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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 1 2010 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Home Run.

I was skeptical, but no more.

chase SL

This is a sign that everything will work out just how we planned it. Go cougs!

Utah fans are envious!


Great! I am as excited as anyone to see the ESPN deal and ability to see the home games on Dish (I haven't lived anywhere near Utah for many years).

Now, we need to get out there and win some games. Not winning in any major bowl in the last 14 years has also put us in this situation (ie. not getting invited to the PAC and needing to go independent). Let's beat Fla State, TCU and Utah on the road this year, and return to the days of being unbeatable at home. We have a history of talking about what we deserve rather than getting down to business and EARNING our recognition!!


Rest in peace 'The mtn'


Great News! As a graduate of the U of U, what a pleasure it will be to watch BYU in HD. I'm looking forward to more positive news like this to offset the inevitable negative comments from . . . . you know who. I'm equally proud of both schools.


So much for the "short-term independence" as a means to getting a BCS conference invite. Clearly BYU knows that nobody is knocking down the door to bring BYU in.


Very good news, indeed! Let's celebrate this new beginning of a very promising program.

Johnny Triumph

This brings huge exposure to BYU across the nation and the world. Great work building this agreement!

Over the Top

Thank you Pres. Samuelson and Tom Holmoe!!! Well done. Looking forward to SEEING the Cougars on TV!


Notre Dame and Texas make the cornerstones for a successful broadcast package, no matter who else is on the schedule. BYU has done things well.


Speechless. Tom Holmoe and President Samuelson knocked it out of the park!!


This much exposure should probably come with an XXX rating. In the end, BYU gets the last laugh . . . ahhhaaahaaaah!


I'm so glad to know there will be no more Mtn TV for BYU sports! Such good news!


I can't believe this announcement! Too good to be true! Living in central Illinois, I'm looking forward to watching more than the bowl game every year. I'm especially excited about being able to watch games on BYUTV.

I know that there are a lot of cougar fans who think that the affiliation with the WCC is a step down, but I don't see it as such. These are all highly respected schools and several frequently grace top 25 lists in sports.

I say good on ya, BYU!

Tom in CA

@Otis; hedgehog; Chris B; and friends etal:

Well boys - the news just keeps getting better. This is just the start.

Keep coming back for more news breaking articles that are exciting and credible - we all stopped paying any attention to you all's blathering long ago.

Louisiana Cougar

Apparently the national exposure and the ESPN deal were BYU's primary reasons for going independent.

Am I the only one who thinks that the long-term game plan is to move to a BCS Conference?

Having the opportunity to watch BYU on television is something I'll certainly enjoy.

Double Rainbow

No we aren't lol


3 year deal with Texas

6 year deal with Notre Dame

8 year deal with ESPN

Looks like ESPN and others have the opinion that BYU is a valuable commodity.

17 times in the final AP top 20 (top 25 starting in 1989)

1 consensus (all major polls agree) National Championship

Football teams have ebbs and flows; high and lows. However, consistency is what ESPN has seen in BYU and will see in the future.

I am not comparing BYU with any other team nor go down the list of successes and failures.

If anyone wants to bad mouth, take it up with ESPN and tell them how you are so much smarter than they are.


We are envious... While we are sitting on our pile of money

Veritas Aequitas

BYU's future looks sweet.

Let's hope we see the inside of RES for the last time this year...

Not enough prestige playing a lower tier PAC team to make up for all the "anti-zoob" parinoia.

Although I wouldn't mind signing a deal to play SWBU in basketball.

I'm sure BYU could take that powerhouse in the MC.

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