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Published: Monday, Aug. 30 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Thursday is still too far away. Cant wait to see the Utes back on the field. A sound win over a top 20 team will help the Utes start jumping some teams in the top 25. Lets hope this team can stay grounded and not get big heads with the loads of talent they have.

Hope to See Vakapuna cleaning up a lot in the 3rd and 4th quarters. He could be the man next year at the RB position. We also want to shakerin back on the field soon. With concussions being such a hot topic right now, the Utes have to be careful how they handle that. Shakerin has NFL talent, but if hes prone to concussions, he wont get much of a chance to show it.

Heres hoping for the best!
Go Utes!

Magna Ute Fan

I can't wait to see you carry the ball for the Utes Tauni! Go Utes!


Is it a good idea to unveil the Fiesta Bowl sign in front of the team you simply destroyed? Pittsburgh appears to be tougher than they did when we played them in the Fiesta Bowl.

Can't wait.


Sounds like it will be a good game. Too bad it can't be seen by anyone.


I can’t agree with you more.

A real dumb idea. I plead with the U athletic administration to scrap this idea — indefinitely.


Oldrunner, The game is on vs. All three major providers (Dish, Direct, and Comcast) have that channel...


Unveiling signs? Unless you were at Fanfest then you have already seen both the Fiesta Bowl and Sugar Bowl signs.


Here's to Mr. Vakapuna and the rest of the Utes having a BCS season! Go Utes!!!


A bcs season...not likely! And after this year, never again. USC will own u!

Georgia Cougar

I knew this young man and his family when he was a small boy.

The family is purely stellar in character. I am thrilled to see him succeed!


I'm glad to see a young man like this one make such an unselfish choice (coming back to be close to his ailing parents). It looks like he may be blessed for his unselfishness by getting reps with a great team.


Funny...no press about the upcoming game agianst Pitt. Hmmm, who is irrelevant again?


Sorry BP, as much as I would like for you to believe it, but all you have to do is ask about 44,000 Ute fans about being blessed on the field and off and they will tell you it doesn't happen. Then they will mock you for even thinking that good behavior, hard work and diligence in preparation mean anything.


Speaking of PITT. First, Ute fans have to hope the weather is perfect so RES will be sold out.
Second, Ute fans have to hope that the Ute team that beat Bama shows up and not the team that showed up to play in SBS. Third, Utes have to hope that the AP writers were all stoned when they named a Big (L)east Team in the Top 40.

Vegas has the Utes by 3. Tragic. Friday would be a great day if it was Panthers by at least 17.


@ gub-ment-cheeze Are really that lame? First off, the game is still a few days away. (plenty of time for "press") Second, Pitt is on the other side of the country and the local press doesn't know much about them. Third, you know how irrelevant your team really is when you have to make stupid comments about the Utes in order to make yourself feel like your cewgs are relevant at all.
Can you say BCS buster (2 times) = national press
Oh, sorry, I guess you can't. my bad


I never mentioned the "kewgs" in my post...U did though. Obsessed r we? Funny how you can couch past success on 2 BCS games, yet are only 3 days away from the opener and ther are NO articles on Pitt. You'd think your local homers would be doing their homework on Pitt's nationally tauted RB, and or overall coverage.

Looks like even the local homers don't care much about U till gameday. Says a lot about your local relevance...nevermind national.

Coach Biff

What's the line on this? Utes by 3? No way. Utes by 10, at least. I bleed blue, but I'm rooting hard for the Utes here!



jesus loves you.

Te Amo

I'm out of the country but the last line I saw was Pitt by 3... what happen?????

I Will Be Till I Die

@ogmson: first, the Pitt game is already sold out - the weather this week won't make people give their tickets back. But since you brought it up, the forecast for Thursday sounds pretty much perfect, so I suspect most of the 46,000+ (I know that's over capacity, but they've been selling SRO tickets for about the last 10 days) will make use of their tickets.

Second, I'm not too worried about which team shows up. The lackluster performance in 2007 at SBS has not been seen since then. We've lost a few games in 3 years, but never because we just didn't show up. On the other hand, there have been many solid performances similar to the Sugar Bowl.

Third, Coach Whit teaches his players that the games are won on the field at game time, and not in media votes (or in t-shirt slogans dreamed up for fall camp, for that matter). I'm sure he's far more concerned with the opinions of his coaches and scouts on Pitt's actual abilities and tendencies, than with where the Big East media guessed Pitt might finish the season.


no way uties win this one pitt will be done and on to their postgame meal by halftime expect utah to lose to pitt unlv csu wyoming sdsu air force tcu new mexico iowa state notre dame and of course byu all will be by 20 plus points they might win one against sjsu, but dont count on it

have fun losing uties you deserve it you dont work hard you dont do the right things on the field to win

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