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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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So. Cal Reader

I'm fine with BYU football declaring their independence. I like that move. I was OK with the rest of the sports joining the WAC, but not too excited about the WCC as a whole. On a personal side, I live in San Diego, so I'll love to still have the Y come and play University of San Diego, a FAR better sports program than SDSwho their baseball team is routinely nationally ranked)! Eithe way, message to Thompson and the MWC: Bye, bye to any chance of becoming an automatic BCS qualifying conference. BTW-- Thank you SDSU, UNLV, Wyoming, Colrado State and New Mexico for doing your part to keep the MWC from getting to BCS status!!


Track is one of BYU's most successful programs -- and a sport in which conference championships and/or conference affiliation is unnecessary to compete in NCAA regionals and NCAA Championships. (Unlike the bane of college sports, the BCS.)

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

The sooner Todd Christensen and the mtn are not on my TV the better! Now go and die mtn.


good riddance.


Couldn't let the "bigger brother" in utah, show them up! unfortunately for the koogs, Utah going to the Pac 10 is still a WAY BIGGER deal!!

nice try though koogs!


Asinine!! Going independent in football is one thing, but what's up with affiliating with a weak, unknown conference that only plays six other sports, when BYU has 19 superior non-football sports? Someone please explain why this was the best option. There must be something further about this horrendous decision/rumor! The MWC was an excellent conference for those other sports, since the conference in largely in BYU's geographic area and actually sponsors more than six non-football sports. What the ____?

Captain L

I think this is great, I'm excited to see how this will all pan out. The WCC is pretty good in basketball and so that should be fun to watch.
Like most reporters are saying, this should be a short term thing.


We will not sacrifice track and softball, plus we still have mens volleyball. I am sure they will figure somethig out for those sports. Track is too important for BYU to just abandon

mr. ideas

I heard that the west coast conference got a one and one with the ute conference next year. Is that correct???!


The QUEST is Complete!!!!

Who am I sir?

In the near future please remember it was not the University of Utah going to the PAC-10 (12) that is responsible for this. It is the Y's reaction to the Utes leaving that led to this decision!!!! Good Luck - to all your athletic programs!!!


I understand all track fans will be disapointed. However, we will all get over it. YES! Great for the Football and Basketball programs. No more VEGAS MWC championship.

Jeffery D

I'm sure the other sports can find a home. Right now men's volleyball isn't played in the MWC right now.


I think this is a very good move for BYU. The WCC is a step up academically, and is a solid basketball, baseball, soccer, and volleyball conference. The MWC will never be an AQ conference, and TCU will be the next to leave.


Long Live Independence!

Utah Utes1

Reading the SL Trib I can't tell if BYU fans are more excited about going to the WCC or leaving the MWC.

Anyway...here's my congratulations.

USU paid a heavy price in this scheme but hey, BYU did what was best for themselves and that's all that matters.


First off - Congratulation BYU. I implore everyone to get rid of Comcast because they are evil.

I know for the other sports they are playing in the WCC, but in Football they will still play 3 or 4 games a year in the WAC. The money the WAC teams will make playing BYU is still good

Will Mountain West Teams want to play BYU. BYU had Boise State scheduled for 4 years - but I think it went away when Boise joined MWC

They will have to fill out 6 more games. do they go with tough or easy games?

Tough Games
Notra Dame - Independent team
Navy/Army - Indpenden
Washington another PAC10 School who played coach played at BYU.
Another Big 12 Team - Because BYU really wants to go the that conference - Oklahoma State
Good MWC team - Boise State, TCU

This is what I am most interested in:
How will BYU 2011 Schedule play out
Utah State
San Jose State
Louisiana Tech
Oregon State
Notra Dame
Oklahoma State
Boise State
Weber State

Jimmy James

I'm glad they're going independent. But please tell me that the football teams at least has an agreement to play Utah State annually. I think both teams would benefit from an arrangement like that. (1 less team to schedule each year for BYU and some good competition for Utah State.)

Good Luck BYU on your new endeavor.

I'm anxious to hear the rest of the details to come.


Still waiting for the official word. Doesn't seem like a good choice for BYU, less exposure for their other sports, all for the gridiron glory. Sad.


It is more than just "sources" who say this. There is an official announcement on the official BYU Athletics website. A press conference will be held tomorrow at noon.

Also, most sports are around the same competitive level in the WCC as the MWC. Most of the sports that will not have a home in the WCC either already have another league affiliation (such as Men's Volleyball) or are easy sports to be independent in (such as track). I think this will actually end up being better for most sports. Basketball will take a small hit, but not a huge hit by any means, especially if they can get a good nonconference schedule each year. They should be able to win the conference many years, and most of the others get an at large bid.

Finnally, to RobSing, BYU has been planning this or a similar move for years. The only thing the Ute's move to the PAC 12 did was MAYBE speed it up a little.

Overall, this is pretty exciting for me as a Cougar fan.

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