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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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I agree with this being a gutsy move. It's big business. Good luck BYU! (really)

Oh Yeah - GO UTES!


Utah to the Pac10
BYU to the WCC

Does anything else need to be said?


Did BYU just take the target off of Utah's back regarding leaving the MWC...actually likely killing the MWC? Could be - if so thanks!


Big Hapa

Lets see Utah a school that was 9th or 10th on the slection list of the PAC to help it form a 12 team conferance. This PAC decision was made because Utah will draw in a huge national audiance on saturday when they share the billing with the SC's and the Stanfords of the conferance.

This Utah team that left the MWC not for the 15 million in T.V. revenue but because it had a higher calling of virtue and integrity. Let us not forget that the PAC for years has secretly wanted the mighty Utes as a part of the PAC.

Yes sir Ute fan you are a fan of the only University in the USA, oh heck the world, no the galaxy that didn't leave there current conferance for the benjamin's.

Hey psst the tooth fair is real !
"POLY" Cougar Nation

Henry Drummond

My immediate reaction is along the lines of "what about Utah State University?"


The more I think about it....the more I like it. Football will be fine....better even.. and playing basketball in the WCC does seem to make sense. Private religious institutions...they are pretty good teams....plus no more Mountain West Conference basketball tournament on UNLV's home court!


Dear Ute-Homers/BYU bashers;

Keep all your comments coming, the more we hear them, the more jealous it makes you sound...joining the PAC10 was never going to happen, and thanks to Nevada and FSU, neither is joining WAC going to happen. Tell me something, for the past 2 years, what has the PAC10 done in B-Ball? The WCC w/ Gonzaga and St. Mary's made it into the tourney, and the PAC10 also had 2 team if I remember right...as for staying the in the MWC, now that Nevada and Fresno has come to the table, your so-called TV $'s just got smaller. Why would BYU have even considered staying in that loser conference...HECK NO! Keep you jealous babbling going when your big brother to the south rake-it-in to the tune of $10-15 million starting next years...your PAC10 arrangement won't be kicking in for another 2 years. With BYU's Football program returning most of their starters from this years inexperienced squad, bets are that a 10-12 win finish next year, could be a very attractive proposition for the BIG12 to consider for expansion...stuff thatinyourpipesandsmokeit boys!

Howard Beal

BYU's 2011 schedule:

Game 1: Applachian State (stunning loss at home like Michigan)
Game 2: Tennessee Tech (not the real Tennesse but a good home win)
Game 3: Weber State (it's always good to pound Ron McBride)
Game 4: Utah State (The Aggies will forgive us for a home conference Friday game)
Game 5: Idaho (This is no Big Sky team, but they aren't Boise State either)
Game 6: Hawaii (will travel to the Island to get extra game on the schedule???)
Game 7: New Mexico State (reunited with old secondary coach)
Game 8: San Jose State (we start to think we should have just went to the WAC but Bay area is nice in late October)
Game 10: UTEP (Mike Price is still there right?)
Game 11: SUU (the tour of Utah is complete, well no chance SUU get on the charter bus and get up to Provo)
Game 12: Utah (if BYU is lucky--Utah is a mediocre PAC-12 team and BYU is 11-1 (gosh darn Appalachian State!)
Game 13: Conference Championship game but wait...oh no!
Game 14: Rematch with Idaho in the Humanitarian Bowl!


It appears Weber State is in a better conference than BYU now. Sure, I know some of you will say Gonzaga and St. Mary's for Mens BB, outside of that nothing--and you will be in high school-sized gyms in a liberal and Catholic majority conference--I don't hink they will cater to you like the MWC did.

BYU football will have to deal with the other team's conference officials, trying to put together a schedule (good luck getting any MWC teams to play you, and I don't think the PAC-10 will want to play you either), and the recruiting will suffer, especially for the other sports in the WCC. Sure, you will get money, but your football team will fall into mediocrity and have absolutely no chance at the BCS bowl games. This could be the beginning of the end for athletics at BYU.

It came down to BYU swallowing their pride and doing the wise thing, and they failed miserably. You'll be begging the MWC for membership in 5 years or so, or the Big Sky (better facilities than WCC).

Pride goeth before the fall! BYU is in freefall, YEAH!


I really like this move.

Financially it makes A LOT of sense. The WCC sports are far better than the MWC or WAC. (Basketball, Women's Soccer- two good $$ makers).

BYU can schedule like Florida, etc. (8 home games a year) and we can actually watch the games on ESPN and HD. Honestly, the few games I ever saw on the MTN were TERRIBLE at best. Like a high school TV station.

Finally, who is the biggest LOSER here? Craig Thompson & the MWC. Your conference just lost its biggest schools- the cornerstone of the conference. Craig tried to play hard ball with BYU- and while he made it inconvenient, he just burned bridges.

The other losers- sad to say UTAH STATE and BOISE STATE. Good luck trying to see Boise play a game. And with the high tv quality you won't be able to tell the difference between smurf turf and the other team. Also, now that they added Fresno & Nevada- that 1.2 million dollar tv split now became $1mil.


No big secret that football rules the roost and all other sports, well good luck.


BYU will have no problem scheduling.

Remember, any BYU game at home or on the road will be on National TV either ESPN or BYUTV, not the mtn., or VS or CBS College, but on virtually every cable/satellite system, Dish, Direct, Comcast, Cox, all of them.

Strong selling points when scheduling an opponent. The Opponents will be on National TV simply by playing BYU.

Did you realize that even Comcast, which owns half the Mountain, never offered the mtn. on it's National Footprint?

Also, BYU's ESPN deal will be even better, because, ESPN won't have to haul their own trucks, HD station etc, just merely walk accross the street, to East of the Marriott Center.

It's all here, just book your Tickets, Herbstreit, and the boys, we've got you covered.

As for other sports...The WCC has a higher RPI than does the MWC. The Womem's soccer is rated higher, and the WCC already has an ESPN contract.

BYU already plays in the MPAC, Womens softball will find a home.

Again, Exposure Baby.

The ability to see BYU Sports again.

The shackles are finally off.

Free at last, Free at last....


talk about saving your leg by cutting your arm off!! Holy cow BYU what are you doing??? I will bet they pack the Marriott Center to watch BYU play Portland and Bo-diddly tech too!! Oh and say goodbye to softball, swimming, diving and track. Losing track is huge!! I personally think this is the beginning of the end for BYU NCAA competition. No one is going to play the Y in football and what player is going to come play for the Y not knowing what sort of NFL exposure they will get? Notre Dame gets teams like Mich State and USC out of tradition ..but BYU?? Not gonna happen. I predict in 5 years BYU will drop all athletics. If I am a BYU athlete I am looking right now to transfer somewhere else. What a joke.


Bottom line: Utah did something BYU couldn't do by getting an invite to the PAC12. BYU did something that Utah could never do by going indy.

Fact and fact. Move on.

Go Cougs!!! Beat UW!!!




"bets are that a 10-12 win finish next year, could be a very attractive proposition for the BIG12 to consider for expansion."

ahhh, still dreaming of a BCS conference invite?

On the eve of your big indy anouncement you sill have the need to mention a BCS invite?

Your pain must run deep.


The WCC is barely above a junior college conference. Nice move BYU... I guess you have finally found someone you can compete with. This is embarassing.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers

The mass hysteria emanating from the hill is music to the ears of all true blue BYU fans.

BYU just trumped Utah's move to the PAC 10.

Utah is going west coast.

BYU is going national.

Utah is going regional FOX Sports.

BYU is going national ESPN.

Utah is going home-and-home with Washington St.

BYU is going home-and-home with Notre Dame.



Maybe the next move will be to join with Snow College, Dixie State and CEU? I will bet their basketball recruiting will just sky rocket now !!! BYU basketball better get used to playing in alot high school type gyms going forward!!! BYU's recruiting in all sports is going to TANK!!! Gee mom, I get to play in front of 350 people at Portland State!! Yes sir, BYU is for me!!!


This fails, keep your eyes out for some good property deals where the old LES used to stand. Unless BYU brings bags of money with them to get other schools to play them, why would anyone take a chance scheduling them. They used to be a quality team from a conference of BCS busting teams. Now, they are affiliated with no one.

I can just see it going into a sports bar and ask them to turn on BYU TV so that you can watch the game.... yeah, right.

I hope they are luckier than I think they will be, because I would hate to see a proud organization like BYU football fail.

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