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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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byu athlete

From what I heard amongst the track office at byu is the other sports will join another conference...first choice being the big 12 then conf. usa....or wherever they can find a home but they will do away with the other sports not in the WCC....all around its gonna be pretty cool...the WCC has some great b-ball schools, womens soccer is nationally ranked, cross country, a few good baseball teams, etc,.....and with byu tv all other sports besides track will get exposure such as track....byu brings alot to the wcc too....no one tells byu what to do and with the added tv revenue from our own football tv contract will be able to do alot more....and i hear pres. monson thought highly of it....byu sports is suppose to be a huge part in spreading the lds faith and bringing exposure to the church....i heard the meeting ended with him saying "now go out an win!"....it really should be pretty cool


@Aggie84: Can you really be any more dumb? You just don't know BYU! Their "mission" is not sports, it is exposure for the Church. Sports is a means to obtain the goal. Any and every school will do what is best for their school and their mission. Don't blame BYU because USU doesn't have a mission or a football team.

byu athlete

sorry they will not do away with the other sports not in the WCC


Rise and Shout the Cougars are OUT...of the poorly manages MWC! Yeah Baby. I am so pleased with this decision. BYU has been carrying the WAC and MWC forever, including the UTES. For those with short memories and shorter...Utah has only had a decent football team since 2004. BYU has been great for 40 years. Rise and Shout baby!


I believe you can thank Mr. Thompson of the MWC for the way things have turned out. BYU would have went with the WAC if Nevada and Fresno ST. was not invited to the MWC to keep BYU there. I hope BYU and USU keep playing football each year and I believe they will. Maybe Mr. Thompson will show some integrity and help USU get in the MWC. If he still has a job that is.

CdA Ute

Those BYU folk are hilarious. Independence? WCC? Pure comedy.

Floyd Johnson

Muss Man

Not sure why any Ute fan would be concerned with what BYU will be doing in 2011.

I look forward to seeing the 2011 football schedule. I like the timing of this move. 2011, 2012 look to be good years for the football team. If they put a reasonable schedule together, they will be exciting years. Pending litigation (Fresno and Nevada will protest), the 2011 schedule may prove to be the previously proposed WAC schedule. That will provide an adequate strength of schedule with some marketable games. A good money/exposure game is coming up with Texas. I will be happy to drop my Direct TV subscription.


Aggie74. Let's get this straight, I didn't say I would eat crow, I said I thought you would eat crow after your comments about the Aggie demise. I did think that something would work out with BYU going too the WAC. However, it's not over, and the Aggies and WAC have some time. There are still 2 seasons left with 8 teams. A lot can happen in that time. So you may still end up eating crow.

And by the way, you still sound so negative and hostile. Did you want me to arrange for some of that medicine?


I sure hope this all works out... Can't wait for the press conference tomorrow!


Let's look at the Aggravating and Mitigating circumstances.

Aggravating (Negatives)...None

Mitigating (Positives)

1-BYU now sheds the "Non-AQ Stigma".

Regardless of the criteria, for an Automatic bid, the "Stigma" is gone. Just as Notre Dame, Navy and Army, now have.

Yes Yes, BYU is not Notre Dame, but somewhere in between Navy and Notre Dame.

2-BYU does not have to do business with scoundrels.
Thompson, Nevada, and Fresno.

3-Literally, "EVERY GAME" all sports, will be able to be seen on NATIONAL TV, every week.

4-They can cut Their Own TV contracts with
ESPN, Local TV, and their own Network.

(Estimates are at 10-12 million annually)

This will exceed anything the mid to lower teams will share in the Pac-12, namely Utah and Washington St.

5-Scheduling ? No Problem.

ANNUAL Home/Homes with

Notre Dame..
(they're already discussing it on their boards)
Air Force
Utah State
Boise St.

BIG NAME Home/Homes...This is where ESPN comes in.
2-3 per year

Texas...Texas A&M...UCLA...USC...Wisonsin...Penn St.

FILLER Home/Homes

UNLV, SDSU, CSU, Wyoming

Can Utah tell recruits, every game will be National?


Free at last, free at last!!!!

Wally West

re: Banzai | 7:04 p.m. Aug. 31, 2010

"Yewts are bitter that BYU has upstaged them again."


Get back to me in 2 or 3 yrs if (not when) BYU can fill out a full 12 game football schedule where they don't have to beg to do so.

The Utes should occasionally play the Aggies for the sake of tradition and let the rivalry w/ the Y go the way of the dodo.

p.s. Can we stop the whining about the Mtn TV deal? the MWC had a decent deal w/ ESPN but the entire league outsmarted themsleves because they thought they could get better exposure elsewhere.

I think there is lessen to be leearned in that?


Utah Utes 1:

You haven't convinced me that BYU 'threw USU under the bus'. USU took a principled stand, but I'm not sure what BYU could subsequently have done to make it better. Perhaps leaving the MWC will actually open up a slot there for USU, as the MWC may still want some entry point into the Utah market.

ute alumni

December 31, 2010:
BYU joins the Big 12.
Mark my words!

North Salt Lake

Congratulations BYU. It's the right move.

U Da man

Finally BYU announced it's affiliated with a group of high schools. Great. Now maybe we can get back to talking about the Utes. It's like everyone forgot that WE were the ones who got invited to the PAC-10, not BYU. Even the story the other day about our 3rd string running back Vakapuna had to mention BYU. BYU, BYU, BYU. We're the big brother now.


No big secret that football rules the roost and all other sports, well good luck.


Possibly the worst decision made in NCAA Sports history... Fan interest in every sport but football has just fallen through the basement.... You think that it was tough recruiting talent in B-Ball and Baseball up till now... Just wait... The Marriott center will sound like a cultural hall on a slow ward mutual night.

Tom Holmoe really needs to be fired.


Huge props go out to the MWC for not backing down to the thug like actions of the tds.

We all know for the past 2 weeks Holmoe was attempting to shake down the MWC conference in allowing them to be indy in football and still remain in all other sports.

The MWC was smart to send the high maintenance drama queens packing. Let's hope all MWC teams use their leverage now and never schedule the tds.


I know everyone wants to only talk about American football, but I'm excited for the impact on BYU's soccer teams...

The West Coast Conference has men's soccer. Hopefully this will encourage BYU to put their men's soccer team in NCAA competition.

Women's soccer is very strong in the WCC. I think Portland and Santa Clara are traditional powers.

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