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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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I admire the courage and support the move wholeheartedly! The Cougars and Utes have carried the MWC for a decade and the rest of the conference provided nothing. I love the access to BYU football without the MTN--sports worst-ever network, and though I first thought the WCC would be a death sentence for basketball, I now think the Cougars addition makes it at least equal to the MWC and easily better than the WAC. We'll love having the basketball team playing on the west coast more!


Howard Beal,

Last time I checked BYU football schedule for 2011:

Oregon State
Out little Brothers to the north (that'd be UTES)
Utah State

And 8 more opponents that I'm sure will be mentioned in tomorrow's news conference.

Nice try on trying to minimize a great move by your superior brothers to the south, that have owned your so-called Utes that were the 3 eyed step-sister that Mr. Scott of the PAC 10 was left with, once Texas and its other BIG12 buddies saw the light that joining the PAC10 was a mistake...mark my words, what BYU just did, will become the trend of the future by the other biggies out there that attempt to set-up their own TV packages like no one else has done other than your big brothers to the south...enjoy your future 6-6 records in the PAC12, the conference no one watches due to their late-at-night game starting times, that no one east of Denver, CO even tunes into...swallow that fact YWTIES...keep your jealousy coming, your BIG brother to the south just made your big-time move to the PAC irrelevant!


Haven't read every comment (can't keep up!) but many seem to lament BYU's chances of getting into a BCS game. They just don't get it. This isn't about selling out for the sake of the BCS. It should be obvious to all that BYU's motivation is not the 'mighty' BCS but the exposure and opportunity to pursue its vision and not kowtow to the flame of the moment. The BCS' days in this form are numbered. The 'sellout' of other sports would be the continued sorry MWC exposure for the sake of football and vanity hoping for validation by the 'in' crowd. I'll miss the 'traditional' conference affiliations too. But I also don't think this will be the last alignment, and when the sorry BCS is finally really busted, those who sold out to pursue it may rue what it's done to them as much as any who turned their backs on the hype of the moment. Someday people will mock the BCS 'trophies' as much as some mock the pre-BCS trophies. This will be hard but it's more honest than a lot of alternatives.


Ah yes finally out of that pathetic tv deal with the MWC and on to more national exposure and revenue. Not too mention a more exciting schedule, not having to be tied to the same old conference games every year. I think this is a great move for BYU and having their other sports in the WCC will be beneficial as well, especially Mens Basketball since the WCC already has a contract with espn to show their games. No more games stuck on the Mountain, now we either have espn or HD byutv which is already in 60 million homes. Also, this move could end up the launching pad to a BCS conference, the big 12 will eventually expand to 12 teams and with more exposure, people across the nation will get to see just what BYU is all about.


Well, there's always "rowing" to look forward to...I just don't understand the decision though...basketball is a huge BYU sport and in the WCC it won't be at the same level or competitiveness and will assume that over time they'll not do well in the recuiting battes for the best of the best and talent will choose to go else where, dare I say Utah, or some other Pac 12 or other BCS conference school. I wish the Y the very best as they set off on their new course, however, I don't see easy sailing in the football waters either.


I am so excited to be out of the MWC. It is a sham----with Craig Thompson as its commissioner. I hope Boise State and UTU join with them. UNLV is a great school, so is SDS. I think TCU will join Conference USA. Wyoming and CSU are great schools also. AF is the only team that will benefit, because they will move up in the MWC. All the other teams are going to have to scramble to get in a better conference. I see SDS and UNLV joining the WCC also---maybe not this year, but give them a year. I am excited for the Cougs, as I was for Utah. Go Cougs

Tom in CA

@hedgehog, Chris B, Otis, Howard Beal, wildcat, et al and the rest of your ilk:
Nice try with all your incoherent comments. Your intelligence only preceeds your jealousy.

Right on with your analysis.

Independence was no knee jerk reaction to the decisions of the TUN. This has been in the making for a prolonged period of time - the BYU broadcast facilities were not conceived and built in the past 6 weeks.

As to the "other" sports programs not organized in the WCC - the Y will have no problem being affiliated with other reputable programs.

The WCC is a great place and good fit for BYU - as they will be in a highly visible marketplace.

The Y football program will attract and play any high profile team they want.

Rise and Shout - the Cougars are out!!


Congratulations to BYU football for going independent! That seems like a good move for BYU football going forward.

I hope things work out for the rest of BYU athletics. It will be good for BYU basketball and baseball in the WCC. Hopefully BYU volleyball can keep things moving forward.


BYU Schedule for 2011 will include
@Oregon State
Utah State



It will be interesting to see what becomes of this.

$10-15 mil/year is a very generous estimate. That would only be if ESPN played more than 5 of their home games at the highest price they were will to pay for 1 game, which won't be likely. I'd say they are more likely to get between $4-8 mil/year in TV revenue.

The ONLY way BYU is going to the BIG 12 is if Texas decides they are bigger than the conference and goes independent. Texas doesn't want to share revenue and doesn't want BYU in their conference. They want TCU even less in the conference.

Then if Texas leaves, you could likely see the other Big 12 teams bolt for a new conference, ie Big 10, Pac 12, and SEC. So quit dreaming of the Big 12. Ah... keep dreaming, just like you've been dreaming for years of the PAC 10, til this year.

It will be interesting to see if BYU can consistently schedule any teams that will be top 25 teams for home and home games, besides Utah.

BTW, I don't smoke.

Good Luck BYU


I expect to see Utah State get an offer from the mwc now.


@Cougars-Wise Older Brothers

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Just because BYU is independent in football doesn't mean they can just schedule who they want. That is still undecided.

You mention BYU going home-and-home with Notre Dame. That hasn't happened, bro. They do get TExas, which is nice but thaty happened while they were still afiliated with the MWC.

What WILL happen is Utah going home-and-home with USC, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Oregon State, Stanford, as well as Washington State (which occasionally has a good team--don't belive me? check out your BYU's head-to-head against those "other cougars").

You mention BYU going national ESPN, but it is likely BYU will only have a few games on that network (though they will still be better that what they get on MTN). Utah may have opportunities on ESPN and ABC as well. So, it's likely a wash.

Oh, and Utah plays Notre Dame this year on NBC.

So, enough with the Ute hating.

I say it's intriguing what BYU has done and only time will tell how much this will affect their football competitiveness.


This is an awesome move by BYU, $, exposure and a great market that BYU is bringing to California, Oregon, and Washington by joining the WCC, and wouldn't it seem logical that BYU has already made a deal with ESPN, otherwise why make the move? BYU will now make at least 5 to 10 times more money now than they do in the Mountain West. Good for the Cougars! I am excited to see how everything happens, and who knows this may be a short term thing for BYU...Big 12 anybody in a couple of short years?


Ute fans claim that the Y is tiny and irrelevant yet they are always posting on Y stories...go and enjoy your conference, congrats on being selected to the PAC-12, and please take your garbage posts with you.


I find it ironic that Utah fans comment SO much on our articles. Find your own articles! Good Luck and Good Bye!

Bob in Boise

BYU going independent is the right move and a risk worth taking. Staying put in the MWC in football has no upside. As far as how this might affect BYU's appearing in a BCS Bowl, they are no further or closer than they were while in the MWC. The formula is still the same-go undefeated. I will use Utah's most recent BCS trip as an example. Utah had a number of games that year that easily could have gone either way; games they had to come from behind to win. The game against TCU comes to mind. As good as the Utes were that year, they also had a little bit of luck going their way. Very few teams go undefeated in a season. BYU has finished at the top or close nearly every year in the MWC. They haven't managed to put together an undefeated season recently. Based on Bronco Mendenhall's first five years at BYU, he certainly seems capable of making that happen. I see the football program as solid and getting better all the time. Independence should be a definite plus.


The WCC plays basketball on Sundays. Are they going to change for BYU?


This move is a direct result of the horrible television deal put forth by the MTN West Conference. I would rather see BYU leave the MTN West and play as an Independent in football, than be unable to get good television coverage. BYU will be able to use its own network to show all of its sports w/o MTN West interference. In the long run, BYU's football team will benefit from this move through greater television coverage. As for the other sports, I don't think this move hurts them for basketball and volleyball. I will love seeing BYU play Gonzaga.


BYU gives up little by leaving the sinking MWC and gains freedom for better exposure and a better TV deal. Good on the Cougs for having the guts to take the more uncertain route with more upside. Going back to the LV Bowl for the umpteenth time would do little to advance the program.

And ESPN is lovin' it!!!

Scotty Boy

USU stuck by BYU, and then gets stuck in the back again. Thanks for the HONESTY from Scott Barnes and President Albrect. They are the only ones that have "Intergirty".

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