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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Well the decision has been made. Was it the right one? Only time will tell. I would like to think that it is. Although the football scheduling worries me. Hopefully the rumors about us trying to schedule things with Texas Tech and Clemson are true, and that we can get a long term deal done with Notre Dame.
One of the big positives is that as a resident of SoCal I will have the opportunity to watch BYU play in person several times a year since USD, Loyola, and Pepperdine are all in the area.
Go Cougs!!!


Before my fellow Ute fans get on here making stupid and arrogant comments about BYU, let me say this:

Congratulations BYU. Independence is better than staying in the MWC. Good luck in your endeavors and I hope to see you on the schedule each year.


A respectful Ute fan.


Number 1

How sad it feels to be alone...


this makes me happy


"Cougar football coach Bronco Mendenhall said he supports the decision by school administrators and is excited about the future."

Whether Bronco really feels that way or not, who knows? I suspect the top brass are putting a lot of pressure on coaches to say the right things publicly, and not rock the boat. I'll bet Bronco, in his more candid moments, expresses a few reservations.


Let Freedom Ring... YEAH BABY! If we don't win another football game, I can handle it because after this season WE WON'T BE ON THE MOUNTAIN ANYMORE. HALLELUJAH!

This puts BYU in a great position to get $1 Million per game on ESPN for up to 5 games in 2011 (they only get $1.3 Million for the whole season on the Mountain now!) and then jump to the Big 10/14 in 2012. It will become a super conference with a championship, and BYU will have the resume and be in position to join when the opportunity comes.

The other sports will do just fine in the WCC - Basketball with Gonzaga, St Mary's and Loyolla Marymount is not that bad :) The sports the WCC doesn't have don't really need a conference (ie we don't play in the MWC in Vollyball now)

So I see nothing but good coming from this. Can't wait to see the plan unfold.

So the final thing on my Christmas Wish this year is to beat Utah in this last and final showdown as conference rivals :) But even if they don't ... YEAH!!!!


Is it me or does it seem like the media is trying to fuel a controversy where there is none. BYU got independence in football. Good for BYU. The WCC is good in bball. At least as good as the MWC. Other sports will work themselves out. So no controversy.


The last act of the farce takes place at the press conference! Moliere would be proud!


This will be an interesting day reading all of the different ways of the twisted logic, the different crude remarks, the hate spewed forth, the jealous comments and low-life remarks the Ute fans will regurgitate.

The more they write, the more envious they are and always have been.

But remember, it does not matter to us that Utah might become a bottom dweller, we will still support you.

Wiley Old School

I wonder what the buyout clause is to leave the WCC?


@ regis. So now you are a mind reader! Wow! So what am I thinking and what is it that I am going to write? I will wait for your response.


Yeah, BYU just won another national title!

calm down cougar blue, ESPN has no interest in showing BYU vs New Mexico State or BYU vs San Jose State, or BYU versus Utah State, or BYU vs ... (hopefully you get it by now)

Care should always be taken when you are granted what you wish for. Independence brings more options, but they might not be the best options.

It will take a lot more work than the school officials think in piecing together a schedule, and get ready for 4 or 5 home games a year if BYU does get quality opponents.


Sounds good for football, although playing 2 BCS teams plus BSU, Hawaii, USU and Utah is not an improvement over our current schedule. Right now we are only talking about what MIGHT be, which is no guarantee. We get more money for Fball by playing outside the MWC and more "exposure" on BYU TV (only known to LDS). What about the huge drop in revenue for Basketball playing in gymnasiums at schools with 4,000 students???

No one has really answered these questions and where it leaves us in terms of revenue, real exposure and what it will do for the Church, recruiting and overall improvement of our sports programs.

Oh, and BYU TV had better up its schedule as well. We will not attract and hold viewers (LDS or non LDS) with the current lineup of scrapbook shows and Education Week speakers. More recent Church movies and Mormonads as a start. We may need to hire younger, more creative (non Utah) programming staff.

Give Me A Break

Being the firststring armchair quarterback for BYU this year I am excited for the change. For all the want-a-be quarterbacks who will soon comment, I wish you had all of the information necessary to understand this playcall. I suggest fastening your seat belt. This ride is about to take off!

What a gutsy call. It is fourth down. The defense wants you for breakfast. As you are about to snap the ball a play comes from the sidelines. Could it be? You look at the coach who nods approval. You yell to the team. The clock! Only one second remains. HIKE! The ball is in your hands. You fade left, behemoths are crashing through the line. You fake a run, then suddenly from nowhere the left tackle runs right past you as you hand him the ball. Your receivers are streaking down field. You make a good block on a bruiser. He doesn't know what happened. He spins. Your lineman cocks his arm and unleashes a spiral over everyone's head except the streaking receiver. He catches it and runs for all he is worth. Everyone wonders, where did a lineman get an arm like that?

Louisiana Cougar

I guess the Cougars burned their bridges with the MWC and had no leverage in considering the option to remain as a conference member.

My personal opinion is that this idea to be an Independent was (and is) a very bad idea. Time will tell.

But I will continue to bleed Cougar blue!


Good luck to BYU in the move to independence, there is another story of football independence in the beehive state that did not go so well, that being Utah State. When Utah State had their big west affiliation pulled out from under them because the conference dropped football, the Aggies really struggled. The Aggs deteriorated so far in football that they are just now getting it together after a stint in the Sunbelt Conference and then the WAC. This was a very hard time for the Aggies and the Aggie faithful.

BYU is truly a national program and has national marketing build in. They can draw a large crowd in any city in the country, and stay connected with their fan base via byutv. Good Luck to BYU in this new venture.


ike -- Good thought. It will sort itself out. I agree with LaVell Edwards: I can't figure out what MWC brass were thinking to let BYU get away.

I suspect the financial take for other MWC teams will diminish significantly.


I've never seen a fanbase so excited about going to a conference that only two weeks ago they hadn't heard of. The jury is out on if this will help or hurt the football program, but the other programs are taking a sizable step backward in terms of level of competition and relevance.


be careful of what you wish for. in a few years BYU will have to keep winning a large percentage of the games it plays to stay relevant.

does anyone know if BYU has a buyout clause in the WCC? I do not feel that independence is the long term answer. I can not see the Big 12 adding BYU.
However, I can see a super conference made from the dust of three conferences CUAS, MWC, and WAC teams which would include BYU.

how about UAB, Mississippi, Memphis, Tulane, Houston, TCU in the eastern division and Air Force, Boise st, Fresno st. San Diego State, UNLV and BYU in the Western division. no silly MTN and a conference that would gain respect nationally, provide stability, and maintain natural rivalries.

with two crossover conference games a year that would give BYU and other conference members 5 games to play national powers or regional rivals.

I'm not saying that BYU should do so now. but in 2016 when major conference contracts run out. its an option that BYU should consider.


I agree, this is a better option than staying in the MWC without Utah. So I give the Cougs props for taking the plunge.

That said, this does not even come close to matching Utah's move to the Pac-12. Not even debatable. Utah got their first choice, BYU settled for their 3rd/4th choice. Those are just the facts.

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