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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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11. Also I hope my SFCN (Spanish Fork) cable bill will go down a buck or two when they drop The Mtn channel


BYU has been exploited by the MWC for too long. The MWC has killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Nice work and good luck Cougars. The only thing embarrassing about the last two weeks has been the ridiculous comments of ewe fans.


Interesting move. Its either genius or desperate...Only a couple years will tell.

Die hard Ute fan here, but I would love to see BYU add mens soccer a sport sponsored in the WCC and become the first NCAA Division 1 program in the State.


Hey U fan, do you realize that every year that you play in Provo, you'll be on ESPN. This deal is a good thing for you too...but you're far too cool to admit it.


I am GLAD that they finally pulled the trigger. It is a long time coming. I was about to renew my contract to get the crappy mtn channel and now I don't have to. ESPN is a much better deal, and to those that think that BYUTV won't show the games until 3 in the morning, they already show live Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer, Rugby and I believe Gymnastics, as well as a couple of Basketball games. What makes you think that they won't show the Football games on BYUTV? Of course they will!

Finally, I don't have to hope that they will be on TV, and have to watch New Mexico State vs UNLV football instead.

Great move Holmoe and Cougs. There are MILLIONS of us proud of you all today.



Those that think that the Cougars won't travel well to small bowls are again living in the bubble that is Utah. I drove 8 hours each way to go to the 2 Independence Bowls in Memphis (Tulane and Louisville) and drove 6 hours each way to go to the Alabama game several years back. Luckily, I lived in the Atlanta area when they played GT a couple of years ago. In ALL instances, there were tons of fans there, most of us from the surrounding area.

So I hope that they sign with ND, Syracuse, Ohio State, Georgia, whereever. We'll be there.

How many UT fans would show up anywhere east of Denver?

Yeah, didn't think so...

This is a great move by BYU. And when it comes to bowl invites, money talks, and the ability for a team to travel means money for the bowl.

Don't worry about BYU and bowls. If they win, they will be playing...


No bowl connections will be an obstacle for the Y. ESPN will figure something out. Maybe they can play the U which will be in the San Diego or Emerald Bowl, if anything, for the rest of their lives.

frankie boy

us LMU alums look forward to your first visit to Gersten Pavilion and alumni reception at the Bird Nest-we'll get the cookies and ice cream ready :)

Clear Thinker

ESPN just slapped the PAC 10. They did for BYU what would only be done for a select number of schools. The facts speak louder than any speculation.
1- Football is controlled by the BCS.
2- The BCS is controlled by ABC (ESPN)
3- ESPN has its new darling which they are bent on helping succeed since this could mean future partnerships with Texas / USC / Ohio St. / Michigan
4- BYU will be well taken care of for scheduling.
5- Take a look at Gonzaga's basketball schedule. This schedule rivals anything from any BCS conference. BYU will be given preferential treatment for getting into tournaments etc.
6- The BYU / OU game was #9 of all 2009 ESPN college football regular season broadcasts. My guess is there are 200 broadcasts in a year.

Live From the Swamp

Good luck Coogers, I hope this pans out for you. Any deal was better than the MTN.

As a reminder to all of you, while this may be big news in Provo and Utah, the rest of the country registers a collective YAWN about this topic. More people are interested in the condition of Mark Ingram's knee. All of you with your undies in a bunch about BYU's chances for a national title need to calm down. Pop a valium. Better yet, get a life.

News flash Bugoff: If your game is on ESPN Ocho then you really haven't enhanced your exposure. An ESPN regional game still fails to get your message to people who vote in the polls on the east coast. Nice try. I like your enthusiasm.

Go Gators! I'd love to see BYU in Gainsville.


I can go with the football thing being potentially better but the basketball conference. I think everyone is going Lady Gaga over Gonzaga and St. Mary's thinking somehow this makes the WCC better than the MWC. Hardly. With the additions of Nevada and Fresno, the MWC got stronger. Most of the WCC plays in gymnasiums that are hardly bigger than they gym at West HS, and that isn't a stretch. To be honest I can see how this can be good for the football program but not entirely convinced in the long run it is better for the men's basketball program or a lot of other programs.

Red Leader

Bye bye MWC. TCU is going to get tapped by the Big 12 next year and you'll be left with WAC 2.0


@Live No fortunately I am not Ocho.

I used to live in Auburn. I remember one game where that actually went to the Swamp and won.

How soon will FL demand more money control of their own TV rights like TX?


I say thank you to the classy Utah fans who know BYU got a sweet deal and for BYU fans, settle down, I think they got it. I for one am changing my attitude now that we have our affiliations. Now that we are no longer in the same conference, we don't have to thrash each other until we meet on the field. Utah has great potential and could get somewhere we want to be a lot easier but, as Tom said, the exposure and access is more important. BYU fans can be realistic. We will however have a better advantage with recruiting because of that exposure. Now that it's all said and done, I am ready for some football. Great games in store this week. Lets go kick some butt.

BYU, Now Serving Humble Pie

Laughing so hard right now. Just think, all of this because Utah decided to accept an invitation to the elite Conference of Champions!


RE: Veritas Aequitas

You asked for a U fans opinion on this, here it is:

BYU, in a knee jerk reaction to Utahs Invitation to the pac 12 had to do something. Boosters and fans were growing restless by the minute. The big 12 isnt calling right now. Go independent, put some lipstick on yourself, showcase yourself, and hope the big 12 calls in the next two, three, or four years. As a fail safe, wrap it in a cloak of "we dont really care about anything but exposure." that way when the big 12 never calls, you wont have egg on your face.

Just my two cents.


Sorry, but I wouldn't give one cent for that comment.

Jim in Texas

My personal perception of BYU and Utah is that they have a "big dog" desire and want to be the center of attention in whatever they are involved in- like Texas in the Big 12. If they aren’t the focus, they seem to pout.

It is interesting that they both made decisions to jump the Mountain West ship just when the league was about to qualify as an automatic BCS conference, which would have eventually solved their alleged money issues.

BYU now has a scheduling nightmare. By the 4th week of every season they will exhaust the possibility of scheduling any of the top BCS league teams. To be hired as the person responsible for finding BYU football opponents could become the worst sports job in America. And, Utah will now become lost in the PAC 10 media focus on California and West Coast Schools.

BYU and Utah have shot themselves in the foot! I don't think these primo donnas were willing to sit by and watch TCU and Boise State become the primary football "powers" of the Mountain West. Unfortunately, they are going to find their decisions to run away catastrophic in the long run.

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