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Published: Monday, Aug. 30 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I listen to ESPN radio a lot when I can. Just this morning, Colin Cowherd praised Wynn as a solid up and coming QB. He said that Utah would win easy. The only mention the zoo got was that Locker should take them apart easily.

When you spend all your time listening to KBYU, you won't hear much press about UTAH.

Go Utes!! The Future is Crimson - get Used to it!!


Great for him!

I hope Utah plays really well and shows Pitt a great game. Hopefully a win and a solid performance.


Key to victory will be if Coach W has whacked the penalty bug outta his boys. If there's been one weakness we've shown in the past couple of years is the propensity for STUPID penalties that make us have to work harder to win - but win we do with regularity. However, I don't think we can afford to give up yards on flags in this game boys and girls. If we do, we loose. Play disciplined ball and our UTES start with a big W.


Go Utes! Will be fun on Thursday. So just for fun - here's a guess/prediction:

Pitt - 17.....Utah - 27

Oh yeah...Go Utes!


Vakapuna is LDS, is returned mish, and bro played for BYU.
Is the recruiting worm starting to turn already?
Utah always gets top non LDS players, but Vaka should have ended up at BYU.
Just sayin.

Dig Dug

I'd love to stick it to the Big Easy big time. That conference has been lame for years and there's no need to let them out of the wood shed just yet.

Stick it to 'em Utes, let's show them that East #15 = West #30+.


Great article on a guy who was overlooked by us down south. I hope he gets some playing time.

Good luck Utes. I hope you send Pitt home eating humble pie. There are plenty of us cougars routing for you.

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