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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Unbelievable! Utah rises to the prestigious PAC 12, and BYU does a free fall to the WCC obscurity. Absolutely unreal.


Track and womens softball etc. will play in the WAC in exchange for some annual football visits. BYU has it all planned out and finally something other than the Las Vegas Bowl!!! 20 x national TV exposure, 10 x the money, better home and home games against national powers thanks to ESPN brokering a strong schedule. No more crappy Mtn West TV deal, no more Craig Thompson (worst conference commish ever)!

This is the biggest no brainer ever! Nothing but upside! Any Ute spamming different is just showing proof that they never learned basic math and have No logic or common sense!


The revenue from the Football program has supported the other sports (perhaps not mens basketball). If the Football program can double, triple, etc. it's revenue, the other sports should be fine. Perhaps they won't compete for a MWC championship but who really has paid attention to the track & field conference championship other than the family and close friends of the athletes. With greater revenue, the other sports can still show up at track & field meets and compete. I'm sorry I used T&F as an example. I could just as easily used tennis or gymnastics, or ...

I'm actually excited to watch this evolve. Good ridance to the MWC. I'm eager to actually WATCH the BYU press conference on DISH tomorrow.


Missionary Tool? Doing the haka on the opponent's field isn't going to win the hearts and minds of the opponent's fans, nor will all the unsportsmanlike penalties BYU racks up. I'm sure there's a numbers guy reading this...where does BYU rank in the nation for unsportsmanlike penalties a season? Watching the Utah/BYU game is entertaining but for the wrong reasons--the sideshow, the antics.

BYU (and Utah for that matter) needs to learn from the big schools about a good rivalry where football is the entertainment. Auburn/Alabama, Michigan/Ohio State and other classic rivalries where they make great plays but show respect for their opponents by helping them up after tackles, praying together after the game, etc.

As a neutral fan (the great Weber State), I can tell you, it is not seen in the Utah/BYU game or most games those teams play. I was impressed with Patterson at TCU when he benched a talented player for a quarter because he committed an unsportsmanlike penalty. I don't see it with BYU: there was a good reason SI named them the most hated team. I trully hope BYU turns it around.


@Ute Trolls

You just got punked.
BYU has out-done U, again.

1-BYU will control "All of it's Sports and TV rights.

2-BYU will determine who they play and when.

3-BYU will have every football game on National TV.
Either with ESPN, BYU-TV, or Simulcast with localTV

4-BYU can carry Any of it's sports "Nationally" when
they choose to.

5-BYU's Basketball just joined a League with a higher
RPI than the MWC.

6-BYU just shed the Non-AQ stigma.
(regardless of the criteria)

BYU just did all of this with "Their Own Name and National Casche"

No "Coat-Tailing as Utah had to do.

Now Utes...Remember

1-U are not an equal partner with the other Pac-11.

You will soon find out, in the new TV deal, that USC, Oregon, UCLA, will be getting a bigger share than Utah and Wash. St.

This is the new paradigm....

Texas and Oklahoma are not sharing equally with Iowa St. and Kansas.

You'll see other schools going Independent with their
own TV.

BYU just increased it's TV revenue for Football
by Ten-Fold. Not counting other sports.

MUSSing with U


What bowl games will [BYU] play in?

Watch and learn.

ESPN owns a bunch of bowl games and there are so many bowl games today that just about every team with a break-even record plays in a bowl.

ESPN is already partnering with BYU to schedule and televise several BYU regular season games.

BYU arranged the BYU-Oklahoma game to open the Jerry Dome last season.

Do you honestly think that ESPN won't make sure that BYU has an attractive bowl game to play in every year?

BYU fans may have to travel a little farther than Las Vegas, but it's sacrifice we're willing to make. ;)


The landscape of college athletics is changing and BYU is at the forefront. It's great to be a Cougar!


No BYU fan in their right mind would say that independence is better than a PAC invite. That is crazy. Stop being a troll. The U PAC invite was the pinnacle. That is not possible. Independence is a tier below, but an improvement over the MWC TV deal.

I hope the MWC adds USU in a hurry.


@ all Utah haters and there jealousy....HA HA HA. Incredible how they jump all over BYU when by going to the PAC-10 they have no affiliation. It's only because they know that BYU (who can't get into that BCS game) will do better then they will and it is eating them up. And for those who think BYU will not get quality games, keep dreaming. If it makes you sleep better at night, that's what dreams are for.

Loving it. GO BYU.

Big Rock

BYU may be begging to return to the WAC or MWC in a few years.


@ what now

Ignorance is bliss, eh?

BYU sheds it's Non-BCS status by going Independent, Einstein.
That's the point!

Independents...Notre Dame, Navy, Army, all have BCS status...

The level of criteria is different, of course, but they are not considered "Non-BCS". They have individual contracts with the BCS, as will BYU.

So the U will have to put that old song to bed now.

And I'm sure a recruit who knows he'll be on National TV every week with BYU, might carry a bit more clout than Utah playing an occsional game on Fox-Arizona...

All of those recruiting advantages U thought you had for the last 10 weeks? Gone...ba bye!

All 121 teams "can" be invited with a final Top 14 ranking as an at large team.

Hypothetical...Does a 10-2 BYU ranked 9th or 10th in the BCS get an at large bid over a 10-2 Utah ranked say 8th?

Again, who brings more fans and has a National following.

Utes, you're just not all that. Humble pie is comin' 'round the bend.


Now that we are going to the WCC I hope BYU mens soccer becomes an NCAA sport.

If BYU football can schedule 3-4 big name teams each year this will be a great move. Three home games on ESPN should draw big name teams. Every year BYU has a great team to play. Now that they have a more flexible schedule and a deal with ESPN it should be even easier.

Now I can watch all BYU games again. Finally!


Favorite quote of the article: "Members of the WCC have at least one thing in common with BYU – all are private, religiously affiliated institutions." They also are all teams that have players and coaches that WISH they were in the PAC-12, but they are not. That sums up BYU's desperate move. Congrats on moving down to the WCC conference, nice! High risk.........your gambling BIG TIME! Only time will tell......but the belief that the Big 12(ten) will come calling is NOT going to happen, it's just not......then what?


Yeah, ND never plays in any bowl games either...

Don't forget, many of the top rated ESPN college games have involved the Cougars. ESPN loves to schedule them...I think that ESPN owns enough bowl games that they will go somewhere...somewhere new!

BTW, now that the MWC is decimated, don't you think that their tv contract and bowl tie-ins will want to renegotiate?


Interesting that all of the future BYU Football scheds have been removed from byucougars.com...


A very strange move. It seems as though BYU is following its heart, rather than using its head. All of this developed only after Utah was invited to the PAC-10. Sure, tney may have thought about it, but it was not until Utah left that BYU responded with what appears to be a pretty rash decision. Hope it works out, but it does not feel as thought out as one would hope.

Dr Rosenrosen

@ bigutefan, I'm sure Gonzaga is just kicking themselves for not being int the all-mighty PAC 10 in basketball. Get real dude. WCC teams don't have football programs. what's the draw to the PAC for them? The PAC isn't hasn't been relevant in basketball in years, but I'm pretty sure both Gonzaga and St Mary's went dancing last spring. Think it through buddy.


The only independent that has BCS privilege is ND. Army, Navy and now BYU are all non-AQs without conferences.

All things considered this is a great move for the cougars. The WCC is on par with the MWC in most of the sports they compete in. It is even better in a few like Soccer. The women's softball team is the only one that is somewhat hurt, other WCC SB teams compete in a special softball only league that UVU is currently a member of. It is likely BYU will end up there which will make for a niceUtah valley rivalry.


The same Troy States, Appalachian States, Miami of Ohios, that Florida schedules will be available for BYU to schedule in Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec as will be Notre Dame, Texas, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Hawaii, etc. that Florida and the like won't schedule outside their conference.

It will all even out to a tougher schedule than BYU has had in the past playing Wyoming, Colorado State, New Mexico, San Diego State, UNLV.

In fact, I'm guessing many of the WAC and MWC schools will also schedule BYU on occasion. I'd bet Air Force will, as will Wyoming, Colorado State, UNLV, etc., whose biggest game attendance is BYU.


That is really sad that anyone would say, who cares about non-football and non-basketball sports. BYU and all other self-respecting universities consider all their sports programs and athletes with respect and support. Also, anyone who says the WCC is anything but a subprime conference is deluded. Just check out how that conference does against teams from any other self-respecting conference. Trust me, the conference sucks, with very few exceptions.

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