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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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For the sports that the WCC doesn't have, BYU will find another conference (if needed) for those. Some have mentioned men's volleyball, but this program is already in a conference because the MWC didn't have men's volleyball. They will stay the same. It should work out just fine. Otherwise, I am thrilled about BYU going independent. It should be fun to watch the types of teams they will be able to schedule from year to year.


Congtatulations zoobs, you just lost one heck of a basketball coach. You just sent a message to each and every one of your programs that football and only football matters. I don't think that Rose will be so thrilled. We'll take him up on the hill.



I see what you are saying about what byu would attempt to achieve by expanding their reach of sports broadcasting around the world now that they will be free of the MWC's ridiculous contract. Frankly, I would not be surprised if ESPN's contact with byu allows them to do it as well.

Accomplishing such a thing would be a credit to the university.

I have a question, and this is not meant to be offensive so *please* don't anyone get carried away with this. Do you think byu would let a non-christian play for their school? Also, do you think byu fans would be okay with it once they found out?

BTW, there are almost 300 players in D-1 basketball right now. UCLA started three in their last final four appearance. byu isn't about to burst any bubble here. You can watch CBS Sports almost anywhere in the world. If byu goes global, good for them...just don't credit them for accomplishing something other teams have been doing since Patrick Ewing opened everyone's eyes to foreign talent.


"They may not have a bowl tie-in but they will get a bowl inviation every year they have 8 wins or more and it won't be to Vegas."

Problem is most of the real bowls have conference contracts locking in the first through third best in most conferences to a bowl game. That means either BYU makes it to a BCS bowl, or gets left overs. They will be playing in big BYU draw towns like Memphis, Toronto... get ready for a road trip.


jg2010 - Being Guaranteed and getting a BCS Games is two very different things. Boise was not guaranteed a BCS games last year - because TCU was ranked higher.

The rules state that one non-BSC conference school is rank above a BSC school Conference championship team, they will get a BCS games. TCU was the highest ranked non-BCS school taking that spot. Yet Boise State still got a BCS games.

Now Look at Boise State Schedule

Miami (OH)
Fresno State
Bowling Green
UC Davis
San Jose State
Louisiana Tech
Utah State
New Mexico State

That Schedule was 117 out of 120 schedules in College Football

And Yet they still got into the BCS game.

IF BYU went 13 and 0 on the below schedule (not saying they will do that) in 2011

WAC games:
Utah State
Louisiana Tech
San Jose State
New Mexico State

The games they already have scheduled
Oregon State
Boise State

They add
Notre Dame (there is an article in Chicago about that)
Weber State
Southern Utah University

They will go to the BCS game.

Real Bass

With half the money the Y will still be twice the program of the boys on the knoll hill.


Pac 12???


***300 *foreign* D-1 players right now....sorry :)


I'd rather be a part of a team that controls its destiny through long-desired Independence than be the "booty call" of the Pac-12


We did it! The MWC was a house of cards since Utah left the conference. Now we're truly a "me too."


One additional reason for the need to go independent is that the U upon entering the PAC-12 will be broadcasting some local/regional games via Fox. With the current Mtn. contract, BYU would have continued to be invisible to local viewers. They had to make a change and the MWC had a contract which precluded it from making those necessary concessions. Bickering aside the Mtn. TV deal has cost the MWC two of its upper tier teams.


WCC is a much better conference overall than WAC or MW. The soccer is really good and basketball is as well. Track and softball will be fine there will be a place for them. It will also be a lot easier and less expensive to travel.


It's about the mission....just the mission. All these moves and decisions BYU (Pres Samuelson) and the First Presidency are making are about the mission. Just the mission. The little decisions must support and improve the mission. I believe they have done that. This is a great day for BYU, the LDS Church and anyone who wants to play BYU in football, in the future.


Sweet Independence Day!

8 Years of home games on ESPN, ABC, or BYUTV

6 Years home and home versus Notre Dame


It is clear from the news to those who understand media and football that this is going to be successful.

1. an 8 yr contract with ESPN that puts EVERY home game on national TV. That rivals ND's reach on NBC.

2.All games in all sports can be shown on BYU TV and internet.

3. 6 ND games. The away games are on NBC.

4. 2 years of transition of WAC games to fill in.

5. ESPN Bowl tie in(s)

6. Utah will schedule. That is Utah TX, ND and BSU.

7. 14 or higher will get BYU BCS consideration.

8. A BCS escape clause if BYU goes to a BCS conf.

9. The other sport issues are being resolved.

BYU is now positioned as a national/global University.

ESPN and the Catholics have helped out but it is mutually beneficial.

This is going to succeed.


@kylejeffreys Some of BYU's biggest stars of the past and a substantial number of the better current players are non members.

Being a Buddist, Hindu, Moslem or Atheist is not a problem as long as you keep the honor code which would be no problem for many devout members of many faiths.

BYU will welcome any athlete who has talent and who will keep the honor code.

I am counting on the international coverage to reach and recruit international players who will then deliver greater international coverage and reach.

This is BYU's avenue to the world. It is a world University. It is not a Utah school. It is just beginning to move toward a global strategy.

ND and the other Catholic schools are delighted to be on BYU TV globally.


Think about what the new TV arrangement does for BYU track internationally. Think of the foreign sprinters, distance runners, and field specialist BYU can recruit over the next 8 years because their families can watch them compete on BYU TV. Ditto for gymnastics and swimming.

Think about what BYU could do in developing soccer.

Holmoe was very clear that BYU was going to schedule the best schools in the country. That means they will recruit and eventually get competitive athletes in all sports.


Adding to Bugoff

10, getting back to Basketball games on Thursday and Saturday... What a relief from god-knows when, I can now plan on when BYU will be at home and away

Things will work out, God is on our side;')


Ironically, the teams that were supposedly getting thrown under the bus are now guaranteed national exposure whenever they play BYU, something that was very hit or miss before.

Veritas Aequitas

Really Utah fans...

I know none of you care about BYU, but if a couple would give us your opinion, that would be just great.

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