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Published: Monday, Aug. 30 2010 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Do things like this happen because of the Anti Mormon dogma that is spread around? Don't tell me it isn't preached, because I have heard it for myself years ago. Of course, the shooter has a mental illness, something a family has to say to make things look better than they are.
May Heavenly Father bless this Bishops family, his wife and children, his flock, and the community. May they find peace through the Gospel.


What more can we say but what great sorrow and grief all should feel at such violence. May the certainty of eternity ease the pain. :-(


my prayers are with the family as well as the ward.



When a shooter is mentally ill, the motive for the shooting isn't necessarily based on anything "real" or understandable by the average person. I wouldn't go looking for any general antagonism at this point. Let's just focus on the terrible loss suffered by the bishop's family and friends.


How sad for everyone involved. Our prayers go out to all the families and everyone that knew the bishop and the shooter. Sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason, this may be one of those times.

Lane Myer

Pray for the family of the shooter too.

They are in misery also.

Chad S

Holy cow, is no place on earth safe? Just a couple months ago I was sitting in our Church lobby and a lady, evidently a member of another faith or long-time inactive Mormon, came in looking for a Bishop for the street she lived on. I showed her to the other ward's offices and left without another thought. I can't imagine a world where that lady turns around and shoots someone.

I guess that world exists in California. Do we have to put bars and metal detectors on our doors now?

yankee doodle

We are truly living in the last days, my prayers go out the bishop's family.

The Caravan Moves On

How terribly, terribly sad.

I'm curious to know why this man was so angry at the Church.

Mental illness may shed some light on the situation but what was it that planted his seed of anger towards the Church over 20 years ago?

My thoughts and prayers are with Bishop Sannar's family and the shooter's, too.

Be Practical

An online fund has been set up by Connor Boyack. Google his name and it will take you to the site.


That Bishop's Eternal Life is now secure, as his life was taken while in the Service of the Lord, AND HE WILL NOT FORGET THAT! The family needs to remember that, and it needs to know that, and be at peace with that fact! The Gospel is true my friends, it is, and nothing can and will change that fact!


A while back, I asked the greeters in my ward what they'd do if somebody came into the chapel with a gun. They responded only with a deer-in-the-headlights look. It seems nobody in the ward (possibly the Church in general) has thought about security other than locking the doors at night.


My heart goes out to the bride of this man and his six children. It sounds like he was gunned down in the prime of life. I hope extended family and the community will rally around his family and help them financially and otherwise. Perhaps some good men can become father figures for these six boys.

This type of murder is highly unusual and I think an LDS meetinghouse (or any house of worship) is still one of the safest places one can be. I hope we will keep that in mind and not allow fear to paralyze our thinking. With 24/7 cable media it seems like somebody's getting shot everyday, but the world is relatively safe compared to even a generation ago. Of course, as LDS in Utah this story strikes a particular chord, but all things considered it’s a rarity. My prayers go out to this family and congregation.

Tom Smith

Excommunication is an interesting philosophy. The circumstances and objectives are well defined in the Handbook of Instructions, but there is HUGE variance in how they are applied from stake to stake, and especially between male and female members. Prejudice is not absent in its application. This may have nothing to do with the case in hand, but it is time to reflect on the emotional trauma that can accompany such action. I wonder if anyone has reached out to this man in the last 25 years?

Mr. Sunkist

In the early 90's I did an internship for BYU and Deseret Farms in Elberta, Utah. The other internship was given to a young man named Clay Sannar. Every weekday morning for 3 or 4 months we drove from Provo to Elberta completed our assignments and then drove back in the evening.

During those hours of driving, conversing, and working, I learned that Clay Sannar was a truly talented and intelligent man and that he came from a great family. My thoughts and prayers go out to his young family at this tragic time.


@Chad S:

Please don't be so ignorant. That world exists every where not just in California. Remember the LDS Family History Library Shooting of the 1980's? Please don't make generalizations. This is a tragedy that could have happened any where in any church. Unfortunately for this man and his family it happened in a LDS Church in California.

Sister Zirkle

Heavenly Father will comfort and give solace to this Bishop's family. My heart hurts for the Bishops wife and children. However, Heavenly Fathers' eternal promise is there for the family. I pray that Our Lord Jesus Christ wraps this family in his love and compassion. I pray for the shooter as well. Mental illness is a destructive disease that has ended live's here too soon. Blessings to all.


Why is this not on National News??????


I can't believe how sad I feel about this. It is horrific. My prayers are with the family and ward. How would you ever get over something like this? What about those little boys learning what happened to their Dad?

Bill in Nebraska

It really doesn't matter how or why this happened. What matters is that two people are dead. One goes to paradise and the other to spirit prison. One is assured of eternal life, probably, and the other depends entirely on the Lord for forgiveness. As has been mentioned life is fleeting. We need to understand that we are in the last days before the Savior of the World returns in his glory. Lets show love and compassion to both of the families involved to include the Ward family. The Church has lost a good man that still had much ahead of him. The other beset by an illness that is hard to explain. Remember we are asked to forgive everyone not just those whom we choose. The Lord will forgive who he wants to forgive. Lets all show our Christian faith in times of peril.

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