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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 1 2010 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Golf, baseball, soccer have to be thrilled to travel to the coast instead of to Laramie, Ft. Collins, New Mexico.


It's a great day for BYU! I'm excited to see the new schedule develop and know that I will not have to watch the mtn network next year!

Hooray for BYU. Hooray for well improved programs for both BYU and U of U. Better football coverage for Utah is great news. Put aside the stupid comments and keep the 'smack' for the rivalry games.

Now let's rally for USU and get something for them!


If you aren't an acceptable partner because of your "culture" you look for a culture where you are accepted. The WCC makes BYU basketball even more attractive (I'd take Gonzaga and St. Mary's over New Mexico and SDSU any day).

Johnny Triumph

BYU will strengthen a good league.


I can see it right now. Notre Dame @ BYU on ESPN at 9 ET Prime Time, while Utah is playing at Washington State on their worthless Comcast deal. Haha, I love it.


Funny how BYU will be going to a better basketball conference than the Utes next year.


this Zaninovich guy puts Craig Thompson to shame! So long Craigy boy!

DEW Cougars

wind never stop in Laramie for golf. bye bye Laramie


Not all that surprising cheezster08, the program has stalled in the last decade with only a handful of bright spots. This is coming from a Utah fan.


sls | 1:50 p.m. Sept. 1, 2010
If you aren't an acceptable partner because of your "culture" you look for a culture where you are accepted. The WCC makes BYU basketball even more attractive (I'd take Gonzaga and St. Mary's over New Mexico and SDSU any day).

Ahh, but in order to get St. Mary's and Gonzaga, you also have to take Portland, San Diego, and Loyola Marymount.


Cheezster08. Lets be realistic here. The WCC is a better basketball conference than the Pac-10? Please explain how you come to that conclusion. Shall we go by total basketball national championships? The Pac-10 has 16, soon to be 17 with Utah joining the conference. The WCC has 2. I guess that argument is out. Maybe you were referring to powerhouses? Hmm...UCLA (10 titles), Stanford & Arizona vs. Gonzaga, BYU & St. Mary's? Nope, I guess there goes that argument. And by the way, just because BYU was better last season than Utah doesn't make them the better basketball program. Last I checked Utah tied for the title two seasons ago and won the conference tourney, which I'm pretty sure would count as a tie-breaker. When was the last time BYU went to the sweet 16? Utah went this decade. Final 4 appearances? (crickets chirping) Still waiting. Yeah, you should probably do your research before you post. You're making the normal BYU fans look bad.

Cali Coug

We have a better TV footprint than the PAC...SD, LA, SFC, Seattle, Portland, SLC and the world...the u must be wondering, "Why do they beat us at everything".


cheezster08, what are you talking about 'worthless Comcast deal'?
The Pac-10 now gets coverage on ABC, ESPN, and the Fox Sports network. USC vs Hawaii is on ESPN tomorrow (09-02-2010). So, Haha what?
Utah will be getting big-time exposure in the Pac-12. Both BYU and Utah made great moves by leaving the MWC. The MWC media package is the worst thing that ever happened to the MWC.
A person can buy higher-quality cameras at BestBuy than the Mtn station uses. And exposure.... someone told me that that the Mtn STILL is not on the Dish Network. Boise St will probably get out of there now.

Cali Coug

Re Duggity

so then according to you the Y's football program is much, much, much better than the u's. We have a NC, multiple top 25 rankings and have won three of the last four...good to see you admit the Y is superior in all things.

Brave Sir Robin

Re: Cali Coug

Are you serious? Tell me you're not serious. "We have a better TV footprint than the PAC".

If you're talking total population, then you may be right. Too bad nobody's watching the WCC in those cities. I guarantee you that for every person in San Diego watching a USD game, there are 50 watching USC.

Just because you're in the market doesn't mean the market will watch. Just because your channel is available in a home doesn't mean that home is watching it. BYU admins and fans seem to have trouble understanding this simple principle. Or do you honestly believe that you'll be getting 55 million viewers for football because your channel reaches 55 million people?


Right now the Pac10 conference sucks in basketball. That is the facts. Championships in the 60's,70's, and 80's aside.

Flaming Liberal

Congratulations BYU on your successful quest to keep up with the Utes and to avoid the imminent annual beat-downs from TCU and BSU.

Let's recap for our readers:

Utah- step up to the PAC-10.

BYU- stumble down to the WCC (I had never heard of it until last week).


Cali Coug. You're right, because the world is going to tune in to see BYU play Pepperdine instead of that big soccer soccer match. Let's put this in perspective for you so you can awaken from your delusions. BYUTV or whatever they will call it will be broadcast around the world, but what percentage of the world will watch it for the game? First off, outside of America there is virtually no interest in American Football, and what little there is will be focused on NFL football. You point to the number of members in other states but fail to account for the fact that most of them are families so you have to drop the number of televisions by at least 70% if we figure in having between 2 and 3 kids. Of that remaining amount how many are college football fans? Of those, how many are BYU fans instead of being fans of their local school? Having served my mission in Louisiana, I can tell you that the only ones there that root for BYU are the transplants. The rest are LSU fans. Long story short; that footprint is an illusion.


I just love the headline....

"BYU accepts invite to the WCC"



Why must Utah's good fortune be a coup against BYU and why must BYU's move to independence and the WCC be about having a better TV footprint than the U? Why can't we all just be happy that good things are happening to Utah schools which represent all Utahns at some time or other. The only time I don't root for the U is when they play the Y. There really is enough happiness to go around. We don't have to take away someone else's ice cream cone to enjoy our own. You kids start behaving.

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