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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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May not be the best deal but this is not the end game. BYU will have to work hard but there are many schools who will want to play BYU for the exposure that BYU will bring, this will not only be about BYU. Sure, we may drop a bit but in the end we will be stronger. All other sports will be just fine, I am sure BYU looked to ensure everyone got a fair shake in this. Sure Utah won getting into the PAC-10 and an auto bid to BCS but BYU will end up better off exposure wise which will help BYU recruiting. Some think that BCS status is better than exposure but ask an athlete which is better when wanting to play in the NFL where it really matters. Why do you think so many athletes want to play at Notre Dame. If they can get a coach who can make all that talent work, Notre Dame will be awesome. Same thing will happen for BYU.


Lots of idiotic knee jerk reactions here. Why not wait until the press conference tomorrow. Bet lots more information comes out then.

Magna Ute Fan

Wow. They're taking the leap. I like it. Good luck Cougars. I hope you land on your feet.

Go Utes!!!


For us in SoCal, YES to being INDY and you'll see us at the "other" sport venues cheering on the COUGS. We will miss the COX arena for our annual BYU vs SDSU Basketball game. SDSU has always brought to the court, great teams to play.


@ MapleDon

Reverse your statements (rhetorical questions) about nearly everything you just posted...and then you'll understand why BYU went independent.

What a troll!...to take the very reasons BYU is going independent and consider them as the folly of going independent.

Are you following this story at all?

It IS money and exposure.

BYU has been held down as the teller in the MWC who brought in the dough to make the MWC bank profitable and has now decided to become an entrepreneur with the likelihood of making a fortune.

How's that analogy working for you?


The other non premier sports at byu don't have to worry at all. That is a common situation for teams all over the ncaa. mens volleyball and soccer and rugby already don't compete in the mwc but all very successful at the highest level. well not soccer but the other two sure. then you have teams like boise's wrestling and there are other examples. so don't worry. then as far as the teams that will compete in the wcc it is a step up in competition for the most part. BBall does take a slight hit, instead of playing three good in conference teams you play two, but they can still schedule more non conference now and they can do that how they want. all in all this is a good decision for all of BYU athletics

Pa. Reader

Good stuff.
The days of insensitivity for the no-play on Sunday policy ends now that the Y joins other faith-based schools who, while they might play on the Sabbath, will respect LDS standards.
To those who consider the WCC less visable than the WAC, that is only true in the intermountain west. To the rest of us this is a huge upgrade.
The silly Utah fans who can't resist name calling and putting down all things BYU, outside your narrow world are many, many true college sports fans who pull for the Utes and the Cougars throughout the year and then support their respective favorite when the two schools play.
Give it a try. Each schools individual success enhances the standing of the winner of Utah vs. BYU contests!


Boise State wanted a bigger pond to swim in. Utah, TCU and BYU dreamed of being invited to the PAC or Big12. It happened for Utah, and good for them. TCU and BYU were left sitting in a weak spot, now just TCU. If TCU is invited to the Big12, they are gone about 10 seconds later.

For BYU this makes sense. The MWC is great in many ways though for the money maker football can do better for the athletic dept as a whole. BYU will generally win 8-12 games a year and receive a bowl invite every year, just like Norte Dame. BYU will also have great regional exposure and should do much better than the cruddy Mntn cable program.

This will be fun to watch!


I do think the MWC would have achieved BCS status if Utah and BYU stuck around. With BYU, Utah, TCU and Boise State it probably would have taken no more than 2 more years at best. That's a tough lineup to ignore for even the BCS snobs.

But Utah bailed on the MWC (and yewties likely will ignore their own selfishness and say BYU is acting like selfish 5th graders) and that put BCS automatic-qual status for the MWC further away, more than BYU wanted to wait, I think.


Wow. They finally pulled the trigger. Question is, did they get a bullseye or shoot themselves in the foot.

Only time will tell.

Should be interesting.

One thing I think we can say, the move probably seals the deal with continuing the rivalry games with Utah and USU, at least in football and basketball.

Good luck.


There is no question that BYU will get more money out of this deal, the ability to televise any games or sports that it wants to, and the exposure it desired.

I hope it works out.


Good move for BYU. The WCC is a step up from the MWC academically, and is also a solid basketball, baseball, soccer, and volleyball conference.

Jeff R.

The 2011 schedule will be a fun one to watch. Jake heaps and nelson having a good year of experiance along with a strong offensive line and experianced defense will be a good year. This is what needed to happen for BYU. The west coast conference will be a good conference for basketball. Half the other sports were in different conferences, so there will be hardly any change there. We will be able to add those other sports because most of them dont have the traditional 11 conferences. Great move and i cant wait to see them on ESPN again and be rid of Todd Christianson's horrible commentary. Cant wait to actually see college game day come to provo and be able to see the game on ESPN! Great job BYU for doing what is best. Gonzaga is going to get lost in the Marriot Center where it seats 3 times as much as its enrollment!


I just love it when Ute fans pretend that BYU's football independence is inferior to their invitation to the PAC. Sure, Utah will split a much more generous pot-o-gold, but BYU will not have to split their gold at all. BYU will be playing the big boys from multiple AQ conferences, not just a bunch of weak sisters from the PAC-1.

I was excited to see Utah escape the MWC and the MTN. I am excited to see what Utah can do in the PAC. I hope they represent our state by dominating the PAC in football. It would be swell if Ute fans could reciprocate by wishing the Cougars well in their departure from the MWC and the MTN.

Go Utes! Go Cougs!


Gutsy or risky? Going to the WAC in other sports was a small step down. I think the WCC is a big step down. Plus, BYU now has to play teams it has NO history with. At least in the WAC, most of the teams there are teams BYU has played regularly.

How will this affect recruiting in basketball and other sports? And if those sports go downhill, how could that affect football? And who will BYU be scheduling in football? I suspect a lot of MWC teams will look the other way if BYU comes calling now.

Lots of questions.


This is a bad move for BYU. The MWC would of still been a solid conference with out Utah. Plus 60 million do not watch BYU like people think. There channel is available to 60 million homes which is not the same as having 60 million viewers.


It's disappointing. I mean when we were in the WAC we were playing these crappy teams and we were getting zero respect from the college football world. It's that situation all over again. On top of that, the church and BYUtv has zero interest in any sports programming. Can you imagine you have invited ten friends over, you've got your BYU gear on, you've got your pizza and beverages, it's kickoff time for BYU - Texas and daaaang!!!!! the football game is pre-empted by last weeks BYU devotional re-run.


I am totally in favor of football going independent. The opportunity cost of staying in the MWC was just too high--especially in view of Utah's move to the PAC 10.

We used to be able to watch every BYU football game on local TV (and at stake centers on the Church satellite system nationwide) before we entered the MWC and Craig "Einstein" Thompson negotiated this Mountain television deal. The Mtn TV channel is so insignificant that most couldn't even watch all of the few games that were broadcast. And the quality was terrible.

Revenue wise, leaving the MWC is a no brainer. Exposure wise, there is no comparison. BYU football is going to appear on ESPN multiple times each year and get exposure nationwide. Same for basketball. It will go to 60 million homes when broadcast on BYUtv--all in hi-def.

I am confident that BYU will find a home for all of its sports, which will also be broadcast more often than now.

The worst possible thing would have been to say put. Yes, there will be challenges, but the upside is huge. Thanks to BYU for having the guts to make this move.


Re: "1984 for life | 6:04 p.m. Aug. 31, 2010
Cougs leave Utah State twisting in the wind."


Hey, '1984 for life', don't you mean Utah's departure to the PAC(12), Fresno State's and Nevada's departure to the MWC left Utah State twisting in the wind?

How is it, exactly, that what Utah, Fresno State and Nevada did was PURELY unselfish but BYU going independent is?

Go ahead, I'll check back for your answer....


Thia is just BYU's vote for capitalism over socialism. Let the market decide what value is in a game or as team. I'm tired of calling all the different Comcast affiliates and begging them to broadcast the game. It was pretty obvious that everyone was happy sucking money off the top - except the one on the top. Good riddance MWC. Now let's win it for the final season!!

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