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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Common Sense Czar

I'm as Utah as Utah goes...but am truly happy for BYU. I'd love to see them get to their ultimate destination of the Big 12. The rivalry will always be there...but Pac 12 vs. Big 12 each year would be awesome. As for this year...an 0-12 would also be great. Go Utes!!


Exposure is what BYU wanted. Their football team will do well. I'm a Utah fan that is ok with this decision. I hope the rivalry continues. I look forward to future games and great competition in the future. I look forward to seeing the bigger schools playing Utah and BYU. Exposure helps the church and the university. Go Utes!

Paul Revere

"...BYU officials have been working feverishly, exploring options to enhance the future of its athletic department."

This is a dumb and HIGHLY naive statement. The move to the WCC does nothing for the ENTIRE athletic department. It only serves the football program. Even though the WCC has Gonzaga and St Marys in basketball the WCC is small potatoes. The MWC is far superior to the WCC in basketball. The WCC have in the long ago past been good in basketball but in the recent past it has been just two schools. For three BYU sports teams they are now homeless for 2011-swimming and diving, track and field, and softball. It should be noted that each of these sports have done exceptionally well in conference play and at the national level. The move to independence may give more publicity/tv revenue but, as a fan of all Cougar sports this decision is irritating as it lessens the opportunities for ALL other sports. Perhaps the U and Y should end the appearance that they have complete sports programs, and drop all other sports and just sponsor football for that is all they seem to really care about.

Ernest T. Bass

What I like is are exposure will go way up. Everyone will watch us now and we will get any recruit we want.

Ernest T. Bass

Independence is way gooder than the Pac. Whatever they are.


No one know what will happen to either BYU or Utah. My guess is that neither will be as successful as they hope, other than a good year every 4 - 5 years or so.

The change is refreshing, however, Now if the "holy war" would only go away. I am tired of the childish bantering that goes on from both sides.


Almost 300 comments? Half of which are ute fans?

Just looked up 3 DNews articles about the utes from June 16th (the day the utes accepted the invite from the pac), first article- 63 comments, second-39 comments, Third-3 comments.

Not exactly sure what this means, you can draw your own conclusions. Just wanted to throw it out there. Thanks for reading (and posting).

Go Cougs!!! Beat UW!!!


Reality Check!:
The THEORY of independence is great but how will it go in PRACTICE? Only time will tell but all this talk of how great it is for BYU is delusional. It's like stepping off a cliff and HOPING you land in a soft spot. I just like how all the BYU fans are looking at this through rose colored glasses and not thinking about how scary this could potentially be.
On that note how does BYU spin this not to look like little kids that didn't get invited to the big party so they threw their own? Just a thought.
BTW not a BYU hater and hope they beat UW too, I hope they can keep Locker in check though or it may be a long Saturday.

Robert Johnson

Seriously BYU....the WCC? Was the Big Sky unavailable?


No longer will BYU be bound down and oppressed by the horrific TV deal with the MWC...

ESPN and BYU TV... here we come!!!

Tarheel Ute

No silver bullet but a good move by BYU. But BYU will face considerable difficulty scheduling 12 quality games as an independent.

BYU will leverage their national and global viewing audience. But will BYU’s fan base provide scheduling leverage required to secure networks, national/global access and the required advertising dollars? Show me the money!

BYU has a quality football program and tradition. But will BYU have leverage, beyond fellow independents, Notre Dame, Army and Navy, to garner quality opponents over the entire 12 weeks season? What of conference schools who must first clear their conference schedule? BYU may be hard pressed to negotiate favorable home and away games, at least in the short run.

How will BYU ensure bowl games? What leverage does BYU have to ensure bowl games? Navy was a perennial favorite in Poinsettia Bowl — San Diego navy connection.

BYU anti-fan base. Like the Yankees, Dallas and Notre Dame, will non-BYU fans come out to simply boo the Cougars. For my part as Utah/PAC12 fan less so. Who cares? Just a thought.

For my part there as many questions than answers. No silver bullet, but BYU seems up to the challenge.


Ute Fans here is BYU future schedule

BYU schedule - 2011
WAC Games:

Utah State
New Mexico State
San Jose State
Louisiana Tech

Oregon State
Boise State

3 more schools out of
Notre Dame
Oklahoma State

BYU will be playing a high level of WAC games (but does it really matter if they beat New Mexico or New Mexico State or San Diego State or San Jose State - No.) Boise State played a much easier schedule and they went to the BCS last season.

They are going to play a schedule where they will have 9+ wins a season, but they will have a very good chance to play in the BCS.

That is their ultimate goal go to the BCS. They want a second National Championship in Football


"Seriously BYU....the WCC? Was the Big Sky unavailable?"

I guess you've somehow never heard of Gonzaga or St. Mary's in Basketball, huh? (PS - One is the alma mater of the best Jazz player ever, imho).

Also, as for the other sports, it's really not that hard to find a home. For example, Boise State already competes in Track and Field in a modified PAC...BYU could easily do the same.


BYU will become the first truly global University. BYU TV has substantial viewership in China, Europe and Central/South America.

Think about the global recruiting in all sports. Think about what this does for track, soccer and other minor sports.

The WCC is okay for basketball for now. BYU will average about 5000 less attendees for 8 away games but that can be made up by scheduling bigger non conference draws. The TV ramification more than offset the attendance.

What if BYU actually got a couple of decent PF/Cs from China or Europe. Think of the international TV following that would cause. Not to mention they might go deeper in the NCAA.


One little flaw in your plan. BYU WILL NOT have a guaranteed spot in the BCS unless they finish #1 or #2. (ESPN article by Andy Katz) And that is not a #1 or #2 schedule. BYU is does not have the rep of Notre Dame no matter how much they think they do.

Fully Invited

Uh...just went through all the comments...I'd give it a generous 50-60 comments being Utah fans. And by generous I mean that I counted the comments that were friendly as well... let's see- 300/2 (because you said half right?)...is that 60? I guess you probably went to the Y with those math skills. Oh and I looked at the June 16th article- guess how many BYU comments? Almost 30. So get out your calculator- what's 30/90? Roughly .33- so roughly 30% BYU fans. So what's the percentage for this article? Drum Roll please...60/300 (granted, it is a rough estimate)...20%.

"Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."
– Benjamin Franklin

frankie boy

all you cougar fans-the main competition next year to Gonzaga will be LMU of Gathers/Kimble fame...could very well be a 20-25 win team....


@Fully Invited

oops, slight miscalculation. But did you just sdmit that more ute fans are commenting on BYU articles than BYU on utah articles? (I didnt check if your numbers are bias btw) So, thanks for posting and actually helping to prove my point. I personally have NEVER posted ANYTHING on a ute article. (please stay up all night trying to prove me wrong)

I think my point is this: 4-5 times more people "care" about what happens in BYU's world than those that "care" about what happens in utahs world. Fact. Just making an observation.

Go Cougs!!! Beat UW!!!


They may not have a bowl tie-in but they will get a bowl inviation every year they have 8 wins or more and it won't be to Vegas.

Blog Patrol

@ sports-junkie,

As your screen name suggests, a more generic fan view I would have thought you are a reasonable fan - one that enjoys the counter-arguement.

No doubt this story and blog, BYU's decision to go independent, is the most compelling story today. Enjoy Ute participation while it lasts. Without the MWC conference to bind us, the BYU-Utah love/hate will not be as relevant on a game-to-game basis. Otherwise its just a bunch of BYU homers patting each other on the back.

For my part, Utah's game tomorrow will leave me with but a mild and waning interest in BYU or its independence. But for now its a great story.

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