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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Memo to; Jeff R
"Gonzaga is going to get lost in the Marriot Center where it seats 3 times as much as its enrollment!"
BYU enrollment 39,999 +
So the Marriot Center houses 90,000 fans ?

See you in the taillights !!!!!
GO UTES !!!!

Go Big Blue!!!

Smart move. The y was destined to continue with the 3rd best football team behind BSU and TCU.

The Cucamongan

For the moment, it appears that BYU has thrown the women's up and coming softball program under the bus. If I was an athlete in one of the other sports other than basketball, I am not sure I would want to play for BYU and in the WCC. It is definitely a risky move even for the football program. We should know more in about 3 years. Samuelson and Holmoe will either look brilliant or they might be chased out of town by BYU's unforgiving faithful.


Great, great move on so many fronts:

1) Football gets better exposure and more money to support all the other sports
2) Basketball is at least even, with as much chance or more to make it to the tourney each year
3) All the other sports get to travel to sunny California for their events...ask any of them if they care about conference alignment as they are playing tennis in Wyoming or getting spit upon in New Mexico. Track, swimming, X-country, etc. you race against a clock not against a conference. You can be a national champion at any university or jc if you are fast enough.
4) Men's soccer was already out, women's soccer will do fine filling their schedule, volleyball will improve with West Coast exposure
5) BYU can put any sport any time on TV which not only helps with their mission of exposure, but it also promotes the WCC private schools who have similar missions

Why didn't someone think of this sooner? SWEEEET!

Cowboy Coug

If we can watch BYU football and basketball on BYU-TV then this is a great move.

Quince Orchard


It would be interesting to know where you get your information from.

The PAC 10 doesn't have a contract with ESPN now and it's highly unlikely that they'll have a contract with ESPN when the Utes join the PAC 12.

To see where the PAC 10 does play, check out Fox College Sports Pacific.

I'll admit that I'll occassionally pause while channel surfing to watch one of those late Saturday night Arizona State vs. Stanford games on Fox. It's doubtful, however, that very many fans East of the Rockies will be staying up late to watch the Utes play Arizona.

Utah Valley Guy

Hey, I appreciate the laughs I've gotten from all of you who put your ignorance and prejudice on such clear display!

But since some may be taking the absurd comments seriously, a few facts are in order:

Neither Utah State nor the WAC has blamed BYU for what happened. Their ire is rightfully directed at Nevada and Fresno State for their contract breaking and double-dealing. The President of Fresno State was one of those who initiated the $5M buyout to keep the WAC together!

Nobody in official circles is blaming BYU for doing anything dishonorable, any more than anyone blames Utah for such. ALL such talk originates with disgruntled MWC team fans and media in MWC towns - check it out. It's funny how many Ute fans post bile here on a story that has little to do with Utah. For the record, I want Utah to do extremely well, and root for Utah, every year except for one game: the game they play BYU. Many Y fans do the same.

Finally, Holmoe deserves a raise. This is (and will prove to be) a VERY savvy move. More people than ever will see BYU games now.


USC's board would be derelict if they did not demand and get an arrangement like TX. Ditto for UCLA and maybe CAL.

Wait a year or two when the PAC TV contract is up and see how the money get moved to the teams with a TV following. At least the non-PAC patsies that play USC get paid well. Utah and CO are a ?.

USC and TX have the endowment to afford a broadcast facility like BYU's. However, will they make that kind of investment? They already have strong brands.

In the long run TV coverage/reach/exposure will over ride the tradition of the conferences and new conferences based on maxing the TV revenues will evolve.

TX has it's broadcast rights and a good conference. But will they utilize their broadcast rights? BYU can max the value of their broadcast rights to become a much stronger brand.

BYU needs to expand the stadium another 20-25,000. It will pay for itself and help with scheduling. There are private donors who would pay for the expansion.

Level Edwards said it best. Invest in the program and it will improve.

Give Me A Break

Man, talk about Moxi. BYU has guts. No guts no glory. This is going to be fantastic. The reason no one does this is they cannot hold a candle to BYU broadcasting possibilities. This is going to make the competition mad, but chances are they won't understand what is really happening. Oh boy, I love it. This is no place for sissies. I can hardly wait until tomorrow. And you watch, the track and other sports will find a home.


What bowl games will the tds play in? Probably a good choice for the tds. They've never really cared about post season play, anyway.

Independent = No bowl games, especially BCS.

Way to go TDS!

frankie boy

and don't forget Tommy, you can get off the plane at LAX and be sitting in Gerstan Pavilion in about 20 minutes watching your Coogs play....

Floyd Johnson

"The university has scheduled a press conference Wednesday at noon. The press conference will be broadcast live on BYUtv. Viewing options for BYUtv include the basic tier on..."

That is why BYU can go independent. I am very interested to see what advertisers purchase time during the BYU games. The WAC contract included broadcasts of all non-televised conference tournament games on BYU TV. What other conference is able to nationally distribute a softball tournament?

I like the exposure for the LDS Church, and I like the affiliation with other faith based institutions. I hope they are able to maintain a competitive football schedule.

Dave S

Our little brothers just became our even littler brothers. Ha ha ha ha ha!! WCC now there's real juggernaut of a conference for ya.


I'm a Utah Fan. I've been closely watching what is going on with the other teams as well. I think BYU going indy is great for the school, and the WCC will be a good fit for them in the other sports. The sports the WCC doesn't sponsor will be able to find associated leagues I am sure.

The question for me comes in at the claim to nationally televised games playing BYU. Sure, some 60 mil. homes have access to BYU-TV, but the channel is a NON-REVENUE channel. That's fine for BYU, because the church and the members can back them, but for the team they are playing it won't be. Visiting teams also rely on TV coverage, and may not like the limitations of being televised on BYU-TV. I'm just curious to see how they'll work that all out. BYU will have a lot of negotiating to do on their plate for their athletic department: scheduling 12+ games a year plus scheduling 12+ games worth of TV broadcast rights, etc. I'm not sure about all of this from a strictly revenue standpoint.


Freedom! Feedom to choose...our schedule, our broadcast quality, our broadcasters, our revenue options, our exposure of BYU Athletics and what it represents.

Rise and shout the Cougars are out...of the MTN!

I'll carry that Title of Liberty!

Go Cougs!


Not feeling so bad about cutting the cable now. Can't wait to see BYU sports programming over the air again.

scenic view

Robert Johnson

Would you like to explain how playing Notre Dame, Army, and Navy every year isn't an upgrade from playing Wyoming, New Mexico, and UNLV?

The BYU haters are shaking in their boots about the prospect of BYU football becoming even bigger and more nationally recognized than they could have ever imagined in their worst nightmares.

Sure, BYU will take some Florida State-like lumps along the way, but the Cougars will also have many Oklahoma 14-13, Oregon State 44-20, and UCLA 59-0 moments as well.


Hey dud----I am an Idaho BYU fan. BYU will play Boise STate next year-----not just in the MWC. Boise needs to look at withdrawing from the MWC, they will be loosers in the long run. I think Boise State should not have jumped into a losing MWC---without Utah And BYU. Do you think they will let Boise State win in a game agaist AF or TCU. I see TCU leaving as well. Why should they stay in a conference and get l M for their efforts. I see TYU joining the Conference USA. I said this on Sept. 1- 10 Mark my words. That is why that TCU did not want BYU to leave, they wanted to jump lst. Lets seee how this plays out tomorrow.


I have a really good feeling about this move. Track and swimming/diving will do just fine as independents, too.

concerned ute

TDS just gain one up on us again. Oh when is it going to end. It's hard playing in the shadow of the great TDS.

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