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Plan includes staff cuts, new business model and 7-day print publication

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 1 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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good paper tough time to be paper.


The Deseret News has been my go to site for High School and Aggie sports coverage for a long time. I hope that we don't lose the great people who provide that coverage. Especially Jared Eborn. I really enjoy reading his stuff and if he's gone then I think I will be too.

Otis Spurlock


It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for the memories.


So are any columnists getting the axe? I like Scott Pierce and Ann Cannon. What will happen to them.

So. Cal Reader

A newspaper company making reductions. Simply a sign of the times in this electronic news oriented society.


WOW, these are some exciting changes. As much as I hate so see people loose their jobs, I can't not fault the DN for doing so, as I hardly ever read a printed version anymore. I am really excited for the changes though and hope that the quality of the paper only increases and not get one-sided in case that the Trib folds.

Had Enough

Wow. "Lead and innovate" apparently is a new way to say "Slash and burn". Too bad for the 100 folks who just lost their jobs today. And a leader in online news? You've got a LOT of ground to cover just to try and catch up. The DNews is WAY behind the curve on this one.


Clark Gilbert's press release on the matter attempts to maintain the public trust by saying "The vision and direction has drawn from industry leaders". He then quotes "nationally recognized new media leader" Clayton Christensen, but doesn't reveal that Clayton is one of Clark's longtime buddies. Bad form, sir.

The Authority

Sounds great ... except how do you innovate and do better by cutting your workforce almost in half? Sounds like a nightmare for the employees, who are going to be told "we expect more from you, but we're taking your resources away."


It's sad that being so innovative and creative comes at the cost of dozens of jobs affecting hundreds of people in the community. Good luck to all of you.


How many of those let go are close to retirement age ? It seems like they always get hit !


As a huge long-time subscriber and fan of newspapers this is tough news. My heart goes out to people losing their jobs - esp. in this economy.

I wish there were internet marketers on the new board. I'm curious if the Deseret Connect model is a paid model or if it's like the Examiner where people write for traffic (which ends up being nothing). Or, will they be paid for content? I'd like to see a hybrid of both.

Also, I want to interview someone about this for my blog Newspapergrl. Please have them contact me janet at onlineprbook dot com



This is unbelievable depressing news. Nearly 100 people lost work today. And you expect us to believe that the paper will "increase in-depth coverage from the organization's strong journalists on relevant issues." That's a lie, plain and simple. There will be less news. There will be shorter stories. There will be less editing, less copy editing. There will be more mistakes. I'm not sure what is sadder -- that a group of fine people lost work today -- or that this newspaper thinks its readers are so stupid that they can spin this as a positive development. Shame, shame.

Pertti Felin

I just wonder whether the reductions could not have not been done through attrition instead of firing. My heart goes out for those who are losing their jobs.
As for the other points in the article: I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of this all.


I am thrilled with this " Deseret" news! Maybe we can detach ourselves from the canned news of the rest of the country and concentrate on the truth as it occurs. I have been a reader since the 1940's and love my DN. I feel that this is the right way to go. My heart goes out to those who will lose jobs. That is never good news. My best to all the new and old staff. A loyal Orem reader.


I know something had to be done, but OUCH! My best wishes to long time friends at the D-News that may be out of work now.

I predicted a merger of newsrooms between broadcast and print concerns owned and operated by the LDS Church.

The "new journalist" that emerges from this combination of mediums will need to be incredibly versatile compared to the "journalist of old." It's a brave new world and we can only hope that the ethics of the fact checking, truth sharing, insight providing journalist survive the change.


The audacity to spin this as a positive development -- which will "increase in-depth coverage from the organization's strong journalists on relevant issues" -- is astounding and insulting. This means fewer stories. Shorter stories. Less ambitious stories. Stories from unpaid, untrained "experts." It's horrible news and we, the reader, will pay the price.

Utah Non-Mormon

"Changes in the industry" are not the cause of your newspaper's demise. Deseret News is a propaganda tool for the Mormon Church that pushes its agenda (i.e., anti-gay rhetoric and all the associated false science of gay being a choice) and filters the news to protects the church's image and to further the church's agenda. People in Utah are not stupid. Even members of the "church" are waking up to the facts and changing their subscriptions to the Salt Lake Tribute or ready the real unbiased and independent newspaper City Weekly. As the church continues to lose membership your newspaper will continue to lose subscribers and advertisers. I look forward to the day when both disappear.


These are tough decisions, though I think on balance, current management in the USA tends to discount the long-term value of human resources.
The D-News also needs to add balance (and speed) to their reporting, especially on issues relating to the church. I'm LDS myself and I follow the Deseret News electronically from St. Louis, but when I want to hear the other side of the story I feel like I have to go to the Tribune too. I would like to see the paper more vigorously address the challenge of presenting more than one side to the news without compromising their preferred editorial positions. Also I really hope they upgrade "Church News" so that the editorials are worth reading and so that it is truly "Church News" not "Church Olds". Then maybe I would subscribe to it.


Well, all I can think to say is best wishes to all the D-News staff today. This has been a long time coming, but that doesn't make it any easier. Even those who hang on to their jobs are going to have a rough transitioning period ahead. Good luck to all of you.

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