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Published: Thursday, Sept. 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Gifford VanBuren

Maybe the church should go Independent so that they can have more control of their own destiny and brand.


I thought Church doctrine was that ALL souls would have the opportunity to have proxy ordinances before the second coming. I am not questioning the decision of the Church to remove these names, but it is sad that a doctrine given by Christ has to be changed because of hurt feelings.


Silly comments aside... (10:13am) I'm proud to belong to a church that goes out of their way to do the right thing!


What a shining example of how to resolve difference between organizations. Nations of the world, world religions or, for that matter, our own Congress should do likewise to make life better for everyone. What a momentus day.


One thing, when the LDS Church gives their word, they keep it, but we as members of the church have to do our part. So if countries permit our presence there and ask us not to teach others, then we do not teach others. The best way to teach, is be a good example and the best way to be a good example is to honor the word given by the Church to other people.

As Indexers we sign an agreement, first not to take information from other sources and second that we do not take names we find while indexing to the Temple. All the indexed names will go to Record Search and then we can go there to find our family names.


@Gifford - Maybe that's a dumb idea.


I believe that ALL souls WILL have the opportunity to have proxy ordinances done for them BEFORE the second coming of Christ. That will take time for it to happen but they will be given the right and privilege to do what they will want to have done for themselves AND their descendants.



The first shall be last and the last shall be first. The Jewish people were first to receive the gospel when the Savoir was here, and then the gentiles afterwards. Now the gentiles have the gospel, and the Jewish people will have to wait, even in the next life.



Your wrong about your understanding of proxy ordinances being preformed before the second coming. Proxy work for the dead will continue through out the millennium, it will not be complete at the return of Christ. No doctrine of Christ is being changed here. There is a difference between hearing the gospel and having all the proxy work completed.

Chris B

At the end of the day, even if I don't agree with Mormons beliefs, they have the right to do what they please in terms of who they do those baptisms in the temples for. Unintentionally offending someone, or even intentionally offending someone is not illegal.


@ 10:28
"But many that are first shall be last: and the last shall be first." Matt 19:30

They were the first to receive the truth and lost it, they have simply assured they will be the last to get it back.

Pete in Texas

Amen TJMcDonald and Cabinfever.

The church is well aware that it is better right here and now to try and be a 'good neighbor' knowing that the work for these individuals who have passed on WILL get done. It's unfortunate it will have to be postponed, since that means longer waiting for those who are waiting for it to happen, but I applaud the church for being as accomodating as they can to try and soothe relations in this manner.

Great church. Great leaders. Great decision.


This is a significant blow to Helen Radkey. She has had a single-minded agenda to foment relations between the LDS church and Jewish organizations. Perhaps now she'll fade into obscurity as has every other unfortunate soul who leaves the church but then cannot leave it alone. I genuinely feel sorry for her.

Tom in CA

@ Gifford 10:13

You comment was brilliant - reflective of the highly educated person you are.


much ado about nothing.....since the Jews don't believe our doctrine - that proxy baptisms have power - then why be upset at all.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

Jews killed in the Holocaust were killed because of race, not because of religion. To try to claim it is an affront to their death to perform baptismal rites for them is disingenous.

A large portion of the Jews killed in the Holocaust had rejected the existence of God or had no clear views on the matter. Others were converts to Christianity, including all converts to Catholicism in Belgium.

The Nazis attempted to define Jews as a racial group and enialate them on this basis. The fact that inter-marriage between Jewish Germans and Christian Germans, often after the Jewish Germans conversion to various forms of Christianity, meant that the Nazi program was impossible to be fully implemented in Germany, but there were many Catholics in the "Warsaw Ghetto".

The Gathering of Holocaust Survivors, as well as the makers of many Holocaust Memorial Museums have misappropriated the memory of the Holocaust by speaking so heavily of Jewish religion that they give the false impression that Jews were killed because of their religion. They were killed because of their race.

Also, the fact that the Gypsies are so heavily ignored is saddening.


To ChrisB: You're right; the LDS Church would be protected by the free exercise clause of the First Amendment if it continued to perform baptisms on behalf of Holocaust victims. It's doing this not because it's legally required to, but because it wants to go out of its way to show sensitivity to Jewish people.


Understanding the doctrine and thinking of all the trillions of people who have ever lived on the earth, one can surmise that there are plenty of souls who can be baptized. The souls during the millennium that want the work will communicate with the living and their work will be done then. Offending ANY religion is not Christian and is not part of the LDS faith. We seem to do enough of that without even trying, so efforts to heal those offences should be celebrated by all members.


If lds families have jewish ancestry and want to do their temple, it can be done.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

Church doctrine has consistently been for years that you should do the work for your own ancestors.

I have heard it taught on multiple occasions that many converts join the Church because of the direction of their own ancestors.

It is also against Church policy to perform temple work for anyone born less than 95 years ago without approval of their closest living relative. In many ways the G of HS constitutes "the closest living relative".

since President Woodruff's direction in the 1890s Church policy has been that baptisms for the dead need to be performed for your own family.

The current policy allows people who actually have ancestors who died in Auschwitz and Treblinka to perform baptisms for them. As King Benjamin taught it is neccesary that everything be done in wisdom and order, and performing baptisms for the dead for people who died in the last century who have living relatives who see this as extremely offensive is not such, espeially if they are relatives closer to you.

On the other hand if you want to do the temple work for your widow, your child's objection is inmaterial.

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