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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Wow. It's exciting, but at what cost? What's going to happen to the sports that the WCC doesn't sponsor? Exposure is important, but sacrificing some sports for others is a little bit sketchy.


Can't wait for the official announcement. It will get very interesting to see what MWC responds with in their counter attack.


It would be great if they actually do this. The football team can definitly compete independently, and the WCC is a good fit for school and its values.

Uncle Rico

Dear Craig Thompson MWC Commissioner:

This move by BYU largely due to the TV deal you made. I hope the MWC school presidents hold you accountable for NYS's departure. Enjoy Fresno and Nevada.

ps. Nobody is buying your story about the invitation to Fresno and Nevada having nothing to do with BYU.

Give Me A Break

Much better choice than the WAC. I like it. Gonzaga and BYU in Basketball. That will be good stuff.


I'm not a BYU fan, but this doesn't make sense. What about track, etc. They just going to do away with those sports? It would have been better to join the Wac and work to get other teams involved within at least the 2 years left of the WAC


I don't like it. The Mountain West would have been a BCS conference. I sure hope this falls through like the WAC did.

Wash DC Reader

So what is going to happen to swimming/diving, etc...?

mr. ideas

It is like trying to sell your company and finding out that no buyers want you. Who knew that those people at the mtn. with their cardboard stage could be so crafty?

To be a member of the church and watch the cultural zoobieness of how this went down was embarrassing. Glad to see it over.


This is too funny to comprehend, the WCC is the answer, really? Good thing BYU doesn't care at all about the sports that are getting the ax:)

Rise and Shout, we waited all of this time to hear this? WCC? What?

Otis Spurlock

I guess you have to take two steps back to take one step forward? :)


Is anyone driving the bus? This is a disaster.


Hold the phone ... Gonzaga and St. Mary's were just invited to join the Mountain West Conference.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

So. Cal Reader

I'm fine with BYU football declaring their independence. I like that move. I was OK with the rest of the sports joining the WAC, but not too excited about the WCC as a whole. On a personal side, I live in San Diego, so I'll love to still have the Y come and play University of San Diego, a FAR better sports program than SDSwho their baseball team is routinely nationally ranked)! Eithe way, message to Thompson and the MWC: Bye, bye to any chance of becoming an automatic BCS qualifying conference. BTW-- Thank you SDSU, UNLV, Wyoming, Colrado State and New Mexico for doing your part to keep the MWC from getting to BCS status!!


It's already official.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

Gutsy move. I hope they can find a home for the other sports and don't hurt the basketball program too much. Some of those schools have smaller gyms than the ones freshman will be coming from. Not that the MWC was much of a recruiting draw. Get two wins in the tourney this year.

At least the football team will be on channels that people have and want to watch. Not to mention the money BYU football generates will stay at BYU instead of going to schools that very few people care about. Sorry Wyoming,UNM, etc, you don't deserve to share the revenue equally when you bring next to nothing.

Now go out and get more teams like Texas to come to LES!!!


If this is true...congrats to BYU, it won't be easy but in the long run will work out just fine. I cannot wait to be able to see all Cougar sports up here in Canada...PS Tom, I'd pay good money for real time access to BYU sports events!!!! ...and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Y Grad / Y Dad

Well, ready or not...

Guess my two year subscription to the mnt was perhaps not my best investment.

Go cougs, light it up!!!


More rumors...when BYU announces it...I will believe it...here's hoping it is true...also, I hope Utah State goes into the MTW.


I like the WCC - some of the other sports need a home though, especially track!

I still think there are enough quality teams in the WAC, MWC and C-USA to bolt and form a conference worthy of the AQ - none can do it with the bottom-feeders in each conference ....mathematically impossible (or at least improbable). Maybe going independent will buy BYU time and allow them to see how valuable their "assets" are in terms of revenue generation. That is critical in any negotiations with other conferences. Right now it is not proven what they can generate in cash.

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