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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Haha, BYU haters showing their true colors again. They care about BYU more than Utah. Here's a tip: cheer for your own team... don't worry about the other team. This is where the little brother label comes from. I'm not a fan of it, but its hard to deny after reading some ute fans comments.

Anti Bush-Obama

The reality of the situation is that BYU will be 10-2 in the very best case scenario and won't be able to get into a bowl game of any kind. Terrible move in terms of competition.


They will be behind the most powerfull church in the world in football, as far as the rest goes.. well it is good ok.


Jeff R

I am pretty sure College GameDay already went to Provo. Um I think it was last year when they played TCU.


R.Burgundy | 6:37 p.m. Aug. 31, 2010
Good Move!! BYU would still like a BIG 12 invite (which I think will still happen) and now they can show the Big 12 how much money they can bring to the table.


True. Because going 3-2 in Vegas... not so impressive.


Oh the life of a hater! Huh, Dave S. and the rest of you so-called Ute fans?


Yewts are bitter that BYU has upstaged them again.

The biggest sport story of the year??? BYU going independent!

Veritas Aequitas

Can I give a shout out to the Ute Posters.

Say what you want, but BYU did something the Utes could never have done.

Ever.... Before now or future.

So what if it's a brave step? National TV is a ton better than regional TV.

They have been preparing for it for 3 years, and their vision does not end today.

Utah will dwindle away in the PAC with every sport but football (who wants to argue that point?)...

So Ute fanzz, go kiss your arrogant butts goodbye, because the day you cut yourself away from BYU, and the anti-zoob fanbase you foster, you have just become a non-exisitent athletic program, and bringing in PAC loser teams will not fill RES, and you will be giving away HC tickets to Jr. Jazz basketball games just to record the HC half full.

Truth, and Justice... Veritas Aequitas... Truth in what I say, and Justice for two program... BYU, headed to National Prominance and Utah, to PAC obscurity.

So let the anti-zoob hate flow, because BYU has always been the program in the state, and Utah... has not, will not, or ever be relevant, in ANY sport... anywhere...


RISE AND SHOUT!!! No longer shackled by the MWC's horrible TV deal!!!

Utah Utes1

I notice the posts from BYU fans getting more and more positive as I read down the board. Predictions are getting bolder and bolder as more fans join the fray.

This reminds me of listening to BYU fans at church. The longer the conversation and the more people involved, the predictions become larger than life.

An interesting phenomenon. It will be fun to watch it play out in the coming years.

Enjoy your last year in the MWC, BYU...congratulations!!!

Utah Utes1

Aggie84 | 6:51 p.m. Aug. 31, 2010

"BYU's legacy about thinking only of themselves continues on. Integrity, committment, nope just money and recognition. Sad day indeed."

The sad day was last week when BYU threw USU under the bus in the name of "exploring their options" and "doing what's best for BYU."

Idaho Coug

The BCS teams did whatever they could to improve their situation. As did Utah, Fresno State, Nevada and now BYU. BYU will jump to the BCS in a second if invited and not give a second thought to the teams still left behind. I guess in hindsight I just wish we hadn't lead the pitty party about the BCS. It wasn't about fairness. It was that we weren't included.


The BCS era is all about moving the national meter. BYU as an independant can only do this if they schedule at least 8 BCS conference teams with 4 of them being top 25 teams and 2 of those top 15 teams. If they schedule half their games with WAC or MWC teams going independant will mean nothing. BYU has made the best of all the worst decisions left for it and we should all wish them well. I hope they make the most of it but if they have a schedule like their current schedule for next year they will accomplish nothing no matter where they are on TV. You must move the national meter almost every week to be relevant and playing Baylor, Vanderbilt, Indiana or Rutgers is more important than playing Wyoming, Fresno, SDSU and New Mexico. Why, because comparisons can be drawn with who they play and you can be placed. I am glad that BYU finally realized that winning a non-AQ championship means nothing in this age. Good Luck. At least now you are acting instead of being acted upon.


I absolutely love it! All those sports can continue to exist - effectively as independents - or join other "specialty" conferences. Happens all the time. I can't tell if the "oh, noooooo" crowd here is Ute trolls or myopic Utahns (citizens - not Utes). BYU has very much in common with ND, Navy, and Army as it relates to a national draw. I look for an ESPN joint announcement Wednesday that includes another home&home or two. GO COUGS!


to shaun 60 million do not watch BYU like people think. There channel is available to 60 million homes which is not the same as having 60 million viewers.

the reason 60 million do not watch is because byu is stuck on a terrible channel that no one can watch. now that byu will be able to show their games, there is a greater likelyhood ofmost of those 60 million tuning in.

Still Blue after all these years

I love the move. Good work Cecil and Tom. We are closer to where we want to be, the only problem is that U fans don't understand where we want to be.


Don't like it. It'll be better than going 6-6 like Utah will in the WEAK-12 conference, but it's going backwards into getting national recognition for football. For basketball it'll be better, only half the MWC is ever good (BYU, UNLV< SDSU, NM) and it's embarrassing to play Utah in b-ball these days.

BYU is going backwards in their decision making skills and forwards with nonsense skills. Time to get some real decision makers (please get rid of Robert Anai first....waste of money).

What To Do

So Let me see if I understand this.
BYU is willing to sacrifice the other (non-revenue) sports programs that have been more successful than a football program at winning national championships, than there football program who has never made it to the BCS bowl game or won a major bowl game in the last 10 years. Yet they justify their decision by saying that they are joining other religious schools that do not play football there by creating the argument that there football team has to go independent to even play. They have treated both the WAC and the Mountain West conference with so much distain that as a church member it is embarrassing, yet they say that their sports program is a missionary program. Finally they have worked out a deal with ESPN to integrate their television network with BYU, but ESPN greatest source of revenue is from beer commercials.
You know what this really amounts to is UTAH envy!
Frankly it makes me laugh, now BYU can go 12 and 0 and no one will care!!!!!!

Big Hapa

RE Ute fan

Thank you for all your love and support you have made all who know you better and full of compassion and admiration toward all you stand for in the world of sport and life. No one can hold a candle to your delightful and humor filled snippets and playful back yard yucking it up good fun.

You have a vast array of endless analogies that simply knock ones socks right off. You need to find away to Hollywood and become a profesional comedy act. Oh gally gosh you regular Jerry Lewis you.

"POLY" Cougar Nation

IMUA Cougars


Everybody keeps talking about "other sports" but how many of the "talkers" ever went to see an "other sports" event? Maybe 10%? Independence from a dying league and more exposure--it's all worth it!

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