on it's "Own Brand"....



Henry V was the one who really fought the French.


i think you are way underestimating byu and overestimating utah a bit.

also i think the schedule you have listed was assuming the WAC deal goes through, which it didn't. i think it will be different now. anyone else know? even then texas, utah, hawaii, navy, oregon state are all great or interesting games. unlike new mexico, unlv, colorado state, or wyoming.

either way, it isn't all about money. it is about getting out of the MWC and its terrible MTN contract.


i'm a domer (ND alumni). will be great to watch the irish here! might be able to afford a ticket now. :>

The Disillusionist

Leave it to a Ute fan to protest immediately and in great detail that he is not jealous and why (unsolicited, I might add). Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

You have deflated BYU's revenue and inflated Utah's. Utah will not make nearly that much during its first few seasons in the conference. Do your research.


To Jimmything: This article stated that BYU will get $700,000 to $1,200,000 per home game. That is not even including all of the money it will get from it's road games as well. That would put them at 10-12 million in football alone for the year. With basketball as well, the will probably be close to what Utah is making in the Pac 12 deal. Their 16-18 TV deal is for everything..... not just football.


I think BYU made the right move. They will win a BCS championship before Utah ever wins even a Pac 10 title, if they ever do. Utah 21 Pittsburgh 45. Take that Ute fans.

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