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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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180 comments and counting - mostly from Utes and other BYU bashers. I would ask, why do you care but then I realize that it's because nothing you have ever done has generated this much interest. Nobody but Ute fans paid attention when Utah announced their move. For everyone else, it was just an afterthought to Texas & co. jilting the PAC 10. This story however has everyone's attention, obviously including yours!


RobSing - I predict 10 years before the Utes contend for the Rose Bowl if then. Big Deal Huh.


I think that the financial impact will be interesting too. If conservatively BYU can pull down $5-7 million a season for football alone that is 5-6 times what it gets now, and they keep 100% of bowl revenue. They also have access to the WCC ESPN contract for basketball, plus whatever they can generate for sportscasts on BYUtv.

Utah on the otherhand agreed to take only the same $1.2 million that they would have gotten from the MWC for the first two years on the PAC, and then the PAC TV agreement gets renegotiated. By 2013, how many heavy hitters in College Football will demand a Texas type agreement? Utah will never get a full share of the PAC.

This could very easily end up being an equal revenue move for the Cougs.

Solomon Levi

"The WCC plays basketball on Sundays. Are they going to change for BYU?"


You might see St. Mary's playing Pepperdine on Sunday, but you'll never see BYU playing Gonzaga on Sunday.

Dr Rosenrosen

@patriot. Dude, why don't you at least come with well thought out comments. BYU has ALREADY SCHEDULED Texas for the next 3 years. They're playing UW first game of this season and FSU the third. You are embarassing yourself by showing either your ignorance, or myopic hatred. You're just not smart either way. If you hate BYU, fine, but at least speak intellegently, because you and I both know there's no truth to your comments about BYU not being able to schedule teams of Big 10 caliber or better. Teams will jump at the chance to play on ESPN. Oh wait, do pro scouts watch ESPN games? Hmm, let me think.


@ohsno: Yes, the WCC will accomodate BYU's no-Sunday play policy.


Long Live Independence!


This is definitely a step backwards. We will be scheduling the leftovers from the WAC, and the lesser independants. How exciting is that? No series history, no rivalries. Everyone is saying that they are so psyched that BYU will have national exposure, every game on ESPN, 60 million viewers, etc. Ha ha ha. We will be lucky to see one game, possibly two on ESPN in 2011 and beyond. That is BYU-Texas and maybe BYU-Utah. Is BYUtv even committed to show live all the rest of the games? I don't think so. My guess is that we'll see our occasional BYU football game on BYUtv about 2am on a Tuesday.


Mip. 8:45 pm.

"So, enough with the Ute hating."

An unreal comment. Have you read the posts....ever?

Talk to your boys Hedgie, Chris B. Patriot, Naval Vet, etc. if you really want to learn about hate.

frankie boy

as a WCC alum (LMU)-welcome! its a great move for you and for us (just think of what it will be like being the Mormon boogeyman for all us Catholics :)

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers


"You mention BYU going home-and-home with Notre Dame. That hasn't happened, bro."


But it appears to be imminent:

Hot off the South Bend Tribune press, today:

Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick did acknowledge that an independent BYU would provide a strong option for future November schedules, when many schools are restricted by conference affiliation. BYU would be college football's fourth independent, joining Notre Dame, Army and Navy.

"Even prior to this announcement, we were talking to them about doing some games," Swarbrick said of BYU.

When asked if the Cougars could be the final piece to the 2011 scheduling puzzle, Swarbrick responded, "I don't have it in front of me."


WCC can play all the Sunday games they want. They can play BYU Mon-Sat. Championships must be rescheduled, but they are willing to do this because their conference just got an upgrade. Plus, BYU travels well.
I am pleased with this outcome. Already planning on Winter BB trips to San Francisco (a small but nice gym), Pepperdine (Malibu is so fine), Portland (Rose's Deli is great), Santa Clara (do you know your way to San Jose, maybe I'll catch a Sharks' game), USD (visit relatives and La Jolla shores-sweet. Talked with Roger Reid recently and he thought the Y would do great in the WCC. I agree. Excited to buy season tickets for 2011-2012. Annual battles with Gonzaga for supremacy in the WCC.


@ Tom in CA

Sit down and yawn--the Cougars are on...against VMI, the Citadel, Sun Belt teams, etc. Can't wait for hoops against San Francisco, Pepperdine, Portland, and such and such. Set the DVR for those start times! :-)

ESPN will lose interest when the 6-6 seasons happen. BYUTV, KBYU will carry games...I don't see the nation combing the TV guide to find these stations. Eventually attendance will suffer...filler games against Montana Tech during the tough October slate won't exactly put butts in the seats at LES. Paying the Montana Techs of the world big bucks won't exactly be great either.

Hope the increased money compensates for the doldrums of football independence and the WCC. If BYU honestly thought outside of themselves, they would realize this isn't a good move. Look at all the success of Notre Dame the past few decades. Oh and by the way, when Hawaii goes independent, it will steal away most of your action: Hawaii or Provo, Utah? No offense, but I think most teams will pass up Provo for a trip to Hawaii.

You will be begging the Big Sky--BEGGING! Good times!

Howard Beal

Michigan Coog: I'm not a Ute fan (actually a BYU grad but I guess I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid and I'm also a fan of all the other sports and not just football and men's basketball so I'm trying to figure out how this works out for the better overall). With the Utes, I think their move won't work out as planned, lots of 6-6 teams, and look out with their other sports program. It's the PAC-12 and they believe in having the total sports progam. Ouch!

I'm not sure BYU's move to Independent status will work out either. Okay, I know BYU has scheduled a bit over the years, I was being tongue in cheek and I'm sure BYU will get some good games here or there. But any games past this year with any the current MWC teams, even Utah, are a big ????????? That is a fact. Now the jigsaw puzzle has to be filled in and my guess with Tennessee Tech on the schedule is as sound on logic as playing Texas or Florida? Sorry, but true Coug fans.



Could the U of U made this play?

Would they if they could have?

If they had, would all the BYU (Utes in this case) fans been all over it?

No, they couldn't have.
Yes, they would if they could.
No, BYU fans are fans of BYU, not anti zoobs, or anti-utes.


BYU will prosper all sports in this deal.

Utah will fail in ALL sports (football too) in their move to the PAC.

I would like Utah and BYU to be successful, but the only program I see moving ahead after this summer is BYU.

The Utes will be a dismal failure in the PAC.

BYU on national TV will be a boon to their national following, and will recruit the studs that Utah can't because of regional PAC TV.

Bottom line, you anti-zoobs... Only one has the Heisman, and the National Championship.

The Utes have a long way to go to be equal with their big brothers...

Quince Orchard


"Looks like BYU will do ANYTHING to run away from playing Boise State."

Either you don't know anything about Boise State or you're just another clueless BYU hater.

BYU scheduled Boise State to a four game home-and-home series beginning in 2012 long before the Broncos ever joined the MWC.

Would you like to explain how that is "running away" from Boise State?

Robert Johnson

Wow....how BYU has fallen. I'm afraid this marks the beginning of the end for the legacy of BYU football (and other sports for that matter).
BYU would have been better served waiting in the MWC for a Big 12 invitation. Now the only hope is that after struggling for a couple of years, BYU gets the invite. If not....the once mighty BYU program is destined for the Big Sky.


This is for the Trolls especially the Ute Trolls.

The BYU broadcasting truck cost $22 Million. I will let you figure out how much it cost to put the international broadcasting facility in. But it is more than the Utes will get out of the next 10 years in the PAC.

This move is not about money. It is about national and international exposure. The conferences are irrelevant. What is relevant is the ability to schedule teams that will produce national audiences.

Scheduling MTN/WAC teams has little value to BYU. They may need some fillers but the real advantage is in scheduling East Coast, Mid West and Southern Teams where the Church is not that well known.

Do you think the Church (private donations) spent 50-100 million on broadcast facilities to broadcast BYU vs Utah State?

This is a much bigger and grander adventure than you realize. It is international. BYU TV plays in China and is actually watched. Fox regional is not.

Think of the international recruiting in all sports. Think about the missionary work that will come from the exposure. The channel and viewership will build. So will BYU and the Church.


Welcome to the national stage BYU! We have missed you ever since the MWC commissioner hid the conference on his little mountain channel.

Guess he thought it would rival ESPN in no time. At least that's what Comcast told him. That's what he gets for dealing with the devil.

Well, that was a huge mistake that both Utah and BYU began fighting to get out of 8 or 9 years ago.

Boise, Fresno, and UNR had better head back to the WAC, instead of running headlong into the abyss that is the MWC. Comcast has a strangle hold on the MWC, and you will never be heard from again.

Looks like a happy ending for the Utes headed out to the left coast, and the Cougs headed worldwide on ESPN and BYUTV.

Other shoes may yet fall, according to Gary Patterson in Ft. Worth; and the BCS as we know it may soon be remodeled into a playoff!

But whatever comes, BYU is now visible from the bayou, y'all! Believe me, we are going to be playing college football til they turn the lights out, and BYU will be in the thick of it!

Tarheel Ute

Wow, waited to last moment, lesson learned from the earlier mistake. Not much chance the MWC can counter. BYU will improve and already competitive WCC.

Sets up an interesting final year in the MWC for both. Not a good year to travel to Wyoming this year; I suspect the reception will be rough. But good preparation for whats in store as they travel to exotic distant stadiums; meet exciting, unusual people and… For the first year or two Utah may find Provo the friendliest stadium to visit. The opposite - not so much; Rice stadium and the MUSS will be far closer to what BYU will see on a regular basis.

The MWC experiment is over. Utah certainly enjoyed a better result, with two undefeated seasons and BCS games. BYU might have been better served to have gone independent instead. No telling.

Regardless, I look forward to the first games this week.

Go Utah!!

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