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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 31 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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AK Cougar

Welcome to Provo Coach Sarkisian. You were classy when you were in Provo and I have no doubt you will be classy when you come again. I for one will be glad to see you coach and watch this game, my first in about 5 years.

I hope the Washington program continues to grow and become the top of the PAC 12. It would be awesome for BYU and Washington to continue the home and home series every few years.


I think Coach Sarkisian is a class act. He is doing a nice job at UW and after Saturday, I hope he has an undefeated season.

Nussdorfer AC

He was a great QB, I'm sure he'll get a standing ovation.

my screen name

What is CBS C? Where do I find it on TV?

DEW Cougars

@my screen name

if you have Directv - on ch. 613 which is "college sport tv = c from cbs"

for other cable, I don't know

Steve, welcome home and GO COUGARS!


Fans better be more than "cordial". If Sark doesn't receive thunderous applause I will be very disappointed. If he receives any boos I will be ashamed.


Welcome back to Provo Sark. You are always welcome here among the BYU alum and congratulations on your successful career.

I'm sure the fans at LES will provide a wonderful welcome to you.


Steve was an incredible quarterback. Thanks for playing at byu and we look forward to seeing you on saturday.


Sure seems like Sark is always an afterthought when all the great BYU QB's are discussed, but that Cotton Bowl win may well have been the greatest BYU ever had. Beats a close win over a 6-5 Michigan team.


Was 2004 the year that USC came to Provo? When the article mentioned that this was Sark's first trip back, my first thought was, "What about when USC came to Provo and played?" But maybe that was when he had his one-year stint with the Raiders?


Sark was a great player, I was in Dallas and got to attend the Cotton Bowl game. It was very entertaining. The Kansas State fans, all dolled up in their Barney purple, were in a serious state of shock as the left the stadium. I remember the BYU fans being outnumbered by a large number, but they were very loud.


Welcome back Steve!
Hate to say it, but I hope your team loses on Saturday!


Sark went 14-1 that year, his only loss was to Rashaan Shehee, Corey Dillon and the Washington Huskies, how ironic is that?


I loved Sark then and I love him now. A true credit to BYU and the Huskies. I'm torn, of course, on this game and if i where there I'd have on my Husky shirt and BYU hat or vice versa.

This will be a good game. I expect BYU's youth to be tested in this game and UW to win, but we'll just have to play the game. I expected Oregon State to do a lot better than they did last year. This will be a good win for either team.

Wayne Rout

One of the best, yes. The best, probably not. I certainly expect everyone at the game to give him a great welcome.


What isn't to like about the guy, he led arguably the best BYU team ever and garnered the only New Years Day Bowl win ever. He's too humble to realize he's one of everyone's favorites of all time.


BYU fans should feel a sense of pride over Sark. He is a credit to your school and continues to reflect well on it. UW fans love his honesty along with all the other skills which make him a great up and coming head coach. He's bringing in smart AND skilled kids many of whom have been blessed with good families. We appreciate his bringing in these types of kids and I have no doubt BYU made an impression there. But then, you already know he's a class guy.

Some of you have mentioned the irony of his becoming head coach at the only school in his senior year to beat him. When he was introduced to us as head coach, he talked about that game quite a bit and the impression it made on him. That endeared him right away as you can imagine!

Husky fans look forward to a great contest. Look out as this team isn't one anyone expects!



I liked Sark better than McMahon. That Cotton Bowl victory was grand. I hope Sark gets to get his picture taken with the other great QB's. That means he'll be down by at least 21.

Tom in CA

@Live Hard:

One thing for sure - from this day forward YOU won't be cheering for BYU. We sure will miss you.


flashback, you have it backwards, he says he won't come out at half time unless he's ahead by that much. :)

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