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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Part of me is saying whiskey-tango-foxtrot?! But it does give a landing for the other sports. I would presume that swimming and diving will join the MPSF (like Men's Volleyball), where swimming and diving is starting up next year. BYU is strong in track and softball, so hopefully they will find a place to land. Without a conference, they will shrivel. WCC has six men's and seven women's sports, so that is 13 total. Club sports will not be affected.

You are right RobSing. PAC-10 is a way bigger deal, but that bus is not coming to BYU's station.


oops, since my last comment the DN updated it that they actually had made this announcement rather than just citing "sources". My bad. And I still think it is exciting. Good riddance Mtn Channel and Craig Thompson!


I don't think that the WCC is that week. There basketball is better than the WAC. They have decent baseball programs. Much better than the WAC!


BYU on BYUTV is awesome, but other than that I am still a true Ute fan, which you know what that means.

@Sportswriter - WCC is good at other sports, especially basketball.

The details will be interesting.


This a very important step forward. Not going with the WAC causes BYU to schedule more Eastern, Mid Western and Southern teams. It gets them out of the Intermountain/West Coast rut and gives them the national exposure they need.

Chill out on the other sports. Beyond what is offered by the WCC most of them do not need a conference. The few that do will get a decent home. Being on international TV to 60 million homes insures they are welcome and have options.

This is a tremendous boost to BYU's recruiting across all sports. They will have to travel more but that is worth it for the exposure.

Yes, the Utes are in the PAC but few beyond the West Coast care or watch unless they manage to get into the Rose Bowl. How relevant are the AZ schools?

BYU will become relevant across several conferences. They bring national TV exposure with them. No other school is going to have national coverage for all of their games except ND. No other school in basketball or minor sports is going to have national coverage for every game.

This has been a long time coming. Way to go.


Wow...it's true and BYU even gets some competition now in BB...which Utah did not provide...poor Hedgehog, his prediction did not come true...enjoy being a bottom dweller in the Pac12...we will think of you from time to time...excuse me now as BYU begins to soar.


After the embarrassment of the last two weeks, where Ybu was caught with other girls (the WAC) on their quick dial and having the chutzpah to demand of those ladies a commitment that they were exempt from...what else could the powers in Happy Valley do? Go back to their jilted partners in the MWC, embrace Commissioner Thompson and tell him that promising the two best girls in the WAC dances a place on his card was OK with you when it spoiled your secret plans and swallow your pride? Hardly!


Instead ignore the reality that the only successful independents: Norte Dame, Army and Navy are unique and you are not; tell yourself and your minions that making ESPN your sugar daddy is OK because you have higher values and hopefully greater exposure on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Go from having 6 WAC patsies on your schedule every year to now having to fill your dance card with schools from the two conferences you have just jilted in one way or another! Hope your promise of a big payday will sooth your other indiscretions and that you can buy your way to a schedule that still will not qualify you for a BCS bowl - the gold standard of college football in the 21st century. And Y-ners think this is a great deal? Unbelievable!


As anyone talked to Notre Dame about being their main rival? I hope so.

Could we have as a set rivaly each year, as our core games, like the following.

BYU vs. Notre Dame
Air Force

and for the other four games,choose the weakest seller dwellers of the 6 major BCS Conferences, i.e. Washington State intead of the top of the non BCS conferences i.e. Boise State.


I'm not a BYU fan but I would assume that all the teams were considered in this decision and those in charge know what they are doing. Track does not need conference affiliation, and although it wasn't mentioned gymnastics already competes as an independent. As prominent as the softball team is, they won't have any trouble scheduling games, however I am not sure if there has to be a conference tie in for post season. Everyone needs to just chill until after the press conference tomorrow. Those concerns hopefully will be addressed.

Go Big Blue!!!

Hope history repeats itself. USU wanted to be in WAC and wasn't allowed until the U and y left. With the y's departure hope the Aggies land in the MWC.

Go Big Blue!!!


Who's the genius who came up with this idea? Sounds like another BYU coed joke to me.

Isn't this like leaving an investment banking job to become a teller? Sure, the hours are better, but the pay...

If the objective is to make yourself marketable for more money, you'll network with a more professional crowd. This is a big step back.

Then again, I don't know if the school had any other choice. After the info about its plans leaked and Thompson desimated the WAC, the rest of the conference appeared glad to be rid of the Cougs. It would have been bad blood going forward.

Who's the genius behind this? He's got some explaining to do.

Dig Dug

Very interesting to watch this develop. I am happy to be a Utah fan and have a little less volatility in the future, but as a casual spectator this will certainly be an interesting experiment. Good luck BYU!

I do feel bad for all the kids in the other sports; true, they are getting a college edumacation, but I just don't see the WCC as anything to get too excited about. Perhaps this will pan out as a move to allow the Y to fish for a bigger pond, ultimately landing all of their sports in a legitimate conference.

At least football season is finally here so we'll have some real stuff to talk about!


Dear Rob Sing,

Your lack of spelling ability is only insulting to the U of U English Department.


The Cougs

1984 for life

Cougs leave Utah State twisting in the wind.


This is just a small stepping stone to the bigger picture.


Hey PANAMADESNEWS and HUMM??-I am just wondering, how do you two gentlemen like your "CROW"????? Do you like it with or without the feathers-with or without the guts-barbaqued, baked, fried, whatever. Make sure you blog your contact information and I can put that little black winged varment in a box and get it right out to the both of you. On last thing, here's a tip of the hat to BYU, Craig Thompson, FSU and UNR-you guys really did a great job of playing Stan Albrecht and Scott Barns for what they are-complete idiots. There is little argument now-Aggie athletics is officially on the slow road to obscurity!!!!!!



GLAD to hear we went independent in football!

The WCC for the other sports?

Seems to me we're pretty much going to beat up on the other WCC teams. Not sure if this will give BYU the exposure it wanted in other sports or not (though w/o a doubt football was the 500 lb gorilla in it's sports arsenal).

The WAC would have been a better option for the non-football sports but Fresno State and Nevada messed that up.

All I can say is the MWC is the creator of their own demise in this one.


Harvester of Eyes

Great move! Doing a little more digging - all the "non-football" sports are well taken care of. It's amazing how many already don't actually compete in the MWC - they are in other leagues.


So what's the plan for BYU's track team? That's a fairly strong draw with a decent amount of national prestiege. Not the cream of the crop, mind you, but no slouch, either.

I hope they don't cancel it.

Can they compete anywhere else?

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