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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Maybe this is alittle bit of topic, but what if USC actually paid some attention to the Ute fans that chanted the mantra "PAC 1+9" a few months ago.

USC might take some action for itself following a Texas type model or maybe even consider going independent. They could you know. College football landscapes have changed.

USC has national cache, a national following, and could obtain a very lucrative TV deal. Of course, being hit by NCAA sanctions is a fly in ointment, but millions will follow them regardless.

I don't believe that anyone will argue against the fact that USC is the PAC's big dog in football.

USC might be thinking PAC 1+9 and in the future PAC 1+11; two more mouths to feed.

I'm not saying this is USC's mindset, but I'm just saying..............


Looks like BYU will do ANYTHING to run away from playing Boise State. Even join the little sisters of the poor conference.
You guys are a joke and sure provide a lot of laughter with a move like this.

U Da man

Finally BYU announced it's affiliated with a group of high schools. Great. Now maybe we can get back to talking about the Utes. It's like everyone forgot that WE were the ones who got invited to the PAC-10, not BYU. Even the story the other day about our 3rd string running back Vakapuna had to mention BYU. BYU, BYU, BYU. We're the big brother now.


Cougars - Wise Older Brothers,

I'm not sure if you, and other BYU fans get your info. Haven't you heard, the PAC TV contract with ESPN is not regional anymore. The commish told ESPN that they can mirror play the regional games on another channel for free until they renew their TV contract.

Utah is going home-and-home with USC, Oregon, UCLA, Stanford.

BYU is going... we'll see how it works out.


WCC is an improvement over MWC in basketball, and it will be hard work but i'm sure the track team and most other sports will be able to find enough events that will schedule them to stay alive for 2 years at which time BYU will probably be in the Big 12.

Finally BYU fans will be able to watch a sports event that is professionally filmed and televised and not something that was filmed with a k-mart camcorder.

Goodby to Homecourt for UNLV in every conference tournament, goodby to the Vegas Bowl which cries out the Pac 10 4th place team is as good as MWC's conference winner and goodby to Thompson and his obvious Vegas ties.


I admire the courage and support the move wholeheartedly! The Cougars and Utes have carried the MWC for a decade and the rest of the conference provided nothing. I love the access to BYU football without the MTN--sports worst-ever network, and though I first thought the WCC would be a death sentence for basketball, I now think the Cougars addition makes it at least equal to the MWC and easily better than the WAC. We'll love having the basketball team playing on the west coast more!


Oh me! Oh my! This is the end of BYU football as we know it!

What is the matter with people? BYU is going to be just fine. They have already proven that they can bring major teams to Provo. Now, instead of CSU coming to Provo, you might see Clemson. Instead of Wyoming, you might see Houston. Instead of UNLV, you might see NAVY. That seems like a pretty good trade to me.


BYU is going to land on it's feet running. I feel bad for the rest of the MWC. I hope they can fare well when the Mtn Network folds.

Mr Thompson, you saw the writing on the wall. That would have been a good time to offer some concessions instead of playing hardball. Now you are in a world of hurt. Those curve-balls come pretty fast and hard.

Other MWC Presidents, you saw it coming too. Why didn't you pressure the conference for some BYU concessions? Now you all loose.

And Nevada and Fresno, geepers. You killed two conferences. You are going to have to pay $5 mil each and not be in a better conference after all. You should have seen the writing on the wall as well. You didn't sell out. You bought out. That may not have been the right direction. Better rethink attending business school at either of those colleges.

Utah State, I hope you find a good home. In another year or two you should join BYU in the Big 18.



Don't hold your breath. USU is still in the wilderness.


I'm not a Utah fan.... Far from it.... But this is a bad move.... I feel like we ripped the guts out of our B-Ball program.... I feel sorry for Rose, I feel sorry for all those potential Cougar HS players who had visions of playing for BYU in the MWC or the B12 who will now look to other schools... and I also feel sorry for myself and other BYU fans who now have to watch us play in a league whose universities are 1/4th to 1/3rd the size of BYU...

If they think that this move helps our positioning for a potential invite to the B12, then I believe they are badly mistaken...

Holmoe has made allot of mistakes as AD, but this one is the biggest, by far.


2011 BYU Schedule
Texas (BCS team) 0-1
Oregon State (BCS team) 0-2
Utes (BCS team) 0-3
Utah State 1-3
to be added:
LA Tech 2-3
Cal Davis 3-3
Idaho 4-3
Northern Iowa 5-3
Western Michigan 6-3
Middle Tennessee 7-3
Troy 8-3
FIU 9-3

And what bowl? Humanitarian Bowl

Good luck, Kewgers!!!
You did your fans proud.

(It still feels soooooooo gooooooood to be a Utes!)

Captain L

Patriot: Your comments make you look like a joke.


2010 NCAA Basketball final top 25 rankings:

WCC Teams (Including BYU) 3
PAC 12 Teams (Including Utah & Colorado) 1
MWC Teams (Without BYU) 1
WAC Teams (Including Nevada & Fresno St.) 0

Looks like this is a great move for basketball too!


This "pre" announcement is surprising.

Good luck to BYU in finding a FULL 12 game schedule of BCS teams who would want to take a chance on getting beat by a Non-BCS school. It might be easier finding Non-BCS teams willing to schedule BYU for the pay-day.

I like the idea of getting to watch the Cougars on a weekly basis. The mtn. has been okay for some BYU games. Versus fits about the same role. The CBS College Sports Channel is unavailable in my area.

It will be interesting to see/hear what will be announced tomorrow.



I find it ironic that utah fans are talking so much smack about BYU's bball team playing in the WCC. Especially since most of the bball teams in the WCC would eat Boylen's (and the "mighty" runnin utes) lunch if they ever played.

Get a less pathetic bball team, then talk smack. It helps in terms of credibility.


Wow! What a disaster. BYU fans silly enought to cheer this move are just whistling past the graveyard. There is a very good reason why virtually nobody does this...it has almost no chance of success. As BYU has already learned, it has few friends, and from everything I've read there is zero momentum for a BCS conference invite anytime in the future and no chance BYU can schedule enough BCS teams to have any chance of a BCS invite as an independent. BYU haters have to be doing a back flip tonight: this is virtual suicide.


Interesting things to find out at tomorrow's press conference:

1. What is ESPN's involvement? I'd assume that many teams, particularly mid-tier BCS teams, would be happy to play BYU and come to Provo, to get a guaranteed national broadcast on ESPN. How many ESPN games? How much revenue from each game? What teams will ESPN bring to the table? Don't forget, ESPN is a part of ABC...could we see the Cougars on ABC?

2. What does the 2011 schedule look like? BYU wouldn't make this move effective in 2011 unless they had a clear path to a viable schedule. There are five teams that were already on the schedule: Oregon St., Texas, Utah, USU and Boise St. (as a non-con before their announcement this year) that's a pretty good start.

3. Will BSU, Nevada and Fresno St head back to the WAC? The MWC without Utah and BYU is pretty weak. Or will there be another conference realignment?

I do think that this move frees up BYU to be a bigger player in any additional realignment next summer without any requirement of notification to the MWC...could be interesting!


Ute Fan - Congrats BYU this could be bigger than being in a BCS conference. At any rate i'll bet you have great games and will actually be on TV more than my Utes.


Ahhhhhh, FINALLY! Freedom!
The bowl matchups were awful; MWC #1/2 v PAC10 #4/5!? The UNLV basketball tournament was painful year in and year out. And well, the mtn network... some things are better just left alone.

As for Utah (seeing that many Ute fans read and comment here), a respectful brotherly nod for a job well done on your PAC10 invite.

The Zags, St Mary's and San Diego will certainly give BYU enough preparation for the big dance, but I am interested in the track and softball questions. BYUtv 12 noon MDT.


Freedom at last!!!

BYU fans across the country and around the world will now be able to watch EVERY BYU football game, many on ESPN, all of the rest on BYUtv.

Instead of locked in games in Laramie and Albuquerque, BYU will now be able to schedule games anywhere in the country:

Notre Dame, Army, Navy and Hawaii could become regular opponents, along with Utah and Utah State.

Throw in a couple of PAC 10 and Big 12 opponents, Air Force, TCU, Boise State, and a couple of teams from the Big Ten, ACC, Big East, or SEC.

BYU's main problem won't be finding enough good teams to play, it will be resisting the temptation to schedule too many good teams.

Television revenue is only a secondary concern, but estimates for 2011:

BYU $8 to 10 million
Utah $0

Nationally televised games
BYU 12
Utah 1 (when the Utes play the Cougars)

Go Cougs!

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